10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Decor Gifts For Your Home

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I just created some printables for you as valentine’s day decor gifts for your home and family, If you haven’t yet, then download them right here!

As you know, I am all about saving money but I am also all about decorating and organizing my home! I am, in fact, obsessed with the later two I said. I love to decorate for any occasion. To me, if one can get a different look by just swapping a few things and changing the scenery, it’s a total win.

Today, I am listing a few of my favorite things that you can swap in your home on this Valentine’s Day and get a brand new look for your place!

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1- Valentine’s Day Décor Throw Pillow Cases

These stylish throw pillow covers in a rich red color would instantly bring color to your living room or bedroom. You can use them the whole year round as they are not specific to Valentine’s Day decor. Their material is very soft to the touch and durable with strong, invisible zippers.

2- Red Adorable Candle Set With Sparkles

We have these LED candles with remote and they are totally amazing! A beautiful dark reddish tone with sparkle around them makes them look like came from a fairyland. They will surpass your expectations as they look very close to being real candles. They are also safe around the kids.

3- Red Shineuri 10-Piece Nonstick Pot Set

This red shineuri 10-piece nonstick pot set is an absolute value for your money. It’s non-stick, so it is easy to clean. They look luxurious but are very affordable. The pots have cute handles with stylish knobs on the top of the lids. They are also easy to clean. Wow, they are seriously the BEST! Every day is Valentine’s Day with them.

4- Gorgeous Love Sign Word Art Valentine’s Day Décor

This little love sign is a stunning piece of art and can go with any decor. It’s also a reminder that you are surrounded by love, and when you count your blessings, love is on the top of the list. This is also a year-round Valentine’s Day décor.

5- Baby Breath Artificial Flowers In Red

Baby breath artificial flowers are so elegant and a show stopper. Place them on your console table or your mantle and change the look of your entire room. I just have a thing for a vibrant red and these honestly look and have a touch of reality in them.

6- 3D Butterflies For The Children’s Room

Here are 3D removable butterfly mural stickers for your girls’ room. I have two girls, so I always reference girls more than my little boy. I guess the majority wins, although I am proud to be that little boy’s mom. You can use them as an add-on with the gallery wall or just the way this model shows. The options are limitless when it comes to displaying them. I think the 3D effect is pretty cool!

7- Mixed Red And White Ball Valentine’s Day Décor Set

These wicker balls are one of the décor accessories that you can add them with whatever décor style you have. They can go with farmhouse, minimalist, or even Victorian styles as they are not limited to any fixed style. Display them in a clear glass jar to show them off. They come in a mixed package of red, black, and white that are nice vivid colors.

8- Seven-Piece Professional Chef Stainless Steele Knife

Spoiler alert! This 7-piece professional chef stainless knife set is dishwasher safe. They come with a few extra bonus accessories. Give it as a Valentine’s Day present or use it in your own kitchen. You will enjoy working with them. I don’t know why, but when I use pretty things, I totally want to work even more in my kitchen just to use them. Otherwise, I am a slacker cook as I am fortunate to have my mom do all the cooking.

9- Red Retro Kitchen Wall Art

I would swap these in my kitchen to feel the vibes of the season. They are adorable! In our old home, we had a yellow and red kitchen and I was always on the hunt for somewhat matching decor. They are in with the modern farmhouse look as well.

10- Red Throw Blanket: Another Great Valentine’s Day Decor

Here is the last home decor gift to use as your Valentine’s Day decor: a sharp, bright red throw blanket. It can make your couch or accent chair look very expensive. It’s very soft and lightweight. We have them in pink and blue colors at our home. It’s a great bang for your buck!

There you have it, friends. I purposely selected items in red but not specifically to use only on Valentine’s Day. Instead, you can use these decor items all year round. It’s a versatile list and there is something for everyone. Hope you liked it!

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