10 Classic Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween costumes for kids

Hey guys! Happy Fall, again. I think you are going to hear me say this again and again. How’s everyone, especially moms? Are your kids driving you crazy by changing their minds almost 100 times about their Halloween costumes? Well, join the club! Don’t worry, though, this post is going to give you plenty of ideas for Halloween costumes for your kids.

I particularly picked theses costumes for kids so they can be used after Halloween for playing dress-up as well. If you buy something very specific, such as a witch or similar to it, then the kids are going to be limited with it and are only going to use it only on the day of Halloween as opposed to these all-purpose ones.

The Top 10 Stunning Halloween Costumes For Kids

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Number 1: Captain America Kids Costume

A very neat and patriotic costume. Kids feel like they are really Captain America and that totally makes this costume cool. My son was over the moon when he saw this costume at Disneyland. These little kids really enjoy being in the costume and act like they are real movie characters.

MY little boy, truly enjoys this costume. They can use it all year long and play with each other.

Number 2: Spiderman

This Spiderman Halloween costume is another great idea for kids to have, as who doesn’t love Spiderman as a child? Kids feel like after wearing this they have all the power on earth. However, it’s not true…lol! Right, mammas?

This costume was pretty durable as we used for 3 to 4 years wearing it for not only on multiple Halloween events but also when they play together during the year. It was pretty easy to get on and off and the face mask also fits well. So, don’t mind it when your kids ask you for this somewhat spooky costume!

We bought this one for my daughter first! She used this costume and then her brother used it in the following year for Halloween, so it was totally worth the money.

Number 3: Woody

This Halloween costume is an amazing idea for kids and it really looks like Woody as it comes with everything. This picture is from 2 or 3 years ago. We bought this costume after Halloween as he was Buzz on the day of Halloween. My son used this for almost 2 years. His sister was playing Jessie with him. In my opinion, Halloween costumes are worth buying new as your little one can use them for the rest of the year. They love to play as their favorite characters.

Number 4: Jessie (Howdy, Partner!)

My girls totally rock these costumes. I had to buy two, otherwise, I was going to be in trouble! It is so fun to see the girls pretending to be exactly like Jessie and saying to each other “Howdy, Partner!” with their bother who had the Woody costume.

Number 5: Queen Elsa (Let it go, Let it go!)

If you have a little girl and she loves Elsa, I bet your ears are already sick with the song you have heard probably more than a million times: “Let it go. Let it go” but you still will be up for this costume for your little one.

Elsa Halloween Costume

Number 6: Anna (It’s Coronation day!)

“Can I say something crazy?” I get to hear this a lot. These two silly princesses are breathtaking. This is our 4th time buying this costume for them. As you know, kids grow out of their clothing fast but apparently girls don’t get sick of Anna. Hence, this costume has a high demand. It does look pretty, though.

Anna Halloween Costume

Number 7: Minnie Mouse

We all know how a lot of little girls are obsessed with Minnie Mouse. You can use it for Halloween, a birthday party, or play tea party. Your little girl is simply going to adore it! My middle girl adores that dress just like any other girl. I think we are going to have a “Minni Mouse Birthday” for her on her next birthday.

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes

Number 8: Bell, From “The Beauty And The Beast”

It is a real deal for girls, and your little one is going to go crazy for this! My daughter asks her brother or her dad all the time to be the Beast and play with her. You will create tons of memories with it even after Halloween. It’s one of my favorite dresses for little girls as there is a kid’s tea set also available to play tea party time.

Number 9: Pink Power Ranger

It’s totally adorable for your girls, as mine looks totally cute. She was excited when we got this for her. It was a surprise and we didn’t tell her before Halloween. It sometimes gets hard to hide things from these darn kids, but in our old house, I had a chest hidden in the closet in the basement. When we gave it to her she totally freaked out and said, “How do you know I wanted to have that?”…Hello, I am your mother!

Pink Power Ranger Halloween Costumes

I especially love these boots that come with it. They are fake boots and fit over your regular shoes or boots.

Number 10: Ray From “Star Wars”

This costume is pretty impressive as far as Halloween getups go. Even boys love it.

Ray is super popular for 3rd to 5th graders. This year, my older one is going to be Ray. She is beyond happy! She bought the staff for it from Disneyland and I am glad she is loving it and still act like a kid. If you have a daughter who is about that age, I am sure she will appreciate this costume.

Ray Halloween Cosutmes

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Classic Halloween costumes for kids

Here is another one for you!

Halloween costumes for kids

I would love to know which one are you’re going to pick for your little one?

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