About Bushra

Hi, I’m Bushra The Girl Behind The Blog!

I am a mother of three cute munchkins and wife to a computer engineer whose head is always spinning around with anything related to IT. By day, I work as a diagnostic medical sonographer, and by night I promote my love for a beautiful, well decorated and organized homes on an absolute budget! Bushra’s Lifestyle is my little corner on the internet to help you by sharing my unique ideas and life experiences. Welcome, and meet my kids!

Where Has Bushra’s Lifestyle Been Featured?

Bushra’s Lifestyle is only a year old blog. However, it has been featured on Hometalk, Houzz, DIY idea center, Anna White, Instructables, Thrive Global, and many more to come! 

My Story

Bushra’s Lifestyle was born at the end of 2018 out of my passion for Interior design and organizing. Now, it’s a place to help busy moms/students save time and money by staying organized. Life is too short to spend on anything other than making memories. 


When I created this blog, I had no clue about blogging or even the back-end of blogging. And I also had not thought that someone would ever show up here to read my blog! 

Within months, I came to realize that I have unknowingly built a specific community of like-minded people, and they really need my help. (Yes!  I am talking about you,  my returning readers!)  

Most of my readers are busy moms just like myself, looking for great interior designorganizing and frugal lifestyle tips and tricks to save money and time in life in order to build memories with their families. 

How Exactly Can Bushra Help You

Here are the different ways that I provide help with your specific and overwhelmed needs. 

  • I help you to get organized in order to free up your time and space with my proven methods and recommended products.
  • I give you a brand new vision to turn your house into a home that you always desired to have.  
  • I share my favorite frugal lifestyle tips to provide you “thoughtful resources for affordable homemaking”

Why Should You Trust Me

I have turned my family’s life around. I started my life with my husband in a very tiny studio apartment where he was buried under mounds of debt. We barely had money to decorate or do anything in life. Before that, I was a spoiled girl and had a great life before marriage. It was hard to manage things. However, my great organizing skills helped me with anything in life from decorating, to affording a house, and to getting rid of debt. 

I started to realized that I know a thing or two about turning a rough life into a wonderful one. We now live in a luxury home and are able to afford almost anything (by the grace of God).

Now I have complete freedom of both money and time. So, to give back, I have decided to teach how to decorate and organize your home on a frugal budget as life doesn’t have to be that rough. I avoid using the word “cheap” as we can find ways in life to live a luxurious life on a budget if we know how to organize our money and our time. 

I have been into interior decorating since childhood. When I was a little girl, I was constantly changing my room around with my mom’s help. I used to watch TV shows related to home decor and was constantly getting inspired. We were always getting compliments on our home decor by visitors. Hence, I became really good at it.

How Does Bushra Make Money

I believe that the only way to produce great content is to put my reader’s needs and interests before anything else. If this blog can’t provide you with resourceful content, then it doesn’t have any right to make money either. 

Readers are always first, and any time I write a piece of content I keep that in my mind. 

Bushra’s lifestyle makes money with affiliate marketing at this point. However, it will expand to sponsor posts and advertisements. 
That is one promise I have made with myself and I will always hold on to this in my blogging life!  I will only accept sponsor products that are valuable to my readers! 

Our New Home

This is our new home and I’m so excited to share all the details with you while decorating and organizing it all on a budget!