A Little Girl With Her American Girl Doll!

American girl doll

This post is about my 9 years old girl who is such a fun to be with. A smart little girl. in 2010 I started a blog on Blogspot about her but I couldn’t keep up with that. You know, life gets away with everything. I got so busy with my school, giving birth to two of her siblings. You know all that adds up and stop you from doing what you really want to do and enjoy in life.
Well, hopefully, I will have everything put together on this blog, all my memories and life experience.

This is my little Zee, she is as cute as a button. A lovely, who love to play with dolls, learn music, computers, anatomy, Arabic lessons for Quran reading (Muslim book)  and crafts. She’s an awesome little girl.
Here is Zee with her two other silly siblings. A little sister who rocks an extra chromosome (someday I will do a post about her and her Down syndrome) and a little brother who is also super smart.
Zee with her doll “Jenna”. I have no idea how we picked this name for her “Truly me American girl doll”. I guess we just liked the name.
Before Zee goes to school, she makes sure Jenna gets her breakfast. Go figure, it’s okay to be late but Jenna has to eat.
My mother makes all the clothing for my children. Zee is lucky, every time grandma sew something for her, Zee asks right away, “Grandma, can you please make one for Jenna as well” My poor mom. But you know my mom loves to sew, she was a very good sewing teacher. Sewing is not only her hobby but also her passion.
Here are the few dresses Zee’s grandma made for her doll Jenna.
Zee has a matching dress too. Of course, shes got to. Right?
This is really cute too. What do you think?
This dress, in fact, was Zee’s baby dress and my mother turned into her doll dress.
Here, Jenna is wearing it very nicely.
This dress is Zee’s favorite dress but unfortunately, Zee couldn’t get exact matching with this. My mom ran out of fabric.
dolli graywhite
This one is a vintage-inspired dress. My mother made it for someone else and then Zee wanted to have it the exact same for her doll as well. Pretty handy to have a grandma who could sew, right?
Look at that, boy Zee’s doll is pretty fancy. Her closet looks much better than mine. I am jealous now.
Jenna is getting ready for her wedding. Yes, Zee wants to do Jenna’s wedding function when she gets to Pakistan. It’s pretty crazy but that’s how kids think.
Jenna wanted to visit her friends and family so we took her to American Girl’s store in Chicago as there was none in Madison. See, she is relaxing and my Zee is all smiley.
Here is the wedding picture in Pakistan. She is marrying her cousin Zain. Zain is Zee’s brother’s little doll and in Islam, we can marry our cousins. The clothing is indeed made by my mother.
Zee is all happy and proud here. Silly little girl.
These were all the guests invited to the wedding. these all are Zee’s cousins. It was fun to see everyone together when we visited them in Pakistan.
All of Jenna’s friends and family attended the wedding as well.
Jenna’s friends brought these baskets of sweets for her wedding. (these are little candies from a dollar section.)
Zee and Jenna are visiting their cousins Fatima and Fatima’s doll Fizza. Fatima wanted to give her doll a matching name. Fatima is my very dear niece.
Fizza made tea for Jenna and Zahra with cookies. Yum yum yum.
Finally, after having all that fun Zee and Jenna had to come back. Jenna is holding her suitcase and her passport. All Zee’s cousins were sad but we had to say “goodbye” till the next year.
Little Zee at the airport.
Doha airport is a very pretty airport. Zee had tons of fun in the play area!
Zee is back with Jenna. Then Zee took Jenna out to eat because she was sad and missing her friends in Pakistan. It was nice of Zee.
Zee with her silly siblings. they are enjoying Zee’s sister’s doll’s birthday. Man, my kids are crazy they needed someone’s birthday in the house every day.
Here is Zee’s little brother who has no interest in this boy doll but Zee wants him to have one so here we go. (she wants him to have one so she can get to play with his boy doll) otherwise, this little boy is all about cars, legos, and trucks. He is a little brother who has to listen to his big sisy. He loves his sisters. Such a great little brother. His and his doll’s clothing is made by my mom as well.
Zee with her grandma, who makes all her clothing and her doll’s clothing. The dress Zee is wearing, grandma made this dress for Eid.

What do you guys think, tell me how do you deal with your kids, what do they like and dislike especially if you have girls?

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    1. Thank you Emily. Yes, they are fun that sometimes I want to play with her doll…lol. Please stay connected. Don’t forget to follow me. LOL. It’s amazing to see how supportive our blogger community is. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

    2. I llike your new post but somehow I was not able post my comments there. I kept getting that verifier and getting that wrong.
      Very nice post you have done and you are not alone, we all forget things in everyday life.

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