Before & After Organized Little Boy’s Bedroom Closet

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So, you all have seen the picture of my little boys closet here on my weekend wrap-up-3 

It was pretty messy. I, by nature, am a pretty organized person, but to be quite honest, ever since we have moved to this new house, things seem to be a little out of control and wacky. Especially when it comes to clothing. Boxes are all over the place and so are the kid’s clothes. It’s very unorganized. I work five days a week full-time, and when I come home I work with the kids and then hang out with you all in the blog land. Before I know it, the clock tells me it’s time to go to bed.

Fighting with the time:

Time is just flying! I only have the weekend to tackle things in our house. Organizing can take tons of your time, but once you get organized in different areas in the house it sure makes your life fairly easy.

Although it was not a huge project, the closet organization still took three days. I was not adding or subtracting anything to this space. All I was doing was organizing to add more function in order to make my own life easy. My little boy is a very clean and organized little man. He was driving me crazy. He was saying “Mama, when are you going to get my closet organized?”

Here are the steps I followed to clean and organize his closet. His room is still a mess, but at least he can get his clothes ready at night for the morning.


First, I took everything out of his closet and cleaned it with homemade all-purpose cleaner.

The first step: empty the closet.

Self Adhesive Contact Paper

Then the first Step, I added the self-adhesive contact paper to the selves from Dollar Tree. I love this paper for two reasons. First, it’s super easy to add and second, it’s only going to cost you a few dollars, so no burden on your pocket.

paper on the shelves
Here is how the selves look like with the self-adhesive contact paper.

It’s the same paper I have used to transform my lamp shades. It’s a beautiful, lightweight, and easy to attach Moroccan style paper. I used two and a half rolls, so less than $3 and the whole closet was looking pretty darn good!

DIY Storage Boxes:

The next step was to add some storage boxes to the closet so we can store tons of his clothes in a tiny space. As opposed to buying expensive baskets, I used my brain and thought of making the big baskets with the paper boxes. I see a lot of paper boxes at my work, so I ask the girl who does all the stock management if I could get a couple of those boxes, and she said she would save them for me.

I brought these boxed home and I thought I could use the same Dollar Tree paper to wrap them up. Here is how it turned out…!!!

Untitled design (49)

See? it was an easy DIY which gave us beautiful storage boxes. All his sweaters and PJ’s are stored in them.

It’s very easy for him, as for last two nights he is getting his clothes for school and his PJ’s easily, as he knows now where they are.

DIY Car Labels:

The labels his big sis’ made for him. She drew those little cars and then colored them.

His sister first wrote it with a pink marker. Well, what can you say, he has two sisters…LOL
Dollar Store Storage Containers:

We still needed some more baskets, so I brought a couple of them from the dollar store to store his teas and his undershirts.

pjs and sweaters
The pictures are not great this time as I was lacking light, and was in sorta rush too. But overall, the closet started to look great.


It’s nice when everything has a home
His memory box to store his very precious things.
Here is the reminder of how it was before.

closetfull shot.jpg

clost full
Here is the after and final result. Took me three nights to do that.


before and after boys closet.jpg


  1. This is great! I love how you coordinated the boxes and the shelves! They look wonderful and it is such a nice, functional space 🙂 I’ll bet your son smiles every time he opens the closet door. I need to do this for my kids’ closets. I bought all the supplies but have not started organizing yet. It is going to be a mountain of a chore and I am procrastinating on it.

    1. I know it’s hard, you will do it though. Yes he know where everything is and gets his clothes for school a night before and knows where the PJ’s are. I liked to being organized, and No, he’s not talking after my husband…

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