Before and after makeover for girl’s bedroom

girls bedroom makeover
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The updated version of her room made me so happy to see the end result. All It took me a couple of hours to re-set everything and at the end, it was pretty rewarding. What do you guys think?


Her room beforePretty busy, right? I painted her room in a Turquoise blue. As opposed to I decorate her room, in the beginning, she was insisted to have tons of furniture there and decorate it by herself. My husband said, let her have it, whatever she wants right now, and, in a few months you can work again on it. You guys know those moments, right. When our darn cute kids just show us an innocent face and melt our heart.


I loved the combination with white, such pretty looking color scheme.
zroom b43
Here it was pretty simple and boring.
zee prety 2
Take a closer look!
zee room9
I used the same cube shelf but this time horizontally.

The DIY Steam Punkish Lamps are built by my husband. I totally adore them. Her AG doll is enjoying the room as much as Zahra does now.

IMG_20180303_111047 (1)
Here is the close up look.

The little cake stand is, in fact, a Goodwill find and it was a jewelry holder. I purchased those cute cupcake ornaments and put them on the stand, Voila… made my Zee happy!! The little turquoise bottle is a thrift find as well.

girls blue frozen bedroom
I was so sick of her closet door

I ended up getting rid of them and put these pretty curtains. They were long so my mother trimmed them for me and used the leftover fabric to make a beautiful stool cover. You can see the stool above in one of the pictures.

zee room pretty
That painting is one of my mother’s favorite frame. It was in my mom’s room but Zahra asked to hang it in her room. Grandma couldn’t say “NO” to that innocent face.
zeeroom 6
Here is my little Zee enjoying the room !!! BTW, the total cost of the room including paint, all the furniture, bedding and every single decor in the room is coming to $450 in case you are curious to know.


Frozen Inspired girl's bedroom makeover

What do you guys think, Was it worth the effort?


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29 thoughts on “Before and after makeover for girl’s bedroom”


  2. I love the make over. People always tend to use pink for a girl’s bedroom but let me just say you’ve made me fall in love with blue.
    The 450$ price on the make over was so worth it.

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