Kitchen Makeover Before And After

kitchen makeover

Kitchen Makeover With Painted Cabinets

Hey friends, how is everybody? It’s had been such a hectic week with two kids sick under the age of six. Today is my one-month blogiversary!!. Honestly, I am so addicted to this blog now I want to come and check on all of you, my little bloggy family.

Oh well, finally I managed to share this post with you all, so let’s start!

Our kitchen was such an ugly kitchen when we purchased our house. We really didn’t like the kitchen much, but the overall house was in great shape and it was our first starter home. I love to decorate though. My husband always tells me, I am in a wrong business, he says “You should have been an interior decorating”.

You can see the dining area, it does look like an exact 1970’s kitchen. Wallpapers, those shelves, and corner tv. This picture was in the “Real Estate Listings”

I started to think about where to start? Removing the wallpapers was the first thing that came to my mind. I removed all the wallpapers using vinegar and water and took me quite a few hours to finish this.

Then I worked on paint. Selecting a paint color was a pain in the neck, and I brought so many paint chips and then paint samples.

The days when I was crazy for yellow (red I still love). Silly me!
Here is the dining area “after” with a beautiful soothing gray paint. (forgot to take the painters tape off around the chandelier). I absolutely love that look!! It was a lot of work but worth it.
cabinets before
This was how it looked like.. old laminate cabinets and old appliances.

Honestly, the house overall was really beautiful but this kitchen was something else. I would say a lot of work, but I knew it could be done. I was a super young energetic girl in 2010 (yes, I am talking about before the kids took away all my energy, even though these darn kids are worth it. )

When I was still painting in Banana Whip color. It was the first time I ever painted cabinets. Not that I am a pro now but I do a much better job now
during 3
All done here. I lived with those cabinets for a few years.
yellow kitchen2
Here is how it turned out. I was happy overall but couldn’t live with yellow for a long time.
Here is when I finally changed the color and gray is one of my most favorite colors.
Here is the other side. We changed all the appliances. Changed the cabinets hardware to a modern chrome color.
after full shot
Here is the final look of it. With updated faucet. Painted cabinets with new hardware and new appliances. I was pretty proud of myself.
Hmm, a very noticeable difference!
cabs before after2
A happy ending!
Here are the three phases this kitchen went through. Before, during and after. My Collage is a little out of order, but you got the idea here, right?

Now, which one did you like, the before, during the yellow kitchen, or my most favorite in gray? It took me a while to transform, this but it’s worth the time!

31 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Before And After”

  1. That looks great! I love how clean and bright it now looks! You mention you really enjoyed the yellow, I remember my first dining room painting experience and I went right in for the Tuscan yellow on the walls. It took a lot of work to cover when I was ready to move on but I sure had fun with it when it was part of my color scheme! You put a lot of work into your make over and it looks wonderful and modern!

  2. Happy first blogversary!
    And wow, you did such a great job! I actually already liked the ‘before’ photos, but you made everything so much better! Haha, also, it looks more blue than gray for me and I like blue, so… 🙂 Anyway, good job!

  3. Your husband is right Bushra…you should be in the business of Interior decoration…you gave a lovely taste and eye for detail..the kitchen and dining area looks fab..
    God bless you..

  4. I LOVE kitchen makeovers, and you did a fantastic job! Your dinning room is my favorite part, it looks like the perfect spot for a cozy family meal.

      1. Wow!! That’s really fantastic, well done you! I’m sure that happened so fast thanks to your lovely decor. I’m looking forward to see what you’re going to do in the new one later in here. I wish you all the good luck and happiness in the new house. Oh, and much mindfulness too – moving can leave us K.O. sometimes hehe ?✨

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