How My Down Syndrome Child Has Made Me A Better Person

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12 Things I Have Learned From My Down Syndrome Child

Since October is “Down Syndrome month”, and I have a beautiful smart little girl child with Down Syndrome I decided to write about my daughter, Zoha. I call it “UP Syndrome” though, as those children are so high in their values and morals. Children with Down Syndrome have the best manners on earth. I thought I should share with you what I have learned from having my little girl.

Down Syndrome Awareness months

The Story About My Down syndrome Child!

If you have missed my post about Zoha’s birth with Down Syndrome you can see it here.
Okay, here is what my daughter taught me so far, and she is only 6 years old right now.

Zoha with her Down Syndrome

1- Be Thankful And Count Your blessings

The first thing I have learned from having her is to be “Thankful”. That little girl has been through a lot, but she’s always very calm and happy. You can always see a beautiful smile on her face like the most content person on earth. Thankfulness brings you closer to God as well, as He always likes to test us with different tasks in life. Once you become thankful to God, then immediately you learn to count your blessings in life. Life doesn’t give anyone a second chance, no matter how high a position you hold in life. You only get one chance from life, so be thankful with what you have, and count your blessings. People with Down Syndrome are the most gracious people on earth.

2- A Down Syndrome Child Knows To Love

This little girl has taught me how to love unconditionally. Her extra chromosome didn’t mess up her ability to love. Instead, it gave me an extra sense of ” how to love unconditionally”. I quite often think how God made her full of love. If someone ever gets hurt in the house, she is the first one to run over and make sure if the person is okay. She is so appreciative and full of manners. Her love is all about giving!

Down Syndrome baby

3- A Down Syndrome Child Can teach you patience

She taught me how to be patient with life. It’s okay to have some delays, life doesn’t get complicated or stop if things don’t move at the pace you want to. It still keeps going, you just have to get used to it. There is nothing impossible in this world, and the word “impossible” itself tells you that “I’m possible”. Just learn to be patient, and everything will go along.
There is a verse of the Quran, where God says. ” Indeed, God is with those who have patience”.

4- Empathic

I have been very sympathetic toward others since childhood. That’s how my parents raised us, but after having my daughter, I feel like I can understand other people better and connect with others to support people the way I wanted to be supported with anything in life. I feel like I just became a better person, and humanity is even more important for me. This verse from the Quran always helps me. “Indeed, Allah (God) is with the patient.”

Down Syndrome girl with her brother

5- How To Overcome On Hardships

I live my life by a quote, ” life is tough, but I am tougher”. I always thought I can do anything in life and be successful if I want to if God is willing. After working hard on any task, I leave it on God. Zoha has gone through so many surgeries and so many hardships but that little girl is always happy. I barely see here complaining over things (unless her brother steals away something she really likes). Those two are the best siblings. Her positive and strong attitude, in fact, has taught me a lesson that you can overcome anything in life, you just have to work through it.

6- A Down Syndrome Child Is Always Sincere And Pure

Children with Down Syndrome are the most sincere people on earth. They don’t think negative, they are so close to God and so innocent. Their life is full of positivity and sincerity. They don’t have time for all that negativity on earth. These children are best friends to have. Down Syndrome doesn’t make them less smart than anyone. They are, in fact, extraordinarily smart and don’t waste their time and life on things that don’t benefit anyone.

Zoha with her brother

7- A Down Syndrome Child Would Be Determined

The other thing I have learned from Zoha, or Zoha inherited from me, is determination. Zoha is one determined girl. She won’t give up no matter what it is! My little girl thinks she can do it. She might get frustrated, but she won’t give up, though.

8- Down Syndrome Children Are More Alike Than Different

The beauty of this world is to be different. If we all would have been the same, life would have become tough and boring. Hence, God made everyone slightly different, and kids with Down Syndrome are more alike than different.

Zoha with her Nona

9- Advocacy

I can absolutely raise my voice for those who don’t have a strong voice. There is no embarrassed to have a child with a so-called “word disability”, as my Zoha is capable of doing everything. Not only I can help others but can speak up for my little girl wherever we need to get her rights to be answered.

10- Possibilities Are Endless

I think of Zoha’s future as I think of my other two kids future. I think she would grow up and maybe going in the fashion industry, as she is a little fashionista. In fact, once I took Zoha to see her endocrinologist for her regular visit and her doctor brought me an article and said, “Look, this girl with Down Syndrome is a fashion designer, and your Zoha could be the next one as she has such a great sense of fashion!”. She found that article and printed it for us. It was so nice of Dr. Conner. We moved away, and we miss her.

Down Syndrome fashion model

11- Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I know it might take a little longer for my Zoha to get where I want to see her but she would get there for sure because only slow and steady wins the race. Zoha is not behind anyone.

12- Closer To My Faith

The greater change I saw in me is that I become closer to God and each day becoming a better practicing Muslim. I always think Zoha is a such a great present God gave us. I call her a “passport to Heaven”. God must have loved me in that he gave me Zoha.

Nothing makes her different


Things I have learned from having a child with Down Syndrome



52 thoughts on “How My Down Syndrome Child Has Made Me A Better Person”

  1. Well said dear you are the best mom!!! Zoha vl gonna rock this world soon??always stay blessed. And never lose hope of Allah’s mercy❤️

  2. Warm greetings to you …First of all she is really cute …Secondly you are the best mom on earth ..I really want to meet you and give you a really tight hug ..I really loved this blogpost from my heart and we all need to learn all these qualities from this cute little princess ✨❣️

  3. Your daughter is beautiful. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what it would be like to be a parent to a child with downs. I think we are scared of what we don’t understand, but embracing our situations in life allows us to be able to see the great things we were missing out on by being scared. After reading this I realize that having a child with a disability allows for a special kind of bond that you don’t get with a typical child and parent relationship. Thanks for sharing.

  4. When I wrote my poem, I saw the Baby and I remember Michael our relative, the adult.
    Zoha is truly a gift, she completes your family and has undoubtedly brought so much joy into your lives. Yes, you have her because God chose extra special people for that extra special chromosome. You are all so blessed and may you always be blessed. I send warm hugs and lots of love from me here in South Africa.

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  7. Beautiful post! I am an independent provider. I work with adults that live at home with mom and dad and have developmental disabilities. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful job. I get my clients out into the community and this gives mom and dad a break to do something for themselves. I even stay overnight with my clients if mom and dad want to get out of town for a few days. I love my job! You are an awesome mom!

    1. Awe, you just made my day. Thank you so much for visiting and thank to Hunida as well. Because of her I made quite a few new friends. Coming to visit you as well. Please stay connected.

    1. You are so welcome. She is sick for two weeks and she is home not going to school as being very lethargic so please keep us in your prayers. Hence I am quite here in the blogland. Anything new I missed would be stopping by soon. You sister’s son gonna rock the world so she’s got nothing to worry about.

  8. Touchy and inspirational post. I don’t even know who has named these syndromes. Who is UP, who is DOWN? Only Allah knows. Each one who comes into this life is unique with special skills. She has something which others don’t and vice-versa. Who are people to discriminate? Everyone has a special magic and being given a miracle. We have to find that out!

  9. Indeed, Zoha is a great blessing and also much blessed to be yoyr daughter. I’ll keep her and your family in my thlughts and prayers.

  10. This post is absolutely beautiful and heart-warming. So many important lessons and so many good examples. Your little girl is beyond beautiful and you as a human being are beyond incredible. May God send you many blessings and may you keep tougher than any life’s difficulty. Sending you much love and hugs. Thank you for being extraordinarily YOU.

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