Cool Christmas Gifts For Kids To Love – 2020

Christmas gifts for kids

Hello, lovely people! How are you guys? Must be busy shopping. It’s hard to believe that I am already talking about Christmas gifts for kids to love. It feels like the year has flown away. Seriously, however, 2020 went by very quickly! Life doesn’t wait for anything. It just runs either smoothly or with hardships. Time has to pass. Well, let’s talk about Christmas presents! (Updated on 12/05/2020)

Christmas gifts for kids

  1. Step 2 Fun With Friends Kitchen Set
  2. Star Wars Millennium Falcon
  3. Start Wars Characters
  4. LOL Advent Calendar
  5. BB-8 by Sphero
  6. Disney Frozen Set 
  7. Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen 
  8. Beverly Hills 18” Doll Bath Set  
  9. Wooden Barn Set With Farm Animals
  10. Walkie Talkies Set
  11. Keda Kids Pretend Doctor Play Toy Set
  12. Doll Salon Chair and accessories
  13. Doll Travel Suitcase
  14. Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Kids Toy 
  15. Kids Cooking and Backing Set
  16. Beginner Microscopic Science kit
  17. Lego Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit Building Kit
  18. LDB Direct Kids Waterproof Smartwatch
  19. Toy Story 4 Ids Bluetooth Headphones For Kids
  20. Little Explorers Kid’s Pop Up Play Tent With Camping gear 

My list is an amazing and tested list to share with you as our kids have received these Christmas gifts over the years. They still have them and play with them all year round! Let’s talk about each item on the list. 

I have kept all sorts of budgets in mind as sometimes things can be hard to afford. 

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1- Step 2 Fun With Friends Kitchen Set

If you have girls and boys both, this kitchen set will make a wonderful gift. Make sure you don’t order pink, though, so your little boy can also enjoy playing with his sister, or sisters.

It helps kids learn skills related to cooking. They learn about groceries, menus, and it will also build their vocabulary. It also improves social skills by playing each other. It’s really worth every penny you spend on it. 

Our kids have a little expensive version of the kitchen made of wood however, I think, plastic is better as it is waterproof.

2- Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Who doesn’t love Star Wars Lego?… Well, maybe I don’t cause I have to clean after the kids, LOL. Our little boy got this present last year and he was over the moon! It has so much detail and lots of pieces to connect together in order to keep your child busy..(Yes, I know the moment when we want them to be busy with their toys). 

Lego Star wars millennium falcon Christmas gifts for kids
My little boy loves this thing.

Note: Make sure you don’t have little kids build this without supervision as it consists of small pieces. 

3- Star Wars Character Set / Star Wars Action Figures Set

An unforgettable Christmas gift for kids!. All the cool kids want this present. All our three kids love that set, although ownership only goes to our little boy and he is kind to share with his sisters. 

4- L.O.L Surprise! Outfit of the Day /LOL Advent Calender 

This is a pre-Christmas present as this is a 24-day calendar, but you will get to see the smile on your girl’s face. Last year, both of our girls got one of these and they were getting up every morning to open this up before school. 

This is a pre-Christmas present as this is a 24-day calendar, but you will get to see the smile on your girl’s face. Last year, both of our girls got one of these and they were getting up every morning to open this up before school. 

It has small pieces, so it’s not safe for girls under 3. Otherwise, it’s a fun gift that keeps on coming!

5- BB-8 by Sphero 

Any Star Wars gift is stunning, but this one is very special. As it’s a talking and moving little robot that runs through an app. It’s lots of fun to watch it move around the house and make “beeps” and “bops”. Someone needs imagination, right? Even my husband loves this one.

It will spoil any Star Wars Fan!

6- Disney frozen Adventure Collection Set

Some little girl will be always thankful for this toy. I didn’t want to talk about this as I am so sick of “Let It Go” and anything related to Frozen. On the other hand, it would have not been fair to exclude these toys set as a Christmas present for little girls. We have a bucket full of toys related to Frozen, but our little princess never gets tired. I am sure if you have a little girl you are going through the same… you still want to add another Frozen set to make someone happiest person on earth. 

Someone is loving this toy in our home!

7- Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen

An everlasting gift set. We purchased this in 2016 and my girls still play with it. It’s very sturdy and strong. It comes with a lot of goodies. It also teaches kids to play together and teach them their mom’s responsibilities. My girls use them with their American Girl dolls. 

It’s hands down one of the cutest things you will see for dolls and a top-rated presents for girls ages 4-11. I wish I would have had this when I was a

We have the old version which doesn’t include the cookbook and napkin. The rest is all very cute!

8- Beverly Hills 18” Doll Bath Set  

Little girls drool to get this set. We have had so much fun decorating the girls’ little doll bathroom! 

It’s very affordable, yet classy for little girls!

9- Wooden Animal Barn Set With Farm Animals

Little boys under 3 are always, for some reason, into animals. Whether they live on a farm or not, they like to play with farm animals and farms. it is an educational, yet fun toys. 

We got this for my little boy but my daughter, who has Down Syndrome, learned all of the animal’s names while playing with his brother. We also added more farm animals and tractors as well. 

One of the best gifts for special kids. 

10- Walkie Talkies For kids 

This is a very fun toy, and kids totally adore it. They pretend to be detectives, and spy with it. You can give this as a second present to multiple kids together. 

You can also communicate with your kids if they are outside the home as it works as a safety feature for kids as well. 

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11- Keda Kids Pretend Doctor Play Toy Set

This kit has everything your child needs to understand what a doctor’s life is like. This little playset help kids understand a doctor’s job and makes the doctors visit less scary for them. My daughter, Zoha, loves to be a pretend doc and likes to check my blood pressure. It’s cute. You will capture so many cute moments with this toy set!  

12- Doll Salon Chair And Accessories

What little girl will say no to a doll salon? Since childhood, we girls love to put on makeup and have fancy hairstyles. I think this is a must-have toy for girls, ages 3 to 11. We got that when our older daughter was 4 and her sister was one 1 year old. They are 10 and 7 now and still love this rolling little chair with a boatload of accessories. 

13- Doll Travel Suitcase

Another unique Christmas present for kids, especially girls. We have bought a boy doll for our boy as he wanted to play with his sisters. He also loves that little suitcase! We traveled internationally and my daughter packed her American Girl’s suitcase with her passport. It was cute when we showed the officer the doll’s passport to get stamped! 

I think it’s underpriced, as it comes with so many things!. 

14- Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Kids Toy 

BTW, my kids are a little older now, but this Aqua Magic Doodle mat totally blew their minds. There are no messes or stains. It was also one of the best gifts we purchased for our kids years ago. This one is more like for little kids ages up to 6. They will love it, you will probably love it as well. 

It’s a total mess-free option for moms that have kids under 6 years of age.

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15- Kids Cooking and Baking Set As A Christmas Gift

Another lovely gift set your children will adore. We have two of these as both of my girls wanted to be a chef while playing, and their brother is always their restaurant customer. 

16- Beginner Microscopic Science Kit

This nifty Christmas present is for geeky kids, like my older daughter. I betcha this one will be the best winner gift among all the other Christmas gifts for kids.

17- Lego Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit Building Kit

7 to 12-year-old boys will have a blast with it, and I know my son loves it. As you know, there are never enough Legos to have as a present. 

18- Kids Waterproof Smartwatch

That is a cute smartwatch! My son kept asking about this as her friend has it in class. It’s in our shopping list this year.  

19- Toy Story 4 Ids Bluetooth Headphones For Kids

Features, like wireless, rechargeable, and foldable make this headphone special for kids in the classroom. It comes in a variety of colors. In our kid’s old school, they used to take their own headphones and we bought Zahra this headphone in pink, or purple, I can’t remember, but either way, she loved them.

20- Little Explorers Kids Pop Up Play Tent With Camping Gear 

This present is great to buy for your grandkids together. Kids love to learn and explore and it’s a very helpful toy. Our kids used to camp with this tent in our backyard. 

Kids learn the camping concept, and also learn to get along while playing together. 

Questions and thoughts to consider before buying Christmas gifts for kids:

How many Christmas Gifts should you buy for kids? 

It depends on your budget. Kids are not greedy people, they are content. I feel that 1 to 3 gifts per child is more than enough. We only buy one for each, though. 

Make notes throughout the year as to what they like

Consider buying functional toys that can add learning skills to your child’s life.

Always go with your budget, and teach your kids that as well. In my personal opinion, that’s the only way to teach children the value of things you buy for them.

Also, make sure that the toy is safe and age-appropriate. However, it depends, though. Some kids look older than others and some are even smarter than others. 

$5-gift-rule Christmas Present

I wanted to talk about the $5-gift-rule Christmas present. 

If you are not in a situation where you can afford a lot, just go ahead and set a fixed dollar amount for all the kids, it could range from $5 to all the way up to $20. Whatever is in your range. Then, buy every child a present in the same amount. In that way, no one will feel bad, and you will have a lovely Christmas. 

In the past, when we were paying off my husband’s mounds of debt, we kept that rule, even with adults. No one ever said anything or expected more than the pre-set amount.  

Don’t forget to teach your kids about Charity

On this event of Christmas or Eid, please don’t forget to teach your children about homeless kids. The parents who can’t afford lots of gifts, and the children who don’t have parents to spoil them. 

If you intended to buy your kids 3 presents, have them donate one to someone else, and that the best way of learning about charity. Giving should be part of everyone’s life since childhood and that is our responsibility, as a parent, to teach that to our kids by examples. 

Note: If you buy any of my recommended presents, please take a picture of your child and share it on my Facebook page with thousands of other readers 

If there is anything you would like to add to this list of “Christmas gifts for kids”, which can add a learning value to our children’s life, please leave me a comment below and I will update this list. I would also like to know, what was your favorite toy in your childhood?

Christmas gift ideas for kids

Cool Christmas gift ideas for kids

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your children while building memories together for years to come!  

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