How To Create Viral Pinterest images Using Canva

How To Create Instant Viral Pinterest Images Using Canva For Free 2

Pretty Pinterest Images

Today’s post is a very special post as some of you are waiting for this. I am excited to teach you all about “Pinterest Images Using Canva for free” in this post!

let’s talk about business here. If you are a blogger regardless of your niche or an online entrepreneur, then you know the value of Pinterest. Those appealing images on Pinterest always attract people.  Professionally, we call them graphics, and they are a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

Have you ever noticed that when you go to Pinterest you see beautiful images/graphics with different colors and fonts? They are total attention grabbers.  Yes, you got me right, I am talking about those amazing images on Pinterest! It often happens that you were not there to do a search for any “do it yourself project”, but since the pins were so amazing, you are now not only bound to save those pins but also forgot the purpose of why were you on Pinterest in the first place. It happened to me several times a day. Let say I was there searching for Pinterest quotes but I ended up saving at least 10 images about the interior decorations. The reason, guys, is because beauty always appeals to your eyes. Hence, you can spend hours on Pinterest.

You can sign up for Canva for free by clicking my affiliate link below, and the good part is it’s totally free!!!

Canva Poster Maker Tool

Before we start learning all about how to make those instant viral and pretty graphics, I would like to say “Thank You” for the prayers. My mother is feeling a lot better. My heart is touched by your concerns and comments. Finally, I am back to blogging. Things might be slower and I might only post once a week, but glad to be back. Okay, let’s learn all about our simply amazing Pinterest images.

how to make pinterest graphics for free

Do You Have To Be A Graphic Designer?

The answer is “NO”. Almost 8 years ago there was only one way of making Pinterest Images or graphics, and that was if you knew graphic design. Not all of us can go to school for that. People like my husband are fortunate to have that knowledge as a computer engineer, but what about people like myself? I am not a tech-savvy person. I am a quick learner who can play around and learn new things very quickly, but the graphic design course is lengthy and time-consuming, and having children doesn’t leave much time for any other learning than SEO.

But the good news is that the free program, such as Canva or Fotos makes life easy for us. I myself use Canva. It is an absolutely free online editing tool where you can create beautiful images for Pinterest or any other social media. Remember, stunning and visual aids both appeal to others. Those rich pins can help to promote your brand faster.

I love Canva because it’s easy to learn and apply. I make all my Pinterest images using this program. Sign up for free by clicking on my affiliate link below!

Canva Poster Maker Tool

Okay, before further ado, let’s jump into this detailed tutorial. You are going to learn a lot of worthy knowledge here, so open up your notepads, guys.

Let’s Walk The Walk By Signing Up For Canva:

So, first things first, if you are not using Canva already then you need to rush to create a free account. Click on the link to sign up for free. Creating an account is very beneficial as you can save all your designs without losing them. It also helps you to change your old designs at any time. After you sign up, then log in to your account and the home page looks like this…

Pinterest images using canva for free
This is how the home page looks like

Add Your Branding:

This is the part a lot of bloggers don’t know. To be honest with you, I didn’t know it until I started to pay more attention to details during my SEO journey.  For my previous Images for Pinterest, I picked whatever color I wanted to without even giving a second thought to branding. Anyways, go ahead and add your branding. Set up the color of your website to match up while making beautiful pins. It will tie everything together for you and will look very professional.

How To Add Your Branding:

It’s not hard at all! You might feel scared or overwhelmed, but I guarantee it’s very easy and only takes a moment. Look at the buttons on the left side of the screen to create a design, and click on Your Brand and create your branding by adding your website color. Go to your website and right click on your color. Once you right click, you would see a new window opened up. Click on Inspect. There will again be a new window opened up, where you can see your theme and your color options. Click the color you want and copy the code in Canva where the plus button is (see below in the picture). Now you are all set, as in FREE Canva you can only set up your color. The font option available with paid subscription only. I bet you can find tons of amazing fonts.!

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Canva Poster Maker Tool

Let’s recap the steps: 

  • In Canva, click on your brand.
  • Then on the brand colors.
  • Click on the plus sign next to colors to enter the code.
  • Go to your website. 
  • Right-click on your desired color, and you will see a window.
  • Click on Inspect, or Inspect Elements. Whatever you see on your computer.
  • In the new window with the coding on the side or bottom, find your color.
  • Now click on your color and copy the code.
  • Come back to Canva.
  • Paste it, and replace the color with your brand color.
  • Tada! All done!

Need help, please ask me either leave me a comment or email me.

How to add your brand using canva
Here is the color for my brand. You can see the plus sign I was talking about. Click on it to copy the code, here.

Create Your Design:

Once you have done with your branding, it’s now time to create beautiful images for whatever you want to promote on Pinterest. By showing your amazing graphics, you will get a lot of traffic.

Click on Create a design and it will show you tons of options. Select Pinterest Graphic, as this is what we are learning on this post.

How to create Pinterest Images with Canva for free
See that Canva has its templates with the correct sizing for the graphics.

You can resize your images on Canva as well as using Paint, or a free website, pixlr, according to your website image size. 

As soon as you select the Pinterest graphic, there will be a new window in front of you, where Canva has tons of free premade templates or layouts. Pick one of them, and start customizing. Make sure you pick the FREE template.

Make sure you don’t forget to change your image name I highlighted that on the top right-hand corner where you change the name. I see a lot of new bloggers make pins in Canva, but never bother giving those images any name. It doesn’t look professional at all. It’s good for SEO as well, and Google loves it.

Your free link to sign up!!! It’s my affiliate link but free for you!

Canva Poster Maker Tool

Left Bar Menu

  • Templates
  • Elements
  • Text 
  • Background
  • Uploads 

See the highlighted button in the picture below so you would know where to change the name. Once you select the layout, you can now play around with it. Either upload your own image to replace the pre-made layout using upload button in the menu. or use the same template.

How to create Pinterest graphics with Canva for Free
You can see several amazing premade layouts.

I will customize this pin according to my own brand color,  by searching pictures in Canva in the search bar under the Elements tab. Let’s use a pretty picture of a computer for this pin. After getting my desired picture under this tab, second on the far left of Canva, since there is no need to be too fancy.

Make sure you choose EYE-CATCHING FONTS and pictures.

viral pinterest images

After selecting the template, I changed the background color to my branding, which we have set up in the beginning. Then I inserted the pretty image to spice this pin-up to coordinate with my brand.

Resize your image by double-clicking on it. Once you are done with it, click on done.  Or, there is an arrow on the top left as well. Click on it to set it up where you want it.

When you select any element (on the top menu), you have quite a few options to use, such as these…

Top Bar Menu

  • A square showing a color. Click on it to change it.
  • Copy. You can copy the same shape to reuse it again in the same image.
  • Position. Either you want the shape forward or backward. However you like it.
  • Transparency. It’s such a cool option to use for the color density.
  • Delete the items if you don’t like it.
Create viral pinterest images using canva

For my URL, I went to Elements and selected a small square and resized it using the above-mentioned instructions. The other cool thing is that you can rotate your shape by using a small rotator, which you can see once you click on the shape.

You can now see how It looks like one untied image. Lastly, we are left with the big heading. The one we are doing this post about.

How to create pinterest graphics

Look at the pin image on the top left corner. it’s showing you the rotator. I simply clicked on the triangle to see this. You can play around however you like to have Elements in your images.

Fonts for The Main Heading:

When you click on your fonts tab, it gives you a few options, such as…

  • Sizing
  • Spacing
  • Styles

It’s easy to change the style and color of the font using the bar menu on the top once you place your favorite fonts. I mostly mixed and matched them so they can bring more attention. Human eyes like to see patterns.


How to create Pinterest Images Using Canva

Here you go with the side-by-side comparison. The difference is very visible. In the beginning, you might be slower, but with practice, it should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to create your amazing Pins.

Don’t forget to Save It:

How to create viral pinterest images

Save your graphics by clicking on the file and then click Save on the bottom. Once you clicked on the File button it brings you several options above.

Hope this Canva tutorial was helpful, and you will be able to make your own images easily. Don’t get frustrated, it’s hard in the beginning and I am only a click away. Comment me, or email me for assistance. I will be happy to help!

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More Is Better:

I will highly recommend at least creating three Pinterest images. It helps to Re-Pin the same post at least three times. It can be a bit time consuming but gradually you will learn all the tricks and tips to make you faster. When I first started to make my images for Pinterest, I was so slow that it was almost taking me an hour. I was getting frustrated that it’s not gonna work for me. Now it only takes me 5 minutes. Slowly but surely, you will improve yourself. Just don’t give up and start with the right mindset.

Just keep one thing always in your mind…

The more you pin the more likely you are going to promote your business!


Create viral pinterest images using canva

Did you notice? I made three Images to share on Pinterest for my post. One as a featured image and two to pin. In this way, I will have more exposure to my site. It’s totally fine if in the start you can make that many as I know it’s time-consuming, just make one. I promise you will get better eventually, jut don’t be afraid of anything.

Here is the link agin to sign up for Canva! (Canva Affiliate Link)

Canva Poster Maker Tool

Happy Pinning guys!

Once you make your Pretty images for Pinterest, come back and leave me a link in the comments section so I can see them. 

Also, subscribe above under my picture to Win 5 custom-made images according to your brand color for Pinterest.

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  1. I just pinned this post! 😉
    This is an amazing, very detailed, and insightful tutorial. I personally also use Canva, it’s such a great and user-friendly tool. I benefited a lot from your tips, especially the one on creating your brand and thinking about how many images you should create and embed on a post. I will definitely incorporate your advice in future posts! Thank you. Also – what an incredible layout, I love the new face of your blog. I like the vibe of it and the space between different objects. Well done, girl, congratulations!

  2. Bushra, this is amazing! Thanks so much for this insightful post! I feel like I’ve gotten a bit better with my Pinterest graphics over time, but there’s room for a lot of improvement especially on branding. I’m curious, how did you redo your website? Did you hire someone or is this a specific WordPress theme? I’m looking to give my blog a face-lift in the near future, so I’d love to hear what you did.

  3. Great post, Bushra!
    Thank you for taking the time to read my essay; really appreciate your comment and lovely to see you blogging. Canva is a useful tool to create social media content and make them more attractive. Thank you for this post!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I’ve been using Canva but had no idea about the extras. I pinned your post so I can look back on it for future reference. ? I’m loving your new blog!

  5. Hey Bushra hope you are doing good!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come ❤️??

  6. Thanks for the awesome tips, Bushra! I have been using GIMP but this looks like it might be a little more user friendly. Plus, the wide variety of fonts and images takes a lot of the graphic design load off of us bloggers 🙂

  7. I love how your new site looks! Colours are great and it’s so beautifully organized! Congrats!

    This was a great post! I’ve tried playing around in Canva, but I got so frustrated by how long it took to do things. I guess it’s a learning curve. Getting down to 5 minutes like you did would be awesome!

    I’d like to hear more about your SEO journey and what you’ve learned. I’m trying to learn it myself right now with the Yoast tutorials, but I need something that’s more straight to the point.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You would be pro soon. I am going to write a post about ” How to write an SEO friendly blog post” Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss it. It’s nice to help each other. I am spending a ton of time on SEO learning these days.

  8. Love the call out on purposely selecting colors. My instinct too is to pick whatever makes me happy. Good tip to select them brand themed.

  9. Oh this is awesome! I have only recently discovered canva, so this article is exactly what I needed! Branding was the ultimate highlight for me 🙂 Thank you for sharing these tips!

  10. Thank you Bushra for this incredibly helpful post. I am slug-like in my ability to tackle anything technical, especially making pins. I am pinning this post and will use all your tips and tricks to speed up my process and hopefully boost traffic to my blog through Pinterest. .All the best to you

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