DIY: Candle Stands Turned Into Planters

diy candle planter

Hey guys! So, you remember from Monday that I showed you the picture of my thrift store candle holder? Did any of you guess what I made with them? Well, my weird brain always works in so many weird ways in my own weirdo land. OMG, I already used the word weird so many times, it’s kinda weird…LOL!

candle holders

The above picture you all have seen on my Monday’s post.

As soon as I saw these candle holders in our local thrift store, I thought of making planters with them. I even visioned where I would put them. See, my brain does work in a weird way. You got the idea, right?

planter 3
Here you go. My little Halloween corner is ready as well.
Here is a more close-up look.

The above plants, I have purchased from Costco, and so far I have not killed them, heh. Although I killed plants very quickly in the past, and I’m a known plant killer in our house, my love for all those plants keep them still alive… I don’t learn lessons and buy them again and again. In fact, I am pretty proud of myself about these plants. I have kept them in pretty good shape for the last  2 months. If you guys have missed how I made my DIY outdoor designer planters, check them out here.

The cage in the first image I used for my candle stands, and it looks so beautiful at night when those battery operated candles are on.

What do you think?

I first placed this cage in between these two chairs, but then I decided to put it by the planters, and I like it better.


$6 Candle Stands Turned into DIY beautiful planters (1)
Easy-peasy step by step for you!


Hope you guys like this little easy DIY, and I hope it will give you an idea as to what to do with random stuff. Let me know what you think.

27 thoughts on “DIY: Candle Stands Turned Into Planters”

  1. I really, really like your planters 🙂 Those candlesticks are a good find and I like how they add some texture and interest to your plant display! I might need to see if our Costco has some of those plants this Spring because I also can’t seem to keep anything alive! I have a formerly pretty pink African Violet that is languishing on the windowsill. These are great ideas!

        1. I am so sorry and I can totally feel your pain, I still cry sometimes so loud. Kavita I am truly blessed to meet you here with so many other great friend. I feel like because of you I have to add SA in my travel list as we going to start traveling in a few years when my youngest would at least 7 years old.

          1. Bushra, please come. Its and adventure. You will not be alone. I shall be here for you.
            PS, some days are very bleak but with gems like my blogging family, there is hope.???

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