Check Out This Cool DIY Cleaning Caddy Under 10!

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How is everyone in blog lands? I was very busy with sick kids, work and then home. Life of a woman, right! Although I did spare sometimes last night for our link party participants’ blog visits. The party is still open till Friday night. Well, let’s share a quick DIY with you guys. I am one of those neat freak people. In fact, my husband thinks, ” I am obsessed with cleaning and painting”. Maybe I am! oh well, who doesn’t like a clean place? Right, it’s always peaceful to sit in a clean environment. Back in Pakistan, we have had someone to clean our house but here in the States, I have to do everything by myself. it’s kind of sucks but what are you gonna do? “Just stay calm and keep cleaning”, that’s what I would say.

I like my stuff organized and since we have a double story house now it’s even more important that we stay more organized. I put these cleaning caddies’ together and thought share with you all. You never know, if someone is looking for the same idea out there. As we all are pretty like-minded people.

These little baskets made my life pretty easy. I have one in each bathroom and one in our kitchen.

I took this picture in my bathtub so ignore the shadow.

Here is the supply list.

1- A Basket (of your choice) $1

2- Two spray bottles $2

3- Cleaning gloves $1

4- Baking soda

5- Scrub buddies  $1

6- Microfiber cleaning cloths

Most of the supplies I purchased from the dollar tree less than $10. As I am a bit thrifty. BTW if you missed my post how to save money on kids clothing, you can check it out here. Dollar tree even has a baking soda. I purchased mine from Costco. We don’t use any more paper towels. We want to live green. It’s been 9 years since I switched to microfiber clothes and I am loving it. I have color coded them. Like in the bathrooms they are blue and turquoise but for the kitchen we use yellow. I also color coded my gloves and even spray bottles. One I use for all-purpose homemade cleaner and the other one I use for the glass cleaner.

OMG, Look at those pretty gloves. Aren’t they so cute? A buck for the pair is not bad at all.

This is what I use for the all-purpose homemade cleaner;

Half water and half vinegar with a few drops of dawn soap and voila! A great cleaner is good to go for everything. It’s free of chemicals which is a plus. Since we have little kids and a cat in the house.

See my cleaner even matches with the bottle…lol I use a mason jar to put my baking soda. It’s easy to use just stick a little spoon inside the jar.

Hope, it can help some of you out there as I have learned a lot from the other bloggers over the years. Hence I started my own blog as I was very inspired by some of the great bloggers such as Diane Henkler and few others.


home made cleaner

What do you think, Do you still use paper towels or did you already made a switch to microfiber? Do you believe to go green? 



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