A Cool DIY Cleaning Caddy Under $10

diy cleaning caddy
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DIY Cleaning Caddy: The Secret Of Thorough Cleaning

A cleaning caddy, but why? Here is the answer, no matter how expensive your house is. If it’s not clean it’s not going to look inviting and pretty at all. Sometimes we skip the cleaning, and it seems like a lot of work. I get it, who else wants to clean the entire house, right? It feels like a boring and time-consuming task. Hence, I am going to put this clever DIY cleaning caddy together to provide you a more organized helper.

Cleaning Obsessions

I am one of those neat-freak people. In fact, my husband thinks that I am obsessed with cleaning and painting. Maybe I am! Oh well, who doesn’t like a clean place, right?  It’s always peaceful to sit in a clean environment. Back in Pakistan, we had someone to clean our house, but here in the States, I have to do everything by myself. It kind of sucks, but what are you gonna do? “Just stay calm and keep cleaning”. That’s what I would say.

Being Organized Is A Great Habit To Have

Nothing is more powerful than being organized. Hence, I like my stuff organized and since we have a double story house now it’s even more important that we stay more organized. That’s why I put these cleaning caddies’ together. Boy, these tiny little caddies are an amazing helper for me!

Here are some more tips on how to motivate yourself to be organized.

cleaning caddy
I took this picture in my bathtub so ignore the shadow, please.

Basic Supply list For Your Cleaning Caddy

Your cleaning supplies are your personal preference. You can add as many products to your cleaning caddy and nobody is going to have any problem with it. What I have noticed, though, is that a lot of the time you have a lot more than you need. By simplifying your list and using pretty and well-coordinated supplies you can really make your life easy. As you know, less is always more. Who doesn’t like less clutter? Being organized also gives you the freedom to use your time on some fun stuff!

The Best Theory To Use

Well, if you are anything like me, you not only want to get your cleaning done but also save time. It’s only possible if you are organized and productive. Here is what I prefer to do when it comes to cleaning our house. I keep my simple basic supplies in cleaning caddies wherever I clean quite often. For instance, I have this DIY cleaning caddy in both bathrooms upstairs. No need to run downstairs to get any supplies to clean while I am working upstairs. The same system is being used downstairs. Our laundry room and kitchen have cleaning caddies.

Although there is no harm in adopting this method at all to speed up your cleaning process to save you time, you don’t have to adapt my system, just do what works best for you.

Supply List For The Cleaning Caddy

Most of the supplies I purchased from the dollar tree for less than $10 total, as I am a bit thrifty. Dollar Tree even has baking soda, but I purchased mine from Costco. Of course, this list doesn’t comprise every single thing I use to clean every part of my home…but it covers most of It.

Always Think To Go Green

My family doesn’t use any more paper towels. We want to live green. It’s been 9 years since I switched to microfiber cloths, and I am loving it. We have color-coded them. Like, in the bathrooms they are blue and turquoise but for the kitchen we use yellow. It sounds a bit crazy, but I also color-coded my gloves and even spray bottles. I use one for all-purpose homemade cleaner and the other one I use for the glass cleaner.

Make The Switch

If you have not made the switch to microfiber cleaning cloths now is the perfect time to do so. It’s going to feel weird for the first few weeks and after that, it will be the norm for you. By going green, you are not just going to help yourself but also feel good about it. I am all about going green. Microfiber cloths are part of my cleaning caddies. They just make cleaning so much easier! No streaks for anything. A spotless look.

diy cleaning caddy
See, my cleaner even matches with the bottle…lol! I use a mason jar for my baking soda. It’s easy to use: just stick a little spoon inside the jar.

All-Purpose Home Made Cleaner

If you have been around Bushra’s Lifestyle, then you know that I love do-it-yourself techniques, so most of the time I make my own stuff, such as homemade cleaner. I’m so proud of it since I have small children, and it is very effective. and doesn’t give any exposure to chemicals.

Simple Ingredients To Use

Here is what I use for my homemade cleaner:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • A few drops of dawn soup
  • You can add some essential oil for a nice smell, such as lemon essential oil or lavender oil of your choice. It works like magic. Go for it! 


Seriously, it could not be any easier! Combine everything together and shake well (shake prior to each use).  Now you are good to go. Use it on your mirrors and wipe off your kitchen and bathroom countertops. I use it all over the house and it’s the best part of my cleaning caddy. It even gets rid of tough stains. The big thing is that there is no damage to your brain, and you are feeling proud to be helping the environment to stay green. 

Don’t use it on granite countertops, though, as vinegar has acidity in it and it can cause etching in natural stone. Use simple water with a few drops of Dawn Soap instead. Hence, I have two spray bottles: one with a vinegar solution and one without. 

A Great Tip For You

Use a glass bottle if you don’t want to use plastic. I use a plastic bottle for us right now because I don’t want my kids to break those bottles, as my little kiddos like to help me when I’m cleaning. But, if you have children who understand better, then use a glass bottle, which is even better. Don’t use essential oils in plastic bottles, though. 

Add Toilet Cleaner In Your Cleaning Caddy

Use the same homemade cleaner for the toilet as well. Spray it all around the toilet and let it sit for 15 minutes. Since you have the vinegar in the cleaner it will kill germs and get rid of stains. After the 15 minutes, sprinkle in some baking soda, as the baking soda is also a magical cleaning powder to use. It acts as a gentle abrasive to help with scrubbing and it also absorbs odors. Scrub the toilet with a toilet brush and flush when done. After that, use your microfiber cloth to clean all around the toilet, such as around the seat, and you are good to go. It only takes 10 minutes of your time. 

I Hope this helps as much as it is helping our family to stay healthy and be able to clean tremendously. I have to admit, ever since I have made these cleaning caddies my house is more sparkling clean than ever. It’s easier to carry a small cleaning caddy than taking 100 things with you.

bathroom cleaner

Save With Using Your Home Made Cleaning Caddy

You not only clean your house quickly by using these homemade cleaners but also save money because, as you know, store-bought cleaners are not cheap.  They’re not only very expensive but also full of hazardous chemicals.  I am one of those penny-pinching moms who like to save every penny she can.  Use a little jar to put extra money into it so you can add those pennies toward your entertainment or fun account. 

Spring Cleaning Jumpstart With Your Pretty Cleaning Caddy

Now, grab your pretty cleaning caddy and start cleaning all around the house to welcome spring in your home!  I am already getting anxious as the spring fever and my nesting nature have already excited me enough to jump right in. As I was growing up, seasonal cleaning was, and still is, one of my favorite things to do. I have watched my mother enjoying all the cleaning as well.

Spring Cleaning Round-Up

This post is part of the spring cleaning roundup as I participated with other awesome bloggers to bring you best resources.

1- For your complete spring cleaning, you do need some additional cleaning supplies and cleaning checklists. Go check Sarah’s post out for this. She has a great list to go over and give your house a deep and thorough cleaning!

2- Michelle at Blessings by me created this Best Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for you. She is a very organized person who knows how to tackle every task in a quick and organized manner.

3- Angie Cruise put together a very detailed must have supply cleaning list for you with several natural products.

Happy Spring and happy cleaning!


diy cleaning caddy

What do you think? Do you still use paper towels, or did you already made a switch to microfiber cloths? Do you believe in going green?

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  3. Thanks for your cleaning caddy idea. I have something similar, but not as organized. I’ve gotta try your tips!
    BTW, I totally have become a believer in the power of microfiber cloths. Who knew they work better than the traditional sponges? And they’re antibacterial to boot!

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