Old Vanity Turned Into A Modern Farmhouse Style

 A Dull To A Stunning & Modern Farmhouse Vanity

Hey you all! I know you are waiting for my laundry room reveal and I am like a big teaser… Not really, friends. I’m just giving the laundry room the final touches. Well, today you are going to learn how to turn a very boring and dull sink into a modern farmhouse vanity to spruce up your bathroom or laundry room. The reason is to show you all that in bits and pieces, and eventually I’ll get to show you the laundry room reveal.  You will have the resources handy in case you would like to try it out for a good DIY project.

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Modern Farmhouse Versus Traditional Vanity

The answer to this question could be really broad, but we are just going to touch it lightly. Our house is a craftsman style house. More modern vs traditional, but some of the stuff in our house seems really old-style. I am not into changing the fixed structure at this point, as we have just purchased our house and it’s pretty new. I didn’t want to go with a classic farmhouse style either as it would have not worked for us, so I decided to go with a modern farmhouse style, which is now more popular than ever.

HGTV  has brought this style really to life. Don’t you love all those designs Joanna shows us? Sticking in the middle is a great idea. Hence, we are giving this vanity a makeover into a modern farmhouse style.

What Is A Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse style is warm, cozy, and simple looks characterized by natural textures and materials, like galvanized steel or wood. It’s mostly stained or raw wood. The colors are very calm and in the mostly used cream and gray family. Your house feels very natural without any fuss. There are two most common types of farmhouse styles:

  • The Classic Farmhouse Style

The classic farmhouse is more similar to the country style and more traditional. You feel very comfy in your house and feel good vibes. It’s very affordable if you use do-it-yourself projects. This style is all about mixing comfortable furniture with salvaged material such as made with reclaimed wood. There is not much clutter involve with it. Overall, it’s very relaxing.

  • The Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse is more like the contemporary style. It still has some features of country style with a more sleek and modern look to it. The main color is cream but used with neutrals. It has bold and bright hues. Natural wood accents complete any farmhouse style regardless of if you are using it in wood panels on any wall or exposed beams on the ceiling. Most of the furniture is stained and you can use old items, and they can easily be re-purposed using paint and a bit of wax, as this style of furniture doesn’t have to be perfectly painted.

Vintage-inspired items and chalkboards are a part of both the classic and modern farmhouse style.

Modern farmhouse vanity

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Supply And Tools Required

There is just a short list for your supply and tools in order to turn a drab vanity into a modern farmhouse vanity. Here we go with the list.

Here is how the vanity looked before. It was very bothersome to the eyes. But on the other hand,  you can see the potential in it. Okay, are you excited to turn this boring piece into something totally different and stylish with me?

vanity before makeover
You clearly can see, how boring and sad that is. Oh well, the whole room’s vibes were the same as the vanity.

Steps For A Modern Farmhouse Vanity

Step 1: Cleaning

A thorough cleaning is very important. Give it a good cleaning with Clorox using a rag.  By following this process, you can turn any cabinet/vanity into a stylish addition in any room.  Once you have finished with cleaning, let it dry for a bit.

Step 2: Sanding

Sand very lightly or according to your needs. To this vanity, I really didn’t have to sand much. I just did a bit of sanding so the paint was able to stick to it. Without sanding, it’s hard to adhere the paint onto a piece of wood, veneer, or laminate. Some furniture needs more sanding over others.

Sanding the vanity
Wipe off one more time after you get done with sanding. Using 120 grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Paint

So here is a quick tip for you for vanity like this, which is small with two doors. No need to buy a full or half can. A paint sample is a clever way to go. You don’t need primer at all with this paint.

gray paint color
This is a Valspar color sample in Satin Base A 773923. It’s super nice and soothing to the eyes! No need for primer at all.

There are two reasons for picking a gray color. Number one is that gray is very soothing and it was perfect for the laundry room. The second reason is that the gray family of paint is the one used in farmhouse styles the most, and we are giving this vanity a modern farmhouse look.

painting cabinet
Always use a brush instead of a roller for a better result.

The painting should not take you long and you would be surprised to see the result using this perfect paint! No brush strokes or marks. It’s a very clean and smooth finish, plus quick drying time.

Painted vanity
Let it sit for a couple of hours for it to completely dry.

Step 4: Install The Hardware

This vanity did not have any hardware on it previously, but as you know, the hardware is an ornament for any cabinets/vanities. Especially the way farmhouse style vanities are with all kinds of unique hardware. My husband installed the hardware and it was not a difficult task at all. You can easily do that by yourself.

hardware on vanity
Don’t you think they look gorgeous and add a real farmhouse style charm?

Here are the steps I put together for you to make your process easy:

  1. Use something, like fingernail polish, to mark where the screws will be installed.
  2. After measuring, press firmly to mark where the holes will be drilled.
  3. Verify the marks are there and in the proper location.
  4. Make sure the marks are level.
  5. Drill the holes.
  6. Screw in the screws from behind while holding the handles. Finished!
how to install cabinets hardware

Step 5 Add feet

Have you seen all the new modern vanities are coming up with very cute and stylish feet to give them a unique look? Don’t worry if your vanity is without feet, as we have a solution for you. Feet can be easily found in any hardware store or online. If you can’t find your size,  here is the way you can create your own feet as we did for this vanity.

diy farmhouse style vanity
The feet I bought didn’t work for me, hence I created my own version with these recyclable playdough cans. Simply spray paint them and place them under the vanity with super glue.




Here is the final result! I hope you like it. It really was quite a simple thing to do, and I feel it makes a drabby, tired old vanity into something very pleasing to the eye:

farmhouse style vanity 2
farmhouse style vanity
modern farmhouse style vanity


_diy farmhouse style vanity

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I hope you like this DIY project! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! 

24 thoughts on “Old Vanity Turned Into A Modern Farmhouse Style”

  1. Oh – I am always SO confused on types of styles! Thanks for the explanation. I loooooove the blue wallpaper. It really is set off too by the new sink. So pretty!!

  2. You did an amazing job Bushra! Looks beautiful and so fresh and modern-looking! And I’ll say it again, I love that wallpaper design!!

  3. Bushra, I love the fresh, clean look of your vanity cabinet! The color is really beautiful and I love how it is a more subdued version of the blue in the wall paper! This is beautiful, I pinned it to my home décor board! Painting cabinets is difficult and I totally agree with you on the brush being tool of choice. I tried using those foam rollers and ended up with a texture I didn’t like on my cabinets.

  4. Bushra, am always impressed how you manage to turn the most boring looking things into amazing pieces of interior design. Do you just walk through spaces and immediately see how to improve things? 🙂 I love DIY projects, but I think I’m lacking the vision. Love your posts!

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