DIY Old Lamp Shade Makeover On A Frugal Budget

diy old lamp makeover

A $5 DIY Lamp Shade Makeover With Contact Paper

It’s a small DIY project to share. I get tired of my decors very fast. This lamp I had from Ashley furniture’s a few years ago. It was good with my old bedding but, was not going to work with my new room makeover.

pamp before
Before : The old lamp with the drum shade

I decided to swap the lamps in the room.  I found beautiful brass lamps somewhere in a Garage sale, as brass is so much in fashion today.

I spray painted the lamps. After the lamps got ready, I needed lamp shades with them, I shopped around in stores and online. Nothing was less than $50 a shade. It means $100 for the pair.

I finally used my brain, a bit  (normally I don’t use my brain at all), and come up with an idea of using the same lampshades by giving them a new makeover.

Here is what I used to give them a new look,

Adhesive contact paper from dollar tree with Moroccan’s style pattern You can find them under shelf liners.
Adhesive spray from Wal-Mart.

It was an easiest makeover or DIY project I have ever done. I spray painted the shades and wrap my paper around. Paper is already adhesive but I have children and I didn’t want them to mess with the shades and take it apart. You know those kiddos.

IMG_20180303_111656 (1)
After : Here is the finished product.
There you go with before and after pictures.
Here is how they look in our master bedroom.

Total cost;

  • Adhesive contact paper $2
  • Adhesive spray paint $2.97
  • Total                        $4.97

I think these shades are completely transformed. Leave me a comment, what your thoughts are?


23 thoughts on “DIY Old Lamp Shade Makeover On A Frugal Budget”

  1. What a clever way to re-do lampshades. I have 2 that did not fare well in our recent move. I am thinking I might try to do a little lampshade project in the near future. In the past, I took a couple of old brass lamps and spray painted them with krylon hammered gunmetal spray paint. They came out nicely and looked totally different than they did before. That project was done about 9 years ago and they still look like new and I have not had any flaking on my paint job. It is amazing what you can do with a little paint to make something look totally different. I like the idea of using contact paper on the lampshade. That makes it easy to change out when you decide to revamp your décor and doesn’t break the bank.

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