How To Remodel Your Laundry Room Over The Weekend!

DIY Small Laundry Room Makeover – Reveal

Yeah! Finally, guys, your wait is over and here you are going to see a huge difference in a small laundry room makeover on a limited budget. As you have already seen, all the do-it-yourself steps have been performed to provide you resources in the previous posts. Now is the time to show you the whole room and I am not gonna lie to you, it looks fabulous!

Yes, absolutely fabulous! Just like “magazine worthy”, or Pinterest worthy! So, are you ready to see the whole process and budget breakdown? I know you are,  as some of you have been asking me on Facebook. Let’s dive deep into this makeover.

Laundry room door sign
Totally farmhouse style!

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Here Was The Plan For The Small Laundry Room Makeover

  • Remove the top single cabinet
  • Paint
  • Paint the cabinets under the sink
  • Install the silver hardware
  • Add feet under the cabinets to give it a pretty look
  • Add storage under the cabinets to organize laundry detergents (such as surf), baking soda, and soap
  • Apply wallpaper on the front wall
  • Put shelving on either side of the window
  • Put a long shelf above the laundry machines for flower pots
  • Add baskets for storage
  • Add molding on the ceiling
  • Change the light to a small chandelier
  • Add wainscoting on 2/3 of the walls
  • Add a mirror on one of the walls to give the room a bigger and brighter look
  • Try to change the tiles behind the sink
  • Fix as many as builder’s errors and unevenness within your budget
  • Put a nice area rug on the floor
  • Get rid of ugly spots in the sink by using plumbing gel and “magic eraser”
  • Make a wish, and budget to get a new laundry set

It’s always good to put a plan together for any room you are going to remodel or redecorate. We did a small DIY remodeling for this small laundry room makeover. We would have never accomplished it without putting a plan together. Hence, always put a plan on paper for anything you plan to accomplish.  Now, let me show you how I accomplished this simple plan I put together.

small diy laundry room makeover
How do you like it? You might see some variation in the light as I took pictures at a different time. Most of the pictures are un-edited, I wanted to show you the real deal.

These steps will give you a clear idea of how to complete your plan of remodeling or redecorating. Stick with me, and you will be a pro within no time!

1- Removal Of The Cabinet To Make It Look Spacious

The first thing we did was to remove the ugly cabinet. Keep this designing rule in mind – that symmetry is very important when it comes to design concepts. So, as soon as we removed that stand-alone cabinet. This small laundry room was already starting to look nice and was on its way of getting a great makeover.

Laundry room
There is a lonely and sad cabinet.
How to remove cabinets
It was super easy to remove because there were only a few screws securing it to the wall.
Laundry room Cabinets
Have you noticed it? It is already looking spacious

The laundry room doesn’t have to be a huge space but let’s face it, we all like pretty stuff. You are going to be surprised to see the after-makeover pictures for this small laundry room.

2- Painting The Cabinet Under The Sink To Brighten Up Space

The second thing in the plan was to paint and brighten up the room. Here is another tip for you – not only for a small laundry room makeover. Perhaps, paint the most inexpensive way to brighten up any small room or space. A fresh paint of a white coat on the ceiling made a huge difference. I then painted the cabinet under the sink, and oh boy, it just changed the vibes in the room!

vanity before
This is the vanity before without the paint. Did you notice that there was no cabinet on this side of the room above the vanity?
the cabinets after
Here is the picture after the paint. Doesn’t it look so farmhouse style! I showed you step-by-step instructions on how to paint, right here.

After I painted the cabinet, my husband installed the hardware and it really made a huge difference. Not only did we add hardware, but also added feet. You are not going to believe what I used to make my feet for the vanity. Check out my previous post for that. Use your cabinet to put all your laundry detergent, etc.. Nicely tuck them away out of sight.

laundry room sink
Spotless sink always looks great!

3- Adding Crown Molding & Replacing The Ceiling Light

Adding crown molding was the tricky part. It’s very technical when it comes to putting the corners together. My husband did a really great job. He put all the measurements on paper before he cut anything else. It does add a lot of charm in the room! We are planning to do that in our living room and a few other rooms.

I will do a step by step tutorial on it for you later. Paint the ceiling before you add the crown molding. Otherwise, it’s a bit harder to paint if your color is going to be different than the crown molding. Our laundry room is not huge so the ceiling was pretty small as well. The total installation time was 2 hours or less.

Laundry room ceiling
Here is the ceiling before. It does look boring and outdated with an outdated light.

Next Comes Chandelier

After the molding, we installed the chandelier. Well, I mean my husband installed it. I was just holding the ladder. Well, it still helps. I am glad I didn’t forget to take pictures of the light fixture to show you. It’s all “builder’s grade cheap stuff”. Honestly, it was depressing to come to this tiny room to do laundry. Please be safe when installing light fixtures, and ensure the power has been cut.

chandelier in the laundry room
It looks so pretty without spending a fortune on it. You also can see the crown molding on the wall as well.

4- Adding Wall Paper To Enhance The Look Of A Small Laundry Room

I have to admit it. Peel and stick wallpaper was a difficult task for me. But on the other hand, it adds so much to the room. It actually made the room look bigger than it’s actual size. I have done a whole tutorial for you on how to put up wallpaper.

5- Adding Wainscotting On The 2/3 Of The Walls, And Also Painting  Them

If you want your room look absolutely charming and would like to add extra character to it, then go for wainscotting. It really adds character to any basic architecture! Most builder’s homes lack all these characters in them, as they don’t really care for any special detail than they need to sell their homes.  I love those charming homes full of character. In fact, I know I am not alone.

All of us want our homes full of charm and have real character. But, more often when we make purchasing decisions it’s not solely based on charm but rather on a school distance, location, size, and the biggy is the budget. Our house is overall beautiful, but as I said, builders don’t pay attention to everything in pretty and aesthetic manners. So, we decided to boost our small laundry room by adding the wainscoting.

diy wainscoting
This is how it was before. Nothing to be excited about.
laundry room wainscoting
That’s the after. Yes! A neatly dressed up wall. Here you go with the tutorial.

6- Adding Shelving For Extra Storage & Better Functionality

After. It was a quick DIY to add shelving. The paint took more time than the installation.

7- Adding Baskets For Some More Storage

Baskets are a pretty way to add storage anywhere in the house. Our guest bathroom downstairs has no storage, so I do need to store some extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies in the laundry room for the bathroom. One of the basket houses all our toilet paper and the other one I placed all the random nicks and knacks. Baskets don’t just look pretty but are also very functional and one of the best inexpensive storage solutions for any room in the house.

8- Accessories Your Small Laundry Room

Who doesn’t love to accessorize? I am not exceptional either. When it comes to accessory shopping, I mostly go for budget decor. There are a lot of great stores are out there to shop, such as Ross, Home Goods, or even Amazon. Having an Amazon Prime membership really helps you to save because of the free shipping and two-day delivery.

Clever Tip For You

Some times you can score nice antiquish decor while garage sailing or thrifting. Don’t be embarrassed by it at all. If you are anything like me, you love to change your decor quick so it’s not a bad idea to shop within your budget. Sometimes I just swap things form different rooms. An example is the blue vase below. I brought it from the living room. Man, blue is my new favorite!

storage baskets
Everything is so easily accessible.
Shelving in the laundry room
The top pot is from the thrift store and all I did wash it to make it look fresh again.
brass swans
My pretty swans

I love anything brass. These two swans look like I purchased a pair, right? Nope, 1 was found one while garage sailing, and the other one I happened to find in a thrift store. They are nicely holding my pathos (the only plant, I seem to keep alive). I used a really great brass cleaning product to clean them from Amazon. I will put the link below under the resources area.

laundry room accessories
A touch of yellow is so pretty!

I am totally in love with these flower and garden pots from Dollar Tree. The grass plant is from a thrift store for a couple of dollars. The pair of jars holding baking soda, and laundry detergent are also from a thrift store for only $2. I added a touch of yellow by putting this Dollar Tree pineapple in between those two. Don’t you just love it?

I just love those flowers. Looks so springy.

That little bowl holding clothespin next to the little clock is a garage sale find that was 50 cents. My mother likes birds on everything (“Put A Bird On It”), and I purchased for her room a few years ago. My mother bought the silver pot about 13 years ago.

9- Put A Nice Area Rug On The Floor

small laundry room makeover
What do you think about my little rug?

The rug is in fact, made out of two bath mats, and matches with our color scheme of blue and gray with some pop of colors. I had purchased these bath rugs from Kohls on sale but decided to use them in the laundry room. They are really fuzzy. The small laundry hamper is a thrift store find.

Laundry room makeover
laundry room door
This door opens up into the house
laundry room door
This door opens up to the garage

Budget Break Down For A Small Laundry Room Makeover

You can make any room beautiful without breaking the bank. The best thing to do is when you put your plan together, and I always say this, work with your budget. Don’t just copy things on Pinterest and break the bank. Work with what you have. We wanted to change our washer and dryer so bad, and in the ideal world, I would have done it.

My mother wanted to give me a set as a present, and it was $3000. It’s a lot of money guys.  I figured that both the current washer and dryer work just fine, so what’s the fuss about. We focused more on the functional side of the room and added some cosmetics to make it look pretty as well.

Here is where we spent the money:

  • $140 – Wall Paper 4 rolls
  • $55 Wood for shelving
  • $50 – Wainscoting
  • Ceiling paint already on hand
  • Chandelier (present for, my mother)
  • $3.50 – Cabinet Paint
  • Sandpaper, paint brushes and rollers, painter’s tape already had on hand
  • $21 Cabinet Hardware (we purchased from Lowes)
  • $16 – Baskets (on sale)
  • $20 – Rugs (on sale)
  • $10 – Farmhouse style sign (on sale from Home Goods)
  • $2 Accessories (on the flower and garden pot and a yellow pineapple) rest was all that I already had on hand.

Total – $317.50 (Most f my items were on sale) 

I really love how it turned out! Although this room is just pass-through from the garage into the house, I admire walking through it.

laundry towel
Hunted around the whole house to find all kinds of blue!
Laundry Room makeover plan checklist
All done!

What Was Not Being Done In the Plan List & Why

We have not added the Mirror as I preferred to show more of the wallpaper.

Kept the same Washer and dryer and I talked above how I wanted to stay on a small budget.

Time Spent On This Makeover

6 weeks was the total time I spent on this project. If you work full time and have children, then don’t rush yourself. Just work slowly. The reason it took me a bit longer was that I was showing you all the steps for this makeover.  I did the tutorial on Paint, Wainscoting, and wallpaper. Now you have all the resources ready for you.

With some love, you can give your small laundry room a great makeover and turn it into a place where fluffing and folding is fun…The room makes me smile every time I pass by. A little effort went a really long way!


small laundry room makeover

Here Is The Resource List For You, To Make Your Laundry Room Pretty! Click On The Image To See Each Product!

Now tell me, have you ever re-done a laundry room either small or big? What do you think, is there anything better than having a completely finished room? (To me, there is none.)

36 thoughts on “How To Remodel Your Laundry Room Over The Weekend!”

      1. Carolyn:

        Such a warm and cozy laundry room!

        Nice feeling transitioning from house to garage.
        Even nicer when in reverse. Leaving the garage and the room welcoming you home! Good feelings! A warm embrace ❤️!

  1. It looks amazing! I can’t believe how little you spent on it! It looks like a completely different room. I love the sign on the door, too. You guys did a wonderful job!! You’re making me want to makeover a room so bad right now! ha! 😀

  2. I love it! And no – I have never re-done a room. My husband is very anti-DIY. Maybe because my family has told him how horribly wrong my projects go. Like spilling a gallon of paint on the carpet bad.

    But this lets me dream.

  3. Bushra, I love how you have completely turned your laundry room into an oasis. If mine looked like this, I would probably never leave. Everyone would have clean clothes all the time, and the hampers would be empty all the time. It is like a laundry spa! Beautiful 🙂

  4. How fun! I’m stealing your word – garage sailing (sailing through my neighbors’ treasures) 🙂 Love it.

    Back to my fence building (we work from the outside in around here) LOL

  5. Bushra, this is such an amazing transformation! How proud you and your hubby must be of all your hard work! The room is brighter and much more happy than what you had before. Doing laundry must be a much nicer experience now ?. And all this work for under $500?! Wow!

  6. Wow..what an incredible job with the laundry room and the blog post. It looks amazing. I love the white, open shelves and all the little details there. Love the swans. Even after I read they didn’t come as a pair I couldn’t tell. The yellow colour is also such a nice touch. Well done my friend!

  7. Wow, what a huge difference between the before and after. The room looks great! Really love the colors you picked. You guys did an amazing job of doing all of the work and keeping the budget low. I would love to have a laundry room that looks like that.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Please don’t forget to subscribe as I am going to start a series on “Design tips tricks” soon. Welcome to Bushra’s Lifestyle’s family!.

  8. I love it! Our laundry room is almost identical but with a shelf and hanging rack along your window wall so no room for pretty accessories. However, I’m eager now to take it from paint to beautiful. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

    1. Awe, Sharron you just made me cry..(tear of joys) I know, our was totally lack of storage, with one ugly and lonely shelf. Let me know if you need any design help please, as two heads always perform better than one..Welcome to the readership!

  9. I really love the swans – they totally match – amazing! I have re-done my laundry room into a Chinese laundry and love passing thru it daily. The one detail I missed is how you put the wallpaper on top of the washer and dryer – it really makes them look more like a pair. I have the same situation. Did you use plywood under the wallpaper or another method?

    1. Hi Sheila,
      First of all, Thank you so much, and welcome to the readership! I would love to see your laundry room as well! I wanted to change the washer and dryer but didn’t have the budget for it..overnight thinking gave me this idea. I did not use anything underneath, simply apply the peel and stick leftover wallpaper on top of the washer and dryer. However, I secured them using clear plastic paper from the dollar tree. I will post my questions and answer session below as I do have over 13 questions now and link the plastic wrap product for you all. Yes! I love those swans as well. I, in fact, bought almost three pairs and have them around the house.. talk about obsessions….lol

  10. It looks fabulous! You made it 100% more attractive. I just saw this and felt I still had to comment. You are so adventurous with the pattern but it does make a difference. AND I absolutely love the door hanger ! I’m still smiling.

    1. Thank You so much, Mrs. E, you just made my day! I was a bit nervous about the pattern as this a small room. Welcome to the readership! please, follow me along while I am fixing and redecorating my builder grades Craftsman style home!

      1. I Love the pattern, but I’d like a little less of it. It makes me dizzy just looking at the pictures. That being said, you certainly did a beautiful job. It’s a beautiful room now.

        1. Hi Sandy. Welcome back to the blog! Hahahah, it can be possible. The pictures are bit blurry though. My goal was to cover only one wall at first but, then I really liked it. When you are in the room, you don’t feel dizzy…lol I agree though, it could be overwhelmed by looking at it. I appreciate the feedback.

  11. Lots of wonderful ideas. Small space made beautiful. I’m terrible picking out wallpaper. But your choice was really great. That choice must have taken courage!

    1. Thank you Ann! Yes it was a bit harder to decide but then I thought just go bold.. I am very pleased though. This little room have become viral on many sites! Welcome to the readership! If you need any help with design let me know please.

  12. I am doing makeover on my small laundry room now. I painted first coat today. Light green with white trim. Hot water tank, build in shelving and W/D. So a lot to work around. My plan is to use contact paper on my floor and put poly over it. It has not been painted or anything for 30 years. We build as add on when I was pregnant. So it looks rough. You come in this door from carport straight into my den. I believe like yours. Everyone uses this door. I was eexcited to see your post. I had 2 shelves above W/D the length of them both. With things stored on them. When they were removed WOW it opened up the room. I will be putting 1 shelve back for my laundry items. But I at take your idea of just having small shelves on each side. I would add a large sign or something as focal point. Just this change will make it look bigger. Anyway enjoyed your post. Your area is beautiful and cheerful

    1. Thank you so much, Regina, Welcome to the readership. Your comment are so lovely. I would love to see your laundry room and if you will not mind I can share with our readers On my FB group and page both. Please stay connected by signing up for this blog. Good luck, I know it’s a lot of fo work but you will do it. One thing at a time. I am working on the girl’s room now.

  13. I’m so motivated to remake my laundry room! You are so thorough with your details and expenses! Thank you! I am not an Instagram user, but would like to follow you on Facebook. Wasn’t sure how to do that. Thanks!

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