How To Use Dollar Tree Fall Decor In Fall Crafts

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Cheap Dollar Tree Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Today’s post is about Dollar Tree Fall Decor Ideas. Can you believe that we are already getting ready for fall? Time moves very fast, so enjoy as many moments in life as you can with your family. My kids love to do fall crafts with me. I didn’t want to spend way too much money on crafting this year, so I put together a few Dollar Tree fall decor crafts for you to try!

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Halloween Pumpkin Vase With Dollar Tree Fall Decor

I saw this Halloween pumpkin lying around our home and thought, “What can I do with it?”. It was from last year when we bought the items for our kids from Dollar Tree. A few months ago I happened to bring the yellow tulips home so I decided to make a beautiful Halloween pumpkin vase for my fall decor. I needed the spray paint, and luckily I had that as well. So, pretty much for this decor, I didn’t buy anything as it was from last year. For me, it was a penniless craft.

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Here Are The Supplies You Need For a Halloween Pumpkin Vase

I started with spray painting the plastic pumpkin with glossy black spray paint since I wanted to use the Halloween colors for the pumpkin. It almost took an hour to get this thing completely dry. After that, I used brass spray paint to paint the face. Gold, or brass, always goes good with black.

The face paint my daughter did, and it was nice to involve that little girl with me. Her brother also wanted to do something, so I told him he could place the flowers inside of it. Go figure!

The tulips are cute. Since I promised my little boy to involve him with crafting, he placed these tulips inside of the Halloween pumpkin. It made him pretty happy!

I was so excited and happy how it turned out. I love both of the crafts.

Halloween Wreath With Dollar Tree Fall Decor

The next project I did for this fall is a pretty Halloween wreath, and most of my supplies are out of Dollar Tree fall decor stock. I did use a few things from Walmart since I couldn’t find them at DT. This Halloween wreath is beautiful and very cheap as well. Let me show you what I did. Shall we start?

Supply List For Halloween Wreath

You can buy your supplies from your local store, or order them on Amazon. It’s your choice.

Once you have all your supplies ready, start cutting your mini mums flowers and your yellow and green berry mix. Cut them from the roots. I only needed one of the berry mix plastic stems and one of the mini mums that you totally can buy from the Dollar Tree fall craft section.

After you are done cutting your stems, start placing them into the wreath. We didn’t need any glue for this part. I just inserted the flower stems inside of the Halloween wreath and secured them nicely.

The next step for this beautiful Halloween wreath was to place your yellow and pink roses nicely in the center. First, I placed the roses without the glue to get an idea of how I want my flower arrangements to look. Then, I went ahead and glued each flower to the wreath so they can be secured and not fall apart.

You can see I used an equal amount of yellow and pinkish roses. The wreath was not from Dollar Tree since they didn’t have that one.

To hang the wreath, I used a ribbon that I already had on hand. I inserted the ribbon on the back of the wreath using a hairpin. After that, I simply tied it, and there you have it.

Voila! Here is my pretty Halloween wreath. It looks so beautiful on my front door!

I am totally in love with it and going to dress my planters with the same kind of flowers.

DIY Kirkland Inspired Painted Fall Table Decor

This Dollar Tree Fall Decor is inspired by Kirkland fall collection. Similar to this painted pumpkin on a candle stand that I’m going to make, there was one on sale for $35. After thinking for a bit I found a cheaper solution for our fall table decor. It looks even better! It’s also a very easy craft. The thing is that these seasonal crafts should be easy to do as most of us working mothers don’t find that much time for crafting, yet we want to decorate our homes. I love to stick with my budget as well. You know me!

Let’s Give You The Supply List For This Fall Table Decor Craft.

dollar tree fall decor
This is what my supplies are. My pumkin is not from DT though. It was from Walmart.

Spray Paint the candle stand and plate, let it dry for an hour, and then flip the plate to spray paint the bottom. I liked to do that. However, if you don’t want it, you can skip this part.

Once your paint is dry, it’s now time to use super glue and stick the center of the plate over the candle stand. Let it sit for 20 minutes (I am sorry, I forgot to take a picture for you).

While your candle stand holder is getting dry, it’s now time get your pumpkin painted. I found the DT acrylic paint is really good to paint pumpkins with. So, my daughter, who is into painting and crafting, did a great job painting my pumpkin. I didn’t care for being perfect because I wanted that little girl to enjoy the craft with me.

There you go! it turned out to be a beautiful fall table decor. Place it anywhere in the home to bring fall colors or specifically use it for your fall table decor! All I spent was $8 on this craft.

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  1. These are all beautiful projects Bushra! I really love the wreath. I may need to use some of my dried hydrangeas and make one this style.

  2. Carol@BlueskyatHome

    Bushra, you’ve shown how awesome paint is to transform seasonal items, especially Dollar Tree ones. The wreath is very pretty and definitely speaks to fall.

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