Easter Place Cards – An Easy DIY

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Easter Place Cards To Spruce Up Your Table

Here is a quick Easter Place Cards DIY for you my friends to spark up your dining table and to have your family and guests feel very special.

This creative craft only takes five minutes or less and you can create 6 to 8 personalized cards for your guests. Let me show you the tutorial for this…

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Gather Your Supplies

ester place cards diy

An Easy Tutorial To Follow

#1- Break Your Large Eggs (Amazon) into two pieces and glue them together to give them the shape of s planter, or vase. If you would like to save it for the future as well, use E6000 (Amazon) as opposed to a glue gun as the glue doesn’t last long.

#2- Place styrofoam (Amazon) inside of the eggs. One long styrofoam will be enough to cover all six of them. You can see in the picture above.

#3- Place your small foam eggs. (Amazon) I used 3 in each planter egg. Use three sticks and make one 2″ shorter than the two others.

#4- The final step is to attach the chalkboard label onto the smaller stick and write your desired name, or initials, however you like it. There you have it! your cute Easter place cards to make your guests feel special.

easter place cards
It looks very cute.

Do your settings however you want to. I have placed them inside of the plate settings, and I also like putting them next to the place settings on the table. They are very presentable and you can create them in the fraction of the cost that you would spend in the store.

Easter place cards with chalkboard labels
They look gorgeous!

Here is a video tutorial for you as well where you can even see some more crafts.

Free Printable Place Cards

I also have created these free printable place cards for you. You can download the PDF here with no opt-in required. Enjoy your Easter with your family!

Here is one to buy if you don’t want to create your own or print them.

These come in a pack (Amazon) of 60. It’s really a good deal!

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