Easy DIY Centerpiece For Dining Table

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I used 4 of these empty bottles. They were so pretty that I didn’t like to get rid of them. For a while, they were just lying around in my kitchen.
On one of my grocery shopping trip, I brought that beautiful plant home. I buy the plant with all my heart and love but, you know? it’s so sad to say that I am known as a plant killer. I think I always over water them and finally kill them. I am so glad that pathos doesn’t mind water though. I cut 4 of these branches with leaves and place them in each bottle. BTW, I put tons of water in every bottle, gotta keep them alive …LOL
I had that candle holder on hand. I guess It’s a thrift find, I can’t remember exactly where I got it from, although I do remember telling myself that I might use it somewhere in my decor one day. I placed all 4 bottles right in there and it fits like “peas in a pod”. I was thinking to spray paint the holder but then I thought maybe some other day, for now, it’s pretty good and simple.
Here is the closer look. I was so proud and happy to see it. You know happiness doesn’t really come with big things. In my life, little things always make me happy.

I would love to hear what makes you happy in your day to day life?


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