Easy DIY Table Centerpiece Ideas

diy centerpiece

Cheap Centerpiece Ideas

Before we start the tutorial, let’s find out what is the definition of centerpiece? Well, the centerpiece is something very special which you place in the middle of something.

In this, I have put some cheap centerpiece ideas together for you to try and make your home beautiful on a budget.

Dining Table Centerpiece

This DIY centerpiece is made by the stuff lying around the house. You can easily recycle things and turn them into beautiful decor for your home.

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I used 4 of these grape juice empty bottles. They were so pretty that I didn’t like to get rid of them. For a while, they were just lying around in my kitchen.

On one of my grocery shopping trips, I brought that beautiful plant home. I buy the plants with all my heart and love but, you know? it’s so sad to say that I am known as a plant killer. I think I always over water them and finally kill them. Well, I am so glad that pathos doesn’t mind water though. I cut 4 of these branches with leaves and place them in each bottle. BTW, I put tons of water in every bottle, gotta keep them alive …LOL

cheap centerpiece ideas

I had that candle holder on hand. It’s a thrift find, I can’t remember exactly where I got it from, although I do remember telling myself that I might use it somewhere in my decor one day. I placed all 4 bottles right in there and it fits like “peas in a pod”. I was thinking to spray paint the holder but then I thought maybe some other day, for now, it’s pretty good and simple.


Here is the closer look. I was so proud and happy to see it. You know happiness doesn’t really come with big things. In my life, little things always make me happy.

Candle Holder Centerpiece

In This centerpiece I also used candle holder and recycled bottles. This one is for fall decor.

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