5 Amazing Eid Decoration Ideas You Need For This Eid

eid decoration ideas

5 Awesome Eid Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Eid al Fitr is just around the corner, and Muslims around the world are refreshing, cleaning, and decorating their homes. Sometimes picking up Eid decorations can be difficult because there is not a lot of availability here in America. Hence, this list of Eid Decoration Ideas will help you to add some spark to your home with Eid’s Joy!!!

On this Eid al Fitr, our first priority should be praying for the whole of humanity as this is a tough time for everyone. May Allah (God) accept our prayers and forgive us. This is the time that everyone is learning about something, and our family has learned that human connection is more important than anything on earth! May things get better soon, Amen!

Growing up in Pakistan, Eid was always fun. I remember going to our grandma’s house on Eid Day. My mother was always eager to decorate the house and she was starting in the middle of Ramdhan and was barely able to finish by the Chand Raat (Eid Eve’s). Every year she added something new to the Eid decor and made it unique. Whenever we had family over she received way too many compliments for being super creative!

Now, let’s take a look at the these awesome Eid decorating ideas I have for you!

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1- Mini Star Lantern With Flickering

Eid decoration can’t be completed without lights, candles, and lanterns to hang around the house. These are amazing to put in the steps of your stairs or on a console table. Whatever you choose that works for you.

2-Twinkle Star Led Moon Curtain String Lights

Crescents and stars are a big part of any Eid decoration in the Middle East or South-Eastern countries such as India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. Here are stunning and glowing long lights for you to hang on your ceiling!

You can use them either for indoor or even outdoor decor if the weather allows you. If you like, it can also be used around the stairs, as they are battery operated.

3- Eid Mubarak Decoration Ideas!

Eid Mubarak 11 Piece Set: This adorable set comes with a banner and paper fans. It will look beautiful on your fireplace or mantel!

4- Gorgeous Pillow Covers

Place them on your couch just to a touch of the holiday to the house. They are very inexpensive.

5- Ramadan and Eid Party Sequin Balloons!

Every party needs balloons, right? So does an Eid party. On Eid al Fitr, people arrange parties for all three full days, as the celebration lasts that long, so adding these festive balloons will add some shine to your house!

I hope you have a great Eid al Fitr with your families and please, stay safe! For my non-Muslim friends, if you are curious about Eid, you can read about it here! I post about all the seasons and holidays on my blog as I have friends and readers from all different faiths!

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!

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