5 Awesome End Tables With Storage For Small Spaces

end tables with storage

Stylish, Yet Functional End Tables With Storage, To End Clutter!

Decluttering is a big task to deal with for every family, especially for moms. However, if you make any purchase by keeping function with style, you would never run out of space and also end half the clutter right there. I have put together these five stylish, yet functional end tables with storage to solve your clutter dilemma!

Once you learn to add functionality with style you will end half the clutter right there!

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Decorative Wire Basket End Tables With Storage

These elegant wire basket end tables are not only pretty but also help to add tons of storage. They come with a gorgeous, rustic farmhouse style look. They are also very affordable.

You can use them for your formal or informal living room to add storage. I would use them for my kid’s toys, or decorative pillows. There are so many uses for them!

Beauty with functionality!

Side Tables With Drawers For Your Bedroom

The best way to add storage in your bedroom is to use your nightstand, or side tables, with drawers. It helps you to stay organized and eliminates a tiny clutter here and there in the bedroom. There are so many things, as a couple, that you need easy access, such as your chargers for different gadgets, or hair clips. They are also good to house your night creams or lotions, medicines, vitamins, or jewelry.

Organize your ins and ods in hidden storage to give your bedroom a clean look!

Very Elegant Mid Century Modern Style

Narrow End Table Set For A Tiny Studio Appartment

We spent almost 6 months of our early married life in a tiny studio apartment, although it was big enough for us. The only problem was that my husband was working from home. Using the same room as a home office, dining, living, and as a bedroom was a bit tricky. On the contrary, if you organize your space smartly it lets you use the area for multiple purposes.

We used a few decorative dividers to separate our space in zones. A folding sofa was also a smart buy to use it as a bed at night. This narrow end table set was very handy. It served multi-purposes, as in the morning they were used as accent tables with our couch and at night they were our nightstands.

They were perfect for our tiny studio apartment

Chair Side Table To Store All Your Magzines

This sleek chair side table is a perfect solution for those skinny magazines lying around in the living room or bedroom. I always read either interior design or ultrasound magazines. I am sure you like to read something at night or whenever time allows you as well. Having this little side table next to a chair would solve the clutter made by those pretty magazines.

It’s also really handy for your home office or even in the bathroom.

Store your mags neatly

Farmhouse End Table Set To Add Charm In Your Cottage

This farmhouse end table set is one of my favorites. It looks both antique and rustic. I am telling you guys, end tables with storage are the way to go for your small space, but you don’t want to just buy any table. Look for style and budget-friendly options! Breaking the bank is not a good idea.

On this blog, my goal is to provide you thoughtful and budget-friendly ideas so you can live comfortably in your dream home just like I live!

Storage Solution With Elegancy!

How High Should A Side Table Be Next To A Chair?

In my personal experience, the end table should be a couple of inches shorter or equal to your chair or sofa’s height. If your sofa is 24 inches tall, you should have an end table about 22 or 24 inches tall. Don’t buy taller than your chair, it won’t be comfortable or look good.

The same goes for your bedroom. The height of your nightstands should not exceed the height of your bed, you should be able to grab a glass of water easily at night during your sleep.

I am positive that one of these accent table sets can match both your style and budget easily! Happy decluttering!!

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end tables with storage for small sapces

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