Family Favorites Recipe Roundup’s Participants, Please Claim Your Recipe!

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22 Awesome Recipies From Our “Family Favorites Recipe Roundup’s Participants” Bloggers. We needed 15 recipes but we ended up 22 with participation. 

This is a list of some of blogland’s favorite family dinners. You will find a wide variety of fun dishes you can try for yourself in these listings. There is something to satisfy every taste.

Let’s start with my favorite recipe ” Chicken Curry” made by my mother.

chicken curry made by my mother. .jpg

Here you go with the Recipe: 

You can chicken in pounds ( 2lb ). There is packet available with all these spices included. Use that. My mother just likes to make everything from scratch.


1- Heat oil in a pan then add cinnamon sticks, cloves, and garlic.

2- Add onion and fry until their color turned light brown. Stir occasionally.

3- Mix all the spices in a cup and add 3 TBS of water to make a past.

4- Add the paste to the pan, stir fry till oil gets separated.

5- Add chicken pieces and cook in the spices for five minutes to seal the chicken.

6- Add 2 cups of water and salt to taste.

7- Cook for another 20 minutes and there you have it a yummy Pakistani dish ready.

These are the recipes from Our 22 Awesome Participants!!! 


We sincerely hope you enjoy making some of these recipes. The recipe rut is officially over! Let us know if we should do that again?

Dear Participants, feel free to Reblog this post on your blog so we all can be supportive towards each other!!!


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Sarah and I are very thankful to all of our 22 participants. Now it’s time to pin this and reblog it.


  1. Wow thats so great???. First of all, I thank you for selecting me and gave this opportunity to me. You are really doing a great job through your blog dear. Hats off to a good idea

          1. Yup, I regularly check your blog and read your post my dear.. The interview of Dominique Nancy,The French scientist and a journalist from Canada right?

    1. We are so glad you could participate! Your recipes look like fun and I like adding something new to my menu 🙂 The sponge cake looks like it would go well with ice cream!

  2. Ooo we are so going to make that Pakistani Curry next week!! It looks so good, I can’t wait!!
    I’m gonna bookmark this page so I can look through the recipes next time I go shopping. This was such a fun & helpful post, Bushra!! Thank you for putting it together & sharing it with us. ♡

  3. Thank you Bushra & Sarah for putting this together! How fun & all these recipes look delicious. I can’t wait to try them! I’m moving my blog this week so I’ll repost on the new site and get the address to you as soon as it’s up. I did share on my personal and business FB pages yesterday. 😉 Thanks again ladies! ❤️

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