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Meet Pedro Luis!
Today you get to meet a wonderful world traveler, writer, journalist, photographer, and a great blogger. Pedro from Worldwide Pedrol is an amazing person and you would learn a whole lot form his interview. Once you are done with his interview go check out his amazing work and breathtaking photography. I am linking his site below.
Let’s jump right into it.

1- Tell us a bit about you?
My name is Pedro Luís, I´m 37 years old and I was born and grew up in Lisbon, Portugal. I studied ‘Communication’, worked for some years as a journalist – my dream job! – but after some time I started to feel bored, extremely bored, and with the need for new challenges. Some research is done and I found the European Voluntary Service, which took me to volunteer a few months in a youth center in Skopje, Macedonia, in the beautiful zone of the Balkans. After this experience, I came back to

Lisbon and found a job in a hostel, where I worked for the next 4 years. After saving some money, and with my French girlfriend at the time, I went to Riga, Latvia, where I stayed 10 months, and, once again, took the chance to discover all the cities and countries around. This experience took me then to Nice, in the south of France, for another year, where I discovered all the Cote d’Azur and worked in another hotel, which helped to save money to travel for a few months in Asia. After this, I came back to Lisbon one year ago and, at the moment, I´m working in another hotel.

2- How did you come up with your travel blog?
Through the time I had many blogs… for some time I had one dedicated to Literature (I write poetry and have published two books), then I got bored and started other dedicated to photography, then another to my travels. One day I realized I should stop create different blogs and concentrate in one that could aggregate these different topics, together with my Journalistic portfolio and some other stuff that interests me. That´s when I started World Wide Pedro, it has a lot about my travels but also some quotes I find in books and newspapers – in fact, my days are spent with readings… I´m very curious and I love to write and the mix of books, local authors and my travels excites me and motivates me to create some articles on my blog.

great wall of china
Great wall of China

3- What kind of traveler are you?
As I wrote before, I´m a very curious person and I love to find the real culture of a place. In fact, I don´t travel (for example) to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, I don´t care about it and I believe it doesn´t contribute anything to my blog because everyone knows this icon and I´ll be just losing a post… what motivates me to travel is to see what is new, what is real, what is different from my reality. Sometimes I´m lucky and I find interesting spots, some other times I realize I should have done more research, which proves that, besides curious, I´m also a bit lazy aha

4- You are also a freelance writer, who do you write for?
For some time I wrote for magazines and newspapers but, as you may imagine, in such a small country like Portugal, it´s impossible to live with it. At the moment, I write for myself, I write my short stories and haikus. In fact, what I like is to feel motivated to write and to travel help me a lot.

5- Do you monetize your blog?
No. I receive a lot of emails with proposals. I answered some to understand how it could work and I realized it wasn’t worthy to get a few money and deviate/ lose my readers. In fact, I don´t like to visit blogs with so much advertising and clicks and push buttons so I prefer to have a clean and more friendly site. On the other hand, I wouldn´t say no to some collaborations with hotels or tourism boards and this is something I am starting to work on and, hopefully, next year, have some results.

6- Your pictures are beyond amazing, did you learn professional photography?
Thank you so much, Bushra! I didn´t learn about professional photography, in fact, my learning came from following other photographers and see a lot of photography. I know I’ve improved a lot but there´s still a long way to be even better. Also, I edit the photos and use some filters, which help me to clean and improve the photos.

cies spain
Enjoying Spain!

7- What kind of camera do you suggest a blogger supposed to have for his/her professional blog pictures?
I don´t have any money to invest in cameras. To be honest, I prefer to invest in a trip. I used to have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W830 but I don´t use it anymore because nowadays (for what I do) it is much easy and practical to have a good smartphone. So, at the moment, I have a Huawei PT20 Lite, it has two Leika cameras and I also use this app called Foodie to edit and improve the photos. When I travel I also take an iPhone 6, which I used to use and I think it takes good-enough photos.

8- I saw you yourself is a great interviewer, what suggestion would you give me regarding interviewing people?
Read a lot, not only about the subject but also past interviews of the interviewed. Be curious and try to know the most about the subject. Try to think about interesting questions and avoid the same-old basic ones. Even if I know that this is easy to write but not so easy to put in practice, think that a reader will be much more interested in reading your future interviews and/or reports if there´s something new that he/she can learn from it. Just like no one likes to see 300 different photos of the Eiffel Tower, in my opinion, no one also likes to waste time reading the same questions and answers.

9- What are a few golden tips for other travel bloggers would you give, who want to travel and work around the world?
Be curious but use common sense, be respectful, patient and open to the other cultures, do never think that you have the reason about any subject, try to listen to the others and understand their point of view. Oh, and of course, smile and transmit good vibes.
Nowadays it is easy to travel and find a place where you´d love to stay for some more time. Ask if you can volunteer there, a few platforms like work away and woof are the open door to a lot of volunteering projects all around the world.
montevideo uruguay10- What is your favourite memory you have had over the period of 30 years while traveling?
That´s a hard question aha I have so many memories and certainly, I´ve forgotten some others. From the Balkans, I remember the friendly people, the great food and the long distance bus rides, sometimes with long stops in the cold of the night to show the passport in the borders. I remember the sweet memory of arriving in Yerevan, in Armenia, after a 12 hours night journey I made with a family from Kazakhstan… or even in the middle of China when I met an English teacher that was so happy to meet me that wanted me to marry her daughter ahahah

11- What are your thoughts on networking, as a new blogger I found you very supportive of your blogger’s community?
I will tell you a secret: I spend much more time on networking than actually on my posts. I believe it answers your question, in my opinion, networking is the most important thing if you want to have a successful blog. By success, I mean readers and followers and views. For me, this is important because I feel it may open a lot of doors. Also, I like to know who are my readers and what are their blogs, what do they write about and what interests them in my blog. In my opinion, it may help you sometimes to decide what kind of photo to post or article to write.

kiev ukraine
12- What one piece of advice would you like to give to new/seasoned bloggers in order to be successful?
To counter my last answer (lol), I totally believe a blogger should write about what he/she likes. In the last years, I realize I dedicate a lot of time to my blog if it was to do something that I actually don´t like I would never be so consistent and it would be another dead blog. Try to have the most fun on it because this challenge can be, in fact, very beneficial for yourself – and I´m not even saying financially, but like socially and related to your own development, as to blog is a bit like to swim, you develop a lot of different skills: you write, you take photos, you edit videos, you manage social media. But be aware, it takes a lot of work and compromise, makes sure you are ready to accept it.



Here is the link to Pedro’s wonderful site!

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  1. Thanks for the interview! I love it when people write about destinations from their perspective and his style seems right up my ally. I like learning about a culture through the back door instead of concentrating on visiting the big tourist sites. We once rented a house in Rome to stay as a family. We shopped at local grocery stores and participated in local life, eating at tiny hole-in-the wall restaurants and traveling the way locals would. It is often cheaper doing it this way than staying in a touristy hotel. It is fun to see the humanity in the people of your travel destination.

  2. dear Bushra, thank you so much for this opportunity to share my blog with your amazing readers 🙂 and now I can read their comments ahah best best best regards 🙂 PedroL

  3. Wonderful interview again Bushra! I love discovering others through your blog! And fun fact: I’ve been to that exact location in Uruguay with the Montevideo sign!

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  5. Thanks for the interview and thanks that it wasn’t in Portuguese! I have followed him for a couple of years and love all the pictures he posts of street art around the world. It has made me pay more attention to street art here.

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    1. Thank you so much dear sister. My 6 years old daughter was sick for last two weeks and her doctor was saying she is okay don’t worry. When I pushed little more and took her agian. She got pneumonia so bad. Please pray for her. I am not doing much on the blog but will be back in a week to be more active and please keep us in your prayer. Thank you so much for mentioning me and I happily accept this award. Talk to you later.

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