How To Make Happy Easter Bunny Sign?

Happy Easter Bunny DIY sign

Happy Easter Bunny DIY Hanging Sign

Easter is around the corner and I hope each one of you celebrates it the way you always do. Here is a little craft for my readers, a beautiful Happy Easter Bunny large DIY sign. It is very easy to create and for literally under $10 (if you buy the items from Dollar Tree), you can make your entryway or fireplace look pretty with this expensive-looking decor.

Supplies For Happy Easter Bunny Sign

Let’s start with the easiest tutorial in the craft world. Here is the supply list for it. Note that I am posting prices from Amazon as Dollar Tree is not offering online shopping currently. Either way, stay at home as much as possible, friends.

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That’ is the supply we bought as we already had the paint at home.


The tutorial is very easy and kids can do that as well. Kids enjoy doing Easter Crafts anyways. Below are the easy steps to follow.

Step One:

Start with painting the wooden signs or scrap wood. We painted on the back sides of the signs we bought using acrylic paint that my daughter, Zahra, already had on hand. Let the paint dry for almost half an hour.

Don’t worry about perfection. Just paint it from top to bottom with the grain but leaving streaks are totally fine as we want to show a farmhouse look.

Step Two:

After the paint is dried, Cut your bunnies separately from the garland and place them in the center of the sign using a glue gun (Amazon) one of the best glue guns. We just eyeballed it and placed it pretty much in the center. You can also use a ruler to measure the center if wanted. You need to show bunnies’ butt though….the fun part for the kids in this easter craft.

Step Three:

Now, start writing Happy Easter using your alphabet sheet. Since there are 6 signs and the word “happy” contains only five letters, use the exclamation point at the end of “happy”. Place “Easter” on the bottom and there you have it.

Happy Easter Bunny

Hang it using small nails or thumb tacks in your entryway or above the fireplace or even in the dining room. We just put it in our bedroom and matched some more decor to incorporate with this cute, Happy Easter Bunny Sign. Just place it anywhere around the home. It’s all good.

Happy Easter Bunny Sign
Here is how it turned out to be

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Here is a closer look at how I decorated it.

Happy Easter Crafts

I have had these planters for a while now. Here is a similar planter (Amazon).

What kinds of crats have you done with your kids for this Easter?

Have a Happy Easter, friends! Stay safe and stay blessed!!!

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