How To Score Cheap Head Scarves

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I love headscarves and in my closet, I have tons of them. I purchase them from all over, from Messy’s, Charming Charlie, Boston Store, Kohl’s, Amazon, Pakistan to even garage sales. Wherever I see the nicest one, doesn’t take me a moment to put it in my shopping cart.

Another day I was garage selling and someone was getting rid of tons of new with tags scarves. I grabbed them all. when I came home I checked the price tags, each scarf was at least over $30, and guess what I paid guys? Only $8 for all 8 of them. That’s called “Smart Shopping”.

Here are some of my very favorites ones!


It’s from Charming Charlie and can go with several of my outfits. This one is more kind of fancy type scarf. In the picture, I wore this with one of my Calvin Klein’s long maxi dresses.


That is the dress I wore for the above-mentioned scarf. I have such a lovely friend who is a Somali woman and I was invited by her to her sister’s wedding. It was my first Somali wedding to attend, but, I must say; It was such a fun function to attend.


Black is one of my very favorite colors because it makes my hubby really happy. Black is his most favorite color or I should say one and only favorite color for him. When we met for the first time in person, I was wearing black as well. Hmm, no surprises there… Right! I stole one of my daughter’s red flowers to use with it and I think it adds a little more charm to put on.


I mostly use this scarf with several different outfits. Red is one of my favorite colors.

black and red flower

Here is another red and black combination and I love this dress. It is such a perfect summer dress. Normally, I buy dresses first and then my mother makes all my matching trousers for me. She is a great seamstress.


This colorful summery scarf one of my dear friends gave me as a gift. It’s Calvin Klein (one of my favorite brands). I love branded clothing and it’s not just for the name but also for the better quality. Although I don’t like to pay full price, I like to use coupons, store card discounts, etc. I think the scarf goes well with my whole outfit.


Here is another one I adore and love to put on. You know sometimes you like some certain dresses, scarves or certain attire out of all your clothing. The glasses are Maui Jim, and, I can’t tell you how soothing those sunglasses are. The best sunglasses I have ever worn. You can see so well out of them with much better color enhancement. I honestly highly recommend them. Especially if you wear prescription sunglasses. The one I am wearing, they are with anti-reflection coding and are Plano lenses since I didn’t need the prescription.

Hope it gave you some ideas for how to put your headscarves. If you have ideas or some of your favorite places you shop for your scarves. Please share with me. As we all learn from each other.


11 thoughts on “How To Score Cheap Head Scarves”

  1. Hello,
    I have checkout your blog and it is amazing. I love your DIY probject, turning things people didn’t want anymore into jewels that fit your home perfectly. I am excited more of your post.

  2. These scarves are so beautiful, and you look lovely in all of them! I love the meaning behind each one. The black is especially striking!

  3. Awesome finds, and for only 8$! You are amazing to get such a great deal! I really like the black one with the white dots/sparkles paired with the red purse, red shoes, and black, pink, and red flowered tunic….very chic!

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