Welcome to my site. I’m so excited to have you here! I am a lifestyle blogger who loves all things pretty in life or at least likes to think that everything has a beauty in it. We just have to discover those eyes.
Although I don’t have any professional training, I have been into interior decorating since childhood. When I was a little girl, I was constantly changing my room with my mom’s help. I used to watch TV shows related to home decor and was constantly getting inspired. I am also really good at finance management. When I moved to the States, my husband was in a messy situation with tons of debt and with a low credit score of 320. I took charge of our budget and helped my husband to manage everything. His credit score went from 320-830 within no time.
This is the platform where I save all my memories of affordable ideas, travel, kids, DIY, household, beauty, decorating, fashion, finance, overall life experiences, and share them with like-minded people. I personally believe that people are universal in their thinking.
Being a bi-cultural woman, it is very beneficial and easy to know people and come to recognize that we all think universally in one way or the other.
I love to help others by inspiring them with my ideas, whether it’s a simple household or complicated financial task.
Fortunately, as a lifestyle blogger, I have a liberty to write about anything that pertains to life, as the word lifestyle frees me to be limited to a specific niche, and I love that liberty and use it for things I want to share with you all.
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