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A couple of newer bloggers just asked me after reading my post “The Sunshine Blogger Award”, how to add the external link in the post? I answered them via email but thought I should just do a post about it. It’s pretty easy and simple but you know, we all are learning so it’s okay to ask each other.
Here are the simple steps;
* To add any external or your own previous blog link in your posts or pages, you need to highlight the content you are going to attach on to a link. As you can see, I have highlighted “Amazon” in my picture below. Then click on the “link” button up in the top bar or visual editor. (I put a red arrow above it to show you)
link 3
Once you click on that paper clip-looking link button, you would see another window would open up.

link post 2
This is the window opens.

* Add whatever link you want to insert under the URL bar such as we are adding Amazon for our test post.
I copied that link from Amazon’s site and pasted it here. But from your own blog you can see links under the ” Link To existing content” In the same window. Simply click whatever you want.

* Did you notice under the “Link text” Amazon is there because we highlighted the Amazon before we clicked on the link button?
* Then I like to check the box for “Open link in a new window/tab. I just like that way but it’s optional and your choice. It’s recommended though.
Finally, click on add link on the bottom. You are all done!
link 5
Here you go. Now when someone would click on Amazon, they would actually be directed to Amazon’s site. Tadah!

Let’s recap in simple steps.
1- Start your new post or your existing post.
2- Highlight the content
3- Click on the link button above
4- Add the external link or existing link from your blog by clicking next to them.
5- Optional… check the button for “open link in a new window”.
6- Add link
7- Tadha again. There you have it.
BTW, here you go with the link if you would like to check out my post about “How to add a Pinterest hover-over button on your images”.
Let me know what you guys think if it was worth the effort. You know, it’s already worth the effort because my blogger friends who asked me about that already have added the link into their posts. 




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