How To Add Pages To A WordPress Theme

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The answer to a question:

Today’s post is a little tech savvy post and guess what guys? I am not a tech savvy person at all. I am in wordpress learning group and someone asked the above question in the group. The answer everyone was posting ” install the plugin.


With wordpress free plan you can’t install plugins. That feature is available only with the business plan and not everybody is needed the business plan. I myself, in the beginning, was struggling with the same question and when I googled it, all I come up with plugins installation. I am only using free wordpress theme so it was not possible for me.

Ask A Friend:

Then I finally asked one of my friends. Driftyness, she is a very tech, savvy girl. I didn’t think of writing a post about it until I saw the same question someone else posted. I thought it’s a great way to put information together.

Steps to add a page:
Go to your settings under “my site”


Click on customize from this menu

Then click on Menus
Once you click on menus
Then it will appear like this
Now click on the primary menu
Click on add items

Now add as many pas pages you want. you see an empty bar where it says “add new page”. Give your page a name you want and click on ” Add Next to it. Once you add it then you can reposition it.

Add posts under the new page:

Once you created the page then click on posts below the “ADD” button. Select your post and reposition it by moving with your mouse. Now you are good to go. You can also reorder it if you want. You can see the ” reorder sign next to the ” Add Items”.

I hope it would help whoever needs it. Don’t ever hesitate to ask a friend. We all have to learn from somewhere

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Thank you so much for all the “Birthday Wishes Friends”. I truly had fun with my children, hubby, and my mother! My husband didn’t even let me peak on my blog…He said, spend time with us. It was a nice break though but I missed you all! 


    1. You don’t need it. You are already a pro… I saw this question a few of the people asked in a group and all the answers were with plugins. I knew I struggled with the same question a while back. I thought why not put it together. You just kind…Stay blessed.

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