How To Add Pinterest Button on your WordPress Site/Blog

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This post is particularly for those bloggers who have a free wordpress plan. I struggled on the internet to find instructions but everything was coming up with paid plans. Once I figured out,  I thought I should put these instructions together for people just like me.
Just follow these easy steps and add your button for others to save your pins. You can add any social media button with these easy steps. 
I myself use “Button 2”. I personally liked this theme it’s very easy to use and very simple and elegant.  
1- Sign in your wordpress blog
2- Click on “My site” on the top left corner right underneath of your blog/site web address.
3- under the “Configure” tool menu click on “Sharing” see blow in the picture.
4-Click on Sharing button on the top, next to Connections. Under this category, you can add or remove whatever social media button you want. You can also reorder them according to your personal choice 
5- Pinterest button comes under more. You won’t see it in the bar menu but once you add it. It will show up on the corner of your pictures and your reader will be easily able to save your pin. 
6- Click on edit sharing buttons  It will show you all the sharing buttons and will ask you “click the buttons you would like to add or remove.
7- Click on Reorder button and rearrange your buttons according to your personal preferences.
Note, there are five “visible buttons. Reddit, Press this, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.16
Rest, every other button will be saved under “More”.
8- You can select how you want to show your buttons under Button style.
9- Once you have done with your sharing button editing you can move on to Edit more buttons and that’s where you are going to Have your “Pinterest button” click to add. Reorder however you want it.
10 Click on save changes.
11- On the same page under the Options right below the save changes you can pick whatever options and however you want those buttons to be shown on your pages.
12- You can also link your twitter account on this page as well.
See, now when someone will hover over the picture it would show them Pinterest button
Voila,  you have that button added to your blog with no time. I am not a computer savvy but living with a husband who is a computer engineer for the last 13 years gave me some sort of sense.
Enjoy and leave a comment below after you add that button to your blog. Don’t forget to download a quick cheat sheet I made below. 
Quick Reference Menu
Happy Thursday,


  1. Nice article. I also created my second blog on WordPress yesterday and try to learn how to customize it and here your post comes in front of my eyes… Thanks for sharing.

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