How To Blend an Eyesore With Your Decors

blend eyesore with your decor

You know in those 1970 home in one of the wall you would always see an ugly doorbell and an awfully ugly thermostat. In our old home, it was the same case in one of the hallways.

Every time I passed by, I hated it and finally, I came to the solution. I thought why not I should share it with you all. (all of you who live in 1970s Ranch style homes, you exactly know what I am talking about). OK, here we go.

Let’s start with the doorbell. I forgot to take the before picture as I was not planning to share or put it on the blog etc. It was an ugly yellowish wheatish color. Like, so faded nor white neither yellow. I decided to spray paint it. I used the copper color in Rustoleum spray paint.
I found the painted picture online just to show you. I couldn’t even use the whole bottle. It is really a good paint. I had to spray it in the yard though. If you like to use this paint outside, make sure you put some cardboard under your object to save your yard or grass, whichever surface you choose to work on. I seriously ruined our driveway in the beginning, when, I was learning to paint things around the house.  It took me forever to clean that driveway. So, don’t make the same mistake I made.
The thermostat was on the same wall but way below the doorbell, so I painted this one as well.
You can see the before picture. Pretty ugly… right? Told ya… those old homes have some good but a lot of ugly stuff on those walls.
After I spray painted it. My husband connected those two with small pipes to give a kind of steam-punkish look. As we both are so much into steam punkish style… It started to look alike a one piece with those pipes as opposed to two boxes on the wall.
There you go with the end result. I hung those frames around and positioned them accordingly. I think it turned out looking much better… Don’t you agree?

Do you have any eyesore like similar to mine in your house, if yes, how did you handle that?


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  1. Hi Bushra! This is AMAZING! I don’t think I would have thought of such a creative way to blend an existing piece of an older home into your decor so seamlessly. I love the result!

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