How to Create Cheap Dollar Tree Fall Door Decor

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Front Fall Door Decor Ideas Using Dollar Tree Items

I don’t know about you, but fall is the most favorite time of the year for me. I somehow get extra energy in the fall season, and our fall door decor is the result of me being extra productive. I have used the DT items in a very unique way this time for our fall door decor and I am positive you are gonna love it, just like I do!

Let me share this easy peasy lemon squeezy tutorial with you! Shall we start?!

Fall Door Decor DIY Tutorial!

You can see our front door in the image below. It was completely ignored as I was very busy since March with our kids and their school, plus my full-time job. I was not coming home through the front door. Instead, I parked directly in the garage so it was even more ignored for that reason. I kept telling myself that I would get to it one of these days. You know those fall promises we moms make to ourselves when we have other priorities. However, I had a few days off and I was sitting on the porch when I looked at my door, and “disgusting” was the first word to come to my mind.

You can see that I was right about the “disgusting” statement.
Here is how it looks now ,and yes, these are fake planters. See the tutorial below.
Here is my fake fall porch planter. Besides the planter, all the items are from Dollar Tree!

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Supply List For The Fall Planter Filling

Step One: Putting Wreath Together

Place the small foam wreaths over the medium wire wreaths unsing the glue gun and the ribbon.

Step Two: Placing Flowers

Now start placing your flowers inside and outside of the wreath using a glue gun. I used the yellow and orangish tone flowers for that plus some white cream color flowers.

Step Three Work On The Large Wreath

Once you are done with the small wreath it’s time to get your large wreaths ready by using cream-colored flowers and secure them with a glue gun.

Step Four Place Them On The Planters For The Fall Door Decor!

Once your wreaths are ready, place your large wreath first on the planters and then your medium and smaller wreath. You can see below in the picture that they look beautiful and my front door now looks beautifully decorated! It’s an easy, cheap fall door decor to create within no time.

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