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how to decorate your living room

Why We Picked An Eclectic Living Room Decor Style

We are decorating our new living room, and since my husband and I have very different décor styles the best way to put our styles together is to go with eclectic living room décor. He likes more industrial and black accents, and on the other hand, I like more colors and a traditional look with a mix of modern.

What Does Eclectic Mean?

Well, let’s learn what eclectic means first. Eclectic means driving ideas from a broad range of sources. With that being said, the eclectic style makes total sense for people like us who want to incorporate different styles to create one cohesive look. So, now you know that our eclectic living room decor is going to be a mixture of a couple of decor styles, including a mix of various textures and colors put together cohesively.

In my personal opinion, pick two or three styles to work with in order to get a cohesive look!

A Design Board To Go With Our Eclectic Living Room Décor

Here is how our living room looked before. It is very basic and boring but with a very comfortable couch. When I bought this couch for our old home we didn’t have a lot of money at that time, and we were in debt so I shopped on Craigslist. I wanted to have something comfortable and traditional, and 10 years ago these couches were in fashion.

traditional living room decor
Before is boring and basic

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Now for the family room, we have chosen to go with a leather power recliner couch set (it’s more my husband’s choice). I like the color and he likes the style plus comfort. If it would have been for me, I would have picked more of a sleek couch and two chairs. However, he said that I could style the formal living room and to let him pick the furniture for the family room.

So, here are a few of the design boards I made to visualize things, but first let me show you the exact couch set we bought. As we all know, leather never goes out of style. The set looks bulky but it is more modern than the traditional style

neutral décor with gray couch
I snapped this picture at the furniture store

In case we use curtains instead of shiplaps!

The one below is without the curtains.

eclectic living room
Behind the couch we are going with vertical ship lap in light gray. I’ve had an eye on this rug from a long time. It’s from the “Loloi Collection” brand.

Design boards sources: Rug, round table, yellow throw pillows, yellow throw blanket, artificial plant, planter basket, similar leather couch

In our home, the white or light color rugs are hard to use because of my little ones, and I have learned this with experience. As you can see we currently have a light area rug. I like the pop of yellow and pillows are a great way to add extra color to brighten up the place.

modern style with a mix of yellow
This is with dark blue rug but somehow blue is not catching my eyes.

What design board do you like?

This week we are picking the paint and shiplap and the goal is to finish it this month. I work and then I have kids’ school so it’s a bit hard to manage. However, we will do it over the weekend and during my days off as well.

What To Consider For An Eclectic Living Room Decor

If you are going to decorate your living room, bedroom or any room in the house with an eclectic décor style, keep these five things in mind.

No Fixed Rule, But Don’t Include More Than 3 Styles

There are no set rules for how many styles you can mix and match. You can include as many styles you want, but in my personal opinion keeping yourself to 3 or fewer will keep you from overwhelming yourself and losing the focus of the design. Otherwise, it becomes too messy and if you are a busy mom so you know how hard it can be to keep it clean.

We are incorporating modern with minimalist and I am throwing in a touch of traditional there as well.

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Mix and Match Textures And Different Accents

Mixing and matching different textures, colors, and different accents are the best part of the eclectic style. You are bound and limited, yet really free to pick and choose. Bringing different furniture styles together to create an eye-pleasing eclectic living room style is the most enjoyable part of the whole décor game. Pull your wicker chair adjacent to your Victorian style couch and I promise it’s not going to look weird.

modern style
Mix and match pillows

Pick Your Focal Point In Your Eclectic Living Room

It doesn’t matter what your style is. The focal point is an important element to include. Pick your focal point. It can be your focal wall, your colorful piece of furniture, your fireplace, or even your rug. Once you pick your focal point it makes it easy to choose and match accents with it.

Most of the time people make their gallery wall as a focal point of the whole room with different types of frames.

Bring Versatility With Cohesiveness

Use versatile patterns and textures, but make sure that you use similar tones and colors to make them look cohesive! The eclectic style will only look gorgeous if you give it a cohesive look. Otherwise, it can look messy.

Play With Colors To Jazz Up Your Eclectic Style

Don’t be afraid to use two or three bold colors in your style. It can be very daunting to mix a lot of colors but if you are confident and pilling the right palates of colors, then get ready to see thriving results. Add your own personality into your room as eclectic styles let your personality shine the most in your decor.

The best part of eclectic style decor is that you don’t get bored of it easily as you can swap a few pieces here and there to freshen it up all over again.

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