How To Make A Cheap DIY Spice Rack With Recycled Jars

diy spice rack

How To Make A Free DIY Spice Rack

DIY Spice Rack for your kitchen sounds like a mouthful, right? Friends, this do-it-yourself spice rack is going to be the easiest project, and will only take 15 minutes of your time.

The good part is that this spice rack is almost free, or very cheap if you don’t have a few things on hand that I used for this project. Get a bit creative and store all your spices in one place.

I am from Pakistan, and us Pakistani and Indian people use tons of spices in our food on a daily basis, so the smaller regular size spice rack doesn’t work for us. Hence, I decided to build my own (Well, not really building).

Supplies To Make Your Easy DIY Spice Rack

  • Recycled mason jars
  • A bin from Dollar Tree
  • Labels
  • Spoons

Step One: Save Your Mason Jars

Save your empty mason jars until you have almost 5 or 6 of them.

mason jar turned into diy spice rack

Step Two: Wash Them Nicely

Once you have the desired count of your mason jars, dip them in hot water and Dawn soap for almost half an hour. I did it for one hour. After that, clean them using a brush and all your labels will come off of the mason jars easily. Wash them away and put them out to air dry.

recycled mason jars
See? I let them sit there one one hour and all the labels came off nicely.

Step Three: Label Your Jars

Once your jars are dry, it’s then time to label them. Use white or chalkboard labels, whatever you prefer. I used a permanent marker and wrote them in my native language, Urdu!

The jars, once I was done with labels

spice rack labels

Step Four: Fill The Mason Jars With Spices

Now is the time to fill your jars with the spices. We use almost 6 different spices in every food we make and they are dry red chili, turmeric, cumin seeds, coriander, salt, and gharam masala.

diy spice rack ideas
I used a funnel to fill the spices

Here they are all filled up, and my DIY spice rack is almost ready. All I have to do is place them together using a bin from Dollar Tree.

Step Five: Place Them Together In A Bin

Once Your jars are filled, just place them in a bin or in an organizer. I used a white bin and placed them there. I also like to put them on a candle holder, sometimes, just to display them on my countertop.

Make sure you don’t spray paint your lids as you are using them to cover your edible spices.

diy pull out spice rack

This candle stand was just lying around in the house, so I decided to use it for this project

diy spice rack cheap and easy
I think it looks pretty cute!

The 6 Best Spice Rack Ideas For Your Kitchen

These are the spice racks that you can purchase if you would not like to go for a DIY project! I like them and have used them in the past. The one made of steel is very common to use in India. If you are not a fan of DIY, then these spice racks are for you!

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I hope you like this project and if you try it, please, come share it with us on our Facebook group!

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  1. Bushra, that’s a great idea to keep your favorite spices always at hand. I usually buy my favorites in bulk from Costco or Sam’s Club and those containers are both large, and not too beautiful. Your idea looks like it would accommodate an entire large-sized canister perfectly!

  2. Bushra, I absolutely love this. What a cute idea! Mason jars can be used for so many purposes in the home, can’t they? And I must admit – the way you placed them on the candle holder is a brilliant idea!

    Love your ideas and your creative spirit! ♥ Sending all my love to you & yours!

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