How To Make A Faux Marble 8 Cube Storage Organizer

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A Quick $10 Makeover For 8-Cube Storage Organizer

Are you someone who always thinks to upgrade your cheap belongings in the house into something new and stylish? If “Yes”, then you are at the right place! Welcome to my nook on the internet. I am just like you, a mom full of neat ideas. Today I am going to show you how we updated an inexpensive Better Home and Garden’s 8-cube storage organizer for our girls’ room.

I totally love this 8-cube storage organizer as you can use it for multi-purposes. We brought it with us when we moved, and it is holding so far pretty good, but in this house, there was no use for it. On the other hand, I needed something to conceal my girls’ toys in their room into something more stylish.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something new so I decided to use creativity and thought of giving a facelift to our old Better Home and Gardens 8-cube storage organizer.

6 Easy Steps For The 8-Cube Storage Organizer’s Makeover

1- Clean It Thoroughly

Clean it using Clorox to get rid of any grimes and tough spots.

Here is the lonely and in a rough shape storage cube that was waiting to be getting her makeover.

Before picture

2-Gather Supplies And Tools

You don’t need much to start with. Just a few supplies and tools. We only spent money on marble paper. The rest of everything was on hand. Here is the list for you, though. I had the 13″ bins for some other use and end up using them to organize the kids’ toys. The feet I purchased while thrifting last year.

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3-Cover The Feet With Marble Paper And Attach Them Together

Now, since you have gathered everything you are ready to start your project. The first thing you need to do is cover the feet with marble paper. Cut the paper to size and adhere it to all the feet. Once you are done with all four of them, put on a coat of Mod Podge to seal and secure the contact paper.

4- Attaching The Feet

Since the storage cube doesn’t have any feet on them, we had to drill the holes prior to inserting the legs. We used a smart square to measure the exact spot we wanted to insert the legs. Once we marked the area, my husband drilled the holes and the legs were installed. Raising the cabinet made it look very stylish and gave it a Mid-century modern furniture’s appearance. Below are the steps we followed:

Mark the exact area
Drill the hole
Double-check the measurements
Place the feet


5- Apply Marble Paper

Once we secured the legs, it was now the time to apply the adhesive contact paper all over the cabinet. I started with the sleek sides of it and completed all the front edges one by one. After the front, I moved on to both sides using the smoother to get rid of all the bubbles.

Start with the front edges
Use the smoother
Then move on to the sides

The last step was to complete it by applying the paper on the top and smooth it using the smoother.

Make sure you don’t leave any bubbles under the paper
Here is the end result. I still have some paper leftover!

6- Style Your 8 Cube Storage Organizer

This is the fun step: You now get to organize and decorate the beautiful faux marble piece of furniture in your home. Since we don’t have a formal toy room so our girls toys were always lying around in their room making a mess and creating chaos.

All the dolls and other toys were tucked in nicely.

diy faux marble storage organizer
This is the final product. Pretty cool, huh?!!


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The girls helped me to decorate it. The kids were so impressed and happy! Everything has a home now!

Here is the top of it the closer look!

8 cube storage organizer
The art work Zee made it for her room (it’s the name of God in Arabic)

Here is the side by side look, can you tell if this is the same piece of furniture! It took me almost 4 hours to work on it as it was a time consuming task, but end result is so eye pleasing that I forgot the labor intensive time I spent on it.

More Easy Storage Solutions For Kids’ Rooms

If you are looking for some non DIY storage solutions for your kids, here are some of the best ones! I have thoughtfully picked them up.

Pro Tip: Keep your toy storage in neutral colors as you are going to fill them with many colorful toys.

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