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raita sauce

Super Easy 5 Minutes Recipe For Raita Sauce

What is raita sauce chutney? Raita sauce chutney is a very famous Indian and Pakistani sauce to eat with biryani made with basmati rice or with roasted chicken, curry pakora; overall, It can be used with any dish as long as the food is not sweet. For instance, you can’t use it with ice-cream.

Ingredients You Need For Raita Sauce:

This raita sauce recipe is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and you can go with a plain raita recipe or mint raita recipe. It’s your personal choice. I like the cucumber raita recipe; however, you don’t have to use cucumber if you prefer not to, and simply use the raita recipe, just leave out the cucumber, to go with your dinner or lunch. 

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Anyhow here is what we usually use to make that quick Indian yogurt sauce for biryani.

How To Mix The Ingredients?

Mix them all in a bowl, and you have a yummy sauce ready! No rocket science here. I am not kidding; it takes less than a few minutes. Chop your cucumber and onions, beat the yogurt with a fork, then add the mint chutney and salt; now mix it nicely using the fork at least for 3 to 4 minutes to get the perfect creamy consistency. Later add onions and cucumbers. Mix again for a minute or two. In the end, just spread your cumin seed over, and there you have it! Enjoy your chutney

What Is Raita Sauce Used For?

Since raita sauce is a side dish, as I said above, there is a long list of different foods you can use this sauce with, as long as the food is not sweet. Mostly people use it with

We use it with every non-sweet food in our home.

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Health Benefits Of Raita Sauce?

Raita is typically made with curd, and curd is rich in protein with very low unhealthy fats. However, here in the USA, you can use low-fat plain yogurt. Here are some benefits of this Indian plain yogurt chutney.

  • High in proteins
  • Low in fat
  • helps to lose weight as it’s very filly
  • Digest food as it’s rich in fiber

raita sauce recipe
Enjoy it with every meal! We usually use extra cucumber with it as well!

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