How To Make Fake White Floating Shelves The Easy Way

white floating shelves

DIY Fake White Floating Shelves In Four Easy Steps

White floating shelves can maximize your space by offering an open style look, and that’s the look we wanted to go for in our boring laundry room. Long and custom-made floating shelves are hard to find so we decided that we are going to build our own.

Let me share a very easy tutorial with you to build your own. We are so pleased with our laundry room ever since we upgraded it with a stealing low budget of $500, I wanted to do laundry all the time!

Supplies & Tools To Gather For Your Fake White Floating Shelves

Really, floating shelves are not hard to make but they do take some medium-level skills. However, with these shelves, you don’t need any woodworking skills. As long as you have a few tools and the needed supplies, you are good to go.

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Pro Money Saving Tip: Buy tools one-by-one when needed, and you will have a big stack in your home. That’s what we did.

After collecting our supplies, we removed the existing single shelf we had prior to installing the white floating shelves. You can see below how our laundry room looked before. It was the most boring room in our home. We have slightly remodeled and completely redecorated it. Our budget was low so we had to think smart. The single cabinet was not enough for the storage in the laundry rooms and it also was looking like an eyesore on the corner of the room.

We decided to remove it and add some white floating shelves, but fake ones as it was a perfect place for fake shelving. We purchased wood from Home Depot and here is what we did to add the shelving.

Step One: Cut The Wood To Size

We brought inexpensive oak wood and since we have a miter saw at home, we cut it to a custom size. Take the exact measurements using measuring tape so you don’t have to re-cut them so many times. Always cut a little longer than shorter, because you can always cut to a smaller size if needed.

Step Two Paint Them White

I used the Behr paint in white. I actually didn’t have to buy the paint as we already had it on hand. I painted them in the garage and they were good to go.

Step Three – Place Your Shelf Brackets Onto The Wall

For the first larger shelf we didn’t use the shelf brackets. Instead, we secured them to the side with small pieces of scrap wood using long brad nails with our Ryobi Brad Nailer, as that was the better option for us.

However, for the small shelving, we used these brackets as they were heavy-duty, plus cheap. As you know, I prefer to save every penny I possibly can and this is why I teach budget decorating and organizing.

Here is the larger shelf being done

After my husband was done placing the larger wood shelf, he screwed the shelf brackets on the wall using our Ryobi impact driver. These brackets are very easy to install take no time whatsoever. They are also heavy-duty.

Step Four – Place Your Shelving Using Screws

Once he was done placing the brackets, he put the wood shelving onto these brackets and again used long and strong screws to hold them in place.

Style Your Newly Built White Floating Shelves

This is the most fun part for me as I love to decorate. I found most of the decor pieces on hand, and a few of them I purchased from a few different places, including Amazon.

Although I want to use these white floating shelves with more useable items, who can live without displaying pretty decorative items? These beautiful white shelves are hosting our toilet paper, clothespins, laundry detergent for hand washing clothing, dryer sheets, a missing socks basket, baking soda, and a first aid kit.

I also added some fresh (fake) flowers, a little clock, and some greenery.

pink flowers
I used a pretty bowl for my clothespins!

A little touch of yellow ads a really cute pop of color!

white shelves fake
Washing detergent and baking soda are in these clear jars.

Here you can see it’s all done, and it not only added a tons of extra space but also made the room look very spacious.

open shelves
See looks pretty spacious!

This pair of swans are, I think, my favorite decoration in the whole room!

laundry room shelving ideas
I love these swans

Look at them, how cute they look together! I love them and adore them!

copper swans
Here is a closer look!

You can see a before and after right here. The difference is just like night and day.

You can check the entire laundry room makeover right here.

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