How to Organize a small closet

Let’s Organize A Small Closet – The Best Tips

In search of maximizing your closet? You are in the right place, then. Let me show you the process of how to organize a small closet in order to make life easy. We maximized this beautiful coat closet as per our family needs. If you are a regular reader here then you know this closet is a part of my  “Decluttering and Organizing Series”.

Steps On How To Organize A Small Closet

Follow these easy and simple steps to organize a small closet, and you will see a huge difference in your space. These steps will make your daily in-and-out routines a whole lot easier. I am obsessed with cleaning and organizing. It just feels so peaceful for me. Yes, I am a weirdo otherwise. Who could enjoy doing and folding laundry, right!

full coat close
Here is a full shot of my fully organized small coat closet. I was so happy to see the end result!

1- Make A List According To Your Needs

We purchased our new home a few months ago, and things are still in boxes as I work five days a week, and then work with the kid’s homework. In shorter days it’s hard to manage things, but since I love to decorate and organize, I knew I was going to do something to organize this small closet.

First thing first, I made a plan in my Google drive in order to tackle this project. Small projects could be more time consuming as it can be tricky to get a maximized use of small spaces. In order to make a plan, jot down all the points, however, you want to use your space. I wanted to keep my kids’ school bags inside the house somewhere as opposed to the garage. I also wanted to manage their daily paperwork and appointments, etc. So for us, it was not just a small coat closet organization. Instead, it was a place for several needs.

It’s always a great idea to put your plan on paper to visualize it better according to your needs and square footage.

Before So Much Unused Space

coat closet before
Here is how it was before. In fact, I cheated a bit. It was messier than that! I had no idea why this weird shelf is in the center.

2- Add/Remove Shelving While Organizing A Small Closet

Storage plays an important role when it comes to organization. Using simple shelving could do the trick, but sometimes you might like to remove things in order to add more room.  As in our little closet, there was such a useless shelve we had in the middle of it.

After we removed the shelf, we cleared the closet. There was nothing left in it, and that’s the best way to start with an empty slate to get a better idea of everything.

Removing shelving to organize a small closet
My hubby is removing that ugly shelf.

3- Pick A Neutral Paint Color To Enhance And Organize A Small Closet/Space

Painting can do wonders, and perhaps the color has to be perfect. Mostly those yellowish types of colors are the worst and that’s what we had in our closet, some kind of yellow tone. On the other hand, you can never go wrong by picking any shade of gray or light blues. Our interior is newly painted but the previous homeowner used really ugly eggshell-colored paint. We decided to go with a gray/blue color and here is what we picked:

paint color for a coat closet
The painting process took a little longer with the correct prep. That paint color is called “Bastille Blue” by Glidden. In my book, it’s highly recommended paint, as I have tried several other expensive paints but found this one more durable with kids.

4- Make Use Of  A Floor

Use every inch of your space to your benefit without overcrowding it. We use the floor space to put my laundry hamper and extra shoes for us. As in this case, shelving would have a more cluttered look, so by placing this dresser up against the wall, it did the trick.

coat closet hooks for school bags
We also added a do-it-yourself custom made industrial bags holder to the wall for our kids’ school bags. My husband and I both like the “steam punkish” style, and he is good at that kind of craft.

5- Maximize Your Space With Baskets Or Bins

Another great way to maximize your space is to add bins or baskets, as inside of this dresser drawers, these large baskets are holding all the kiddos’ accessories such as socks, hats, gloves, and headscarves. In addition to that, the bottom drawer is holding the girl’s fancy shoes. Yes, my girls are very fancy…especially the one who is six…You really have to be systematic while organizing a small closet or any small space

storage baskets
I already had these baskets on hand, as you remember, I mentioned them in my “How To Organize” post that shops around the house first.
coat closet dresser and shoes
Placing a shoe rack above the dresser means using floor space for something else.

Don’t forget to use a pretty rug to catch the dirt as everyone pulls up their shoes. Especially with kids, the rug is a must-have. Make sure the rug is also pretty (lol) and goes with your theme and color.

6- A Designated Area For Kids

Assigning a designated area to kids teaches them discipline and makes them responsible as well as how to be organized. My little five-year-old boy is a very organized and clean little boy, although his sisters, not so much…lol. Before we organized this small closet, the kids were leaving their bags in the garage and that was a bit of a hassle. They were lacking in their homework due to that. By adding this beautiful custom made bar for the bags made a huge difference.  It’s also a great way of keeping the backpacks off the floor.

We wanted to add something for their important paperwork as well, so I thought of adding file folder right above their school bags. Now all they have to do place their papers in those file holders for me to go over them.

school bags in the coat closet

7- Use Visual Labels For The Little Kids

As opposed to regular labels use pictures, it makes it easy for little kids to read it and it also looks pretty. I had these pretty white frames from Ikea on hand, and all I did was put their pictures in them, and there you have it, wonderful labels ready! Their school bags were a Christmas present they got in 2017 from their grandparents, the best present to have.

pretty laundry hamper
Did you like my pretty laundry hamper and the flower vase on it? My husband made fun of me for putting flowers in a closet. 

I moved this vase on the dresser, but after all, the “pretty look” is a big part of how to organize a small closet, right?

Let’s Repeat The Steps We Have Taken To Organize A Small Closet

  1. Get everything out to visualize space, like an empty slate and make a plan.
  2. Add/remove the shelving.
  3. Paint as needed with a neutral color, or as per your choice.
  4. Make use of a floor.
  5. Maximize your space with baskets
  6. Add a designated area for kids
  7. Add picture labels.


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How To Organize a small coat closet

This process has made our morning routine so efficient and easy especially when it comes to kids. Therefore, no running around to find their shoes or bags. So nice to be done with it.

I would like to hear what project has tackled over the weekend for your house?

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  1. so nice!!! well done, i love this ideas! after all instead of cuttingmyr clothing collection in half, i can use these small closet organization tips and ideas! thanks

  2. WOW! What a transformation! Not only have you made better use of space, but you’ve also made it pretty <3 Personally, I love your laundry basket and the flowers on top – that's exactly the kind of stuff which makes me happy as well ?

  3. Oh I love this! You and your hubby transformed the space so well! I love that color blue on the walls, and the way the backpacks are stored. So lovely, clean & organized. You still need to come do my closets now ?.

  4. AND—when in need, let your husband do it! 😀 Living in an apartment, there are some things we cannot do—but my wive has eked out more storage space using fabric shelves hanging from a portion of the coat-hanging rod. Organizing is indeed less painful with a script to follow, as you have colorfully presented here!

  5. You really have a gift to make every house division look beautiful! It’s unbelievable. It looks really appealing to the eye and the combination of colours / details is amazing ❤️

  6. It looks lovely. Can your kids reach their coats and hang them up? Just wondering. Maybe the angle of the picture makes it look higher than it is. Again, I love what you accomplished.

    1. They mostly hang their coats over their school bags and extra coats go on the rod. My older one can reach the rod but not the youngest one. Thank You Rhonda!

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