How To Organize Shoes On The Cheap For Any Small Space

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How To Organize Your Shoes In Three Easy Steps!

How to organize shoes for a quick everyday routine for the whole family is a question for every mom, as we all go through this mess, right? I know you can totally relate as a mother as to how hard it is to stay organized with kids around, and especially little kids, like toddlers. It makes it even more difficult if you live in a small space.

In this post, I am going to show you a very quick and cheap solution which has been working for me pretty well. We are only going to talk about everyday and casual shoe organization. Fancy shoe organization is a bit different than the regular, routine organizing. Well, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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Step One For How to Organize Shoes is to Go Purging

Any organization starts with purging, regardless of what you are working on. With kids, you always have tons of shoes lying around here and there. Purging is much more important when you don’t have a large closet or mudroom to store them. You can see below how my kids, husband, and myself were throwing shoes on either the closet floor or in front of the front door. It was so embarrassing to open up the door. The first thing I did was to purge the outgrown ones and the one’s kids or I don’t’ want to wear anymore so we can donate them.

Kids grow fast, so the rule is to only keep 3 pair of shoes each at a time for them

I shopped for them about 6 months ago, and my kiddos have already outgrown out of them. Go purging!!!!

how to organize shoes for small space
Here is the mess, every one was throwing their shoes in front of the front door! Pretty excited, right!

Second Step: Find The Solution That Can Work For The Whole Family

Finding the perfect and appropriate solution is crucial in order to set up any system.

You would be happy to hear that I have tested so many different solutions so you don’t have to.

A lot of people like to store their shoes in the garage, however, it was not working for us as when our kids were coming from school, they always use the front door and they were taking their shoes off right then and there. You know what I am talking about…Yes, the habit drives you crazy and you as a mom just tell your self “Wait a minute, this is not how I trained them.” “Am I not a good mom?”…lol

Well, back to finding the solution. Since garage was eliminated for us, it’s time to move on to the next thing.

Are Shoe Cabinets With Doors Good To Organize Your Shoes?

The answer is, nope. If they are for the kids, then nope, but if they are for the adults. Yes, kids don’t take a step further to go and open up a cabinet to place their shoes.

So, I needed something user-friendly and space-saving plus cheap or inexpensive and I came up with the free-standing shoe rack. It has been working so well for our whole family. People are getting responsible ’round here. Yaaah to some 30-plus buckers! It has an open shelf system, which is pretty easy for the kids to reach and place their tiny shoes.

I am one happy Mamma!!!

You don’t want to store your casual shoes in the closet anyways as you kinda use them on a regular basis.

This little shoe rack is also great if you don’t have any mudroom or you are living in a tiny apartment. It’s so sleek and also modern that you can easily place it in a skinny hallway.

how to organize shoes

There you go! They are putting the shoe rack together. Wow, I have pretty handy kids…lol! Well, no tools required.

The Third Step is Break Your Habit to Stay Organized

Oh goodness, look at my entryway! Within 20 minutes we changed the appearance of it totally from an embarrassing to complimentary place! You kinda just have to be creative in your thinking and finding the perfect solution is where people make a mistake. With that being said, it does take time and trial and error. Hence, after testing a few of the methods, I went with this one.

In my personal opinion, this system can work for anyone!

Here is the homework for you. Once you set this up and get rid of clutter, force yourself to place all the shoes on this rack for 30 days! I have said it before and will say it again..

It takes 30 to 66 days to build or adopt any new habit. After that, you are good to go for life!

I am positive, these three easy steps are absolutely going to help you as they have helped my family to stay organized!

What system have you tried and found the worst?

Happy Organizing!

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