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Ebook Publishing

Today’s guest post is written by one of our wonderful young blogger Nick Mccarthy. Nick is a great writer and he recently published his book on Amazon and it is very nice of him to share all of his tips and tricks with us. Thank you so much, Nick.

Tips for publishing an Ebook to Amazon

Writing a book of any kind is no simple task, whether you are attempting to write an ebook from scratch, or you are trying to plan out a much larger writing task, it is pretty clear to many people that it takes a vast deal of work for one to successfully come through with any work. There is one step that is often either ignored, disregarded, or just flat out under-estimated: the publishing phase!

That’s right! Publishing any work is a difficult task, as there are so many variables that are to be considered. In this article, I am going to give you tips about eBook publishing. More specifically, I will help you learn how to publish your ebook on the Amazon website (also known as Amazon-Kindle: the Kindle store).

1- Consider your niche
Just as there are niches on WordPress, there are niches (or genres) in the Amazon server. Unfortunately for many, there are some niches that are more valuable than others, which is why you should make it a point to cater to those niches in terms of production. A notably popular niche is the romance genre.

Another fact about niches is that there are many, many competitors, even within any given niche. It is imperative that you place your book into a fitting niche. Otherwise, it won’t be able of any competition to other ebooks, let alone when fitting.

2- Use Kindle Direct Publishing
I cannot express the importance of this point enough: Not only is the Kindle Publishing service free, but it is comprehensive and easy to use. It guides you through copyright, content, and pricing information so that you may publish your ebook in a timely, efficient manner. The interface of the KDP server is shown below

kindle 1
The pictures are somewhat blurry but you got the idea though

-How to publish an ebook on Amazon -My own personal experience with Kindle Direct publishing has been great. If you ever plan on publishing an ebook, use KDP. Many other publishers cost money and are slow to accept the authors’ works, so choose KDP!

3- Get people to leave reviews
as with the last point, this point is extremely important. Be sure to ask any and all potential buyers of your content to leave content reviews on the Kindle store. Not only does it make your content appear well: it allows other kindle and KDP users to gain a sense of trust for you as an author. “They like his work? He must be a good author! I’ll take one.” Do not use this tactic to take advantage of or in any way mislead others, however. I know of circumstances under which average folks took to the Kindle store and left false reviews to gain notoriety. This isn’t fair, so please refrain from doing it. Be ethical

4- Allow fellow bloggers to read through your work
This step is relatively self-explanatory. You do this to make sure that your content:

  1. Is of a high quality
  2. Is accurate 
  3. Resonates with your readers
  4. Spelling, grammar, and formatting are correct

As upsetting as it may sound, it only takes one or two readers to notice a messed up ebook. Upon recognizing errors, others may leave poor reviews, refrain from buying your book, and even tell others about their negative experience to prevent others from buying your ebook. You can avoid this step altogether. Find a trusted blogger, and ask them to preview your work. Do NOT simply send anything to anyone, as this is rude. Just leave a blogger a request in the WordPress comments section, and they should get back to you shortly.

5- Price your ebook reasonably
That’s right. Just because you get to price your ebook does NOT mean that you get to make it inordinately expensive. Instead, there are several factors to consider before pricing:

  1. How long is my ebook? The upsetting truth is that many people not only want quality but length. If your ebook is shorter, you may not be able to tax a high price to it. Prices tend to range between $2.99 and upwards, and you may earn a royalty of either 35% or 70%, depending on the options that you select beforehand
  2. What is in my ebook? Are there pictures? Infographics? Tables? People tend to enjoy a variety of media elements.
  3. What type of content do I have to offer? In what way is your content helpful? If your content is rich and of a higher quality (rich in information, colorful, well made), then people will want it
  4. Am I solving a specific problem? We’re people, and we all know one thing to be certain: we ALL have problems: some of us don’t eat well, and others can’t seem to find their keys. Well, how do you solve those specific problems? People want solution ls to their problems, and if you can bring them, you are as good as gold. However, you should not remain general: (“How to start a WordPress blog” won’t fare as well as “How to add an image to your WordPress post”)
  5. What are the prices of the other ebooks in the same genre? Do NOT publish your ebook without first acknowledging the prices of other ebooks in your genre. If a reader comes across an expensive ebook, they’ll disregard it. If it is too cheap, you will be cheating yourself. A good rule of thumb would be to check five to ten books within your niche to get a feel for your final price estimate. Some genres are expensive, as some are cheaper. Your price does not have to be exactly the same as those if the other ebooks; only similar.

6- Upon publishing, promote promote promote!
I am not sure of the truthfulness of this claim, but it has been said on a few occasions that once an author publishes their ebook, there is a certain amount of time that they have to get purchased and reach out to people. After that point, the book isn’t deleted or unpublished, but rather invalidated. I do not know of the validity of this claim, and I digress…

7- Upon publishing, promote promote promote!
Promoting your ebook to a trusted, well-meaning audience (such as those in a WordPress grouping, family, friends, and peers) increases your potential for numerous sales. If you link your WordPress to your social media pages, you will no longer have to worry about posting to these pages, individually. As an added pro, you will reach more people on a social media platform than you would on one blog post. How much better does it get?
In conclusion, there are many publishing services that may be used by any given user. However, in my own personal experience, I have come to find that the KDP publishing service is extremely beneficial. Let us recap the pros:

  1. Free
  2. Easy to use
  3. Takes little to no time
  4. (New) publishes your work to the global Kindle market in a period of 24 to 48 hours

I have found success with this service, and I can only hope that you do as well! In the grand scheme of publishing, I have come across very many different services, such as bigwig, expensive publishers. I am glad to say that the KDP experience has definitely alleviated some of my previous difficulties. There are no penalties or unnecessary obligations associated with joining, and there is absolutely no spam mail to supplement its meaningful services. My wish to you is simple. Give it a shot, and see for yourself the benefits that it has to offer!

Here is Nick’s blog to visit and here is his book to purchase on Amazon


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Have any of you published an ebook recently? Please share your experience with.  


  1. This is very informative! My aunt wrote a book about her childhood and published it through Amazon. It was a physical book, though. I’ve never even thought about how to publish an Ebook. 🙂

  2. Another great interview! I bet you’ll get a lot of interest & traffic to this post. Your Pinterest graphics are awesome by the way! What do you use to design?

  3. Very informative post and I have pinned it for reference. I would love to publish something one day. I look forward to your Canva post as well. Keep up the great work.

  4. This is another massive great blog post! Really informative. I was just telling my mom today about my plan to publish a workbook on amazon by next March and how I was thinking to ask people to try it out first. I personally struggle with promotion a lot – need to work hard through these wonderful tips! Thank you Nick, and thank you Bushra! ✍?

  5. Terrific info here, Bushra! I have a friend who wrote a fiction novel and put it out on Amazon in a series with a couple of chapters of the story published at a time for fairly low price. After putting his book out this way, he released the final complete edition. I wonder if that would solve the timeline of relevancy problem that people face when they release a new book and have to then promote it effectively.

  6. I’ve had many friends and family that told me and still do, that I should write a book. The thought has been at the back of my mind and this post had sparked some interest. I do think ebook will be the way to go. I anticipate the promotion to be as challenging as it is to grow my blog but I could be wrong? Either way, this post is so resourceful for someone who decides to make that decision ??

    1. You should that. You write great. I have opened up your blog post since last two days and only got to read half of that, every time I tried to finish it my kids call me to do something….lol Once you post the ebook you will get an idea of people what they like and will get good review. I am writing one on Finance in these day.

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