How To Save Time With The Best Cleaning Tips

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These 3 Simple Cleaning Tips Can Make Your Life Easier (for Busy Moms)

Staying organized with everything is not something that happens overnight. believe it or not, it is a very slow process and I have learned that the hard way. However, these three cleaning tips are lifesavers for me, and as a busy mom, they will change your life as well.

You know, if you are single, it’s very easy to be organized and stay clean because you’re alone and nobody’s going to touch your things and mess with your stuff. On the contrary, if you have children you are always busy, and you need these cleaning tips to keep your everyday life under control. 

When You have kids, both cleaning and organizing seem overwhelming and you can’t change yourself overnight. It does not work like that. It’s a time consuming and slow process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Kids make the home extremely messy and things get out of control.

Therefore, you have to have a process set up in order to stay clean, and here are three cleaning tips I have practiced in the entirety of 2019, and they have made my life extremely easy. 

Organizing challenge

Consistency Is The Key To Success

It was very hard in the beginning. I was slacking off, but consistency is the key to success. It does not matter what kind of success you want in life, you gotta be consistent. If you are not consistent, you are not going to get anything accomplished, and you’re not going to achieve your goals.

I’m a very goal-oriented person. On the other hand, it’s hard to achieve my goals without following a guideline or writing them down on paper. Yes, I am an old-school. If I don’t do that and just put it on my phone it just does not stick with me.

You just have to have a system set up that works for you to be successful. 

cleaning tips for lazy people

Now, let’s talk about these awesome cleaning tips to change your life in 2020 tremendously.

One Of The Best Cleaning Tips – Load Your Dishwasher Every Night

Number One: Every night before I went to bed I put dishes in the dishwasher I bring them in from the whole house to put it in the dishwasher. I grew up like that.  We have never seen dishes sitting in the sink at night. My mom was very strict about cleaning, although she’s not that strict now with my children as a grandma, but she was very strict with us. So every night there were no dishes left in the sink. If you use it you wash it. Nothing should be sitting in the sink.

When I was growing up there was no dishwasher in our house because it was not that advanced in Pakistan. 35 years ago I don’t recall knowing that a dishwasher even existed!

It was Not Just A Cultural Thing:

Another thing I learned, that one knows as a Muslim, is that we say that rizk (your food) does not come to you, the angels don’t bring your food, if they see messy dishes are lying around.  It means, it was not just a cultural thing, it was also a religious thing as well, so growing up I was seeing everybody was doing it. There are things as a child that you don’t understand, right? However, as a grown-up single person, you really don’t understand that much either. I mean,  these things are not important in your life. For instance, doing dishes. No, that’s not that important.

You have more things to do… you want to listen to music, you want to read a book, and you want to relax. Who the heck has time for those damn dishes?

cleaning tips for mothers

Perhaps, if you are a mother of three children you just become a different person and you worry about things. Otherwise, the thing gets piled up if you don’t do it so that’s why every night give yourself a favor and grab dishes from everywhere around the house and put them in the dishwasher

I’m not going to lie to you. The first 30 days were very hard for me,  but once you adopt that routine it just makes it easy for you and it becomes second nature. I am very thankful for this cleaning routine now! 

Once something becomes second nature you just do it without thinking

That little cleaning tip will make a huge difference in the morning.

Don’t Take It For Granted

My mother helps me with my children, but you know, she has done a lot for me while I was in school, while I was putting my life together. It was just not nice if I would have kept pushing things and putting things on her. I have to be in charge of my own life and I have to push myself to do things whether I like it or not. 

It just makes me feel guilty to have her do things and as busy as I am with my full-time job, with my three children (one with special needs), and helping with their homework, etc.  I was not leaving any room for me to do things in my life. 

Finally, I just decided to be consistent with only three tasks for the whole year. 

2020 should be your resolution to be an organized mother with a clean house, and in 2021, you will realize how big of a favor you have given to yourself and you would feel like a different person, as I do today. 

Cleaning Tip No. 2- Do Laundry Twice A Week Only

cleaning tips for busy mom

I do my laundry twice a week only as opposed to doing one load every night. I get a day off on Wednesdays and then on the weekends I do a few loads, probably three or four because I wash laundry differently, like maybe we all do, but I categorize items. For example, kids’ clothes go on one pile but then I categorize them with like fabric.

It doesn’t matter what the colors are because when I buy fabric or their clothing I make sure the color does not come off. Then adult clothing, for instance, my mom’s and mine.  I put it in one pile because our fabric is pretty much matching and my husband’s is in a different pile. 

We do wash and towels and all our napkins only once a week because we have enough to last through a week.

Make A Switch To White

I switched everything to white,  towels sheets. And now I’m in the process of switching napkins to white too but I’m just waiting for my daughter, the middle one who has down syndrome, just be at least 10 years old as sometimes she makes a mess.

With white, you throw everything in the washer with some bleach and get a brand new look. Do invest in good sheets, though.  

Cleaning Tip No 3 – Don’t Bury Yourself Under Papers

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Taking care of your mails is the most favorable cleaning tips to put into practice. As soon as you get the mail out of the mailbox, sort them out right there on the spot.  

I bought a mail organizer with three dividers. In one, I place all my bills, and the kid’s paperwork goes to the other one in which I have to sign. That’s how I remember all the other stuff. Coupons, etc go to the other third compartment.

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Be Cautious And Use Shredder:

For the rest, all the junk mail goes right away to recycling. For some stuff, I do use the shredder. My identity was compromised a couple of years ago so I am even more cautious.

Your paperwork… before you throw that in the recycling bin, be very careful and conscious about your information. I don’t pile papers on papers that I was doing before. Oh my goodness my life was  buried underneath all the papers.

These are not only cleaning processes. Instead, it’s a healing process for you. Like you are not going to be buried underneath the mess and things are going a bit faster.

Be in-charge of your own self!

A Challenge For You To Put These Cleaning Tips Into Practice. 

This is my challenge for you…Accept my challenge and try these three cleaning tips constantly for 90 days.

After 90 days it will be a second nature for you.  

As a mom, you cannot spend way too much time on less important things in your life. The most important thing is that you spend your time with your children when they really need you and when they really want you.

My kids run to me and say “Mama!”, and give me a hug, it is the best thing ever and I  want to spend more time with them.

These are also some good cleaning hacks I found for you.

Good luck, and hope to see you succeed! 

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Do you have any special tips, you consider, a lifesaver? Please, share with me in the comment section!

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  1. These cleaning tips are great! I love the one about being consistent. If I do not stay on top of things then it gets out of hand and I get overwhelmed. I, too have to write everything down on paper. Great post!!

  2. Hi dearest Bushra, another excellent post from you! These tips are wonderful – easily applicable to the busy lifestyles of today. Don’t forget to rest, too! 🙂 Truly though, being organized like you’ve brilliantly covered in this post offers more time for the things that do matter more in life. Your example being perfect of having the kids run up to you for a hug!

    I am sorry you had your identity stolen. (sigh) It angers me sometimes how cruel and insensitive people are. It has happened in our home as well and to our family members. There’s just no sense in it!

    I wanted to let you know too that I mentioned your blog in my latest post for DIY crafts. You’ve got a design gift. I hope you will continue to share it. You can find my post here, if you’re interested:

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful day! I hope you take some time to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work.

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