How To Set Your 2021 Goals With A Goal Setting Worksheet

2021 Easy Goal Setting Worksheet For Your Organizing Goals

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family! We had fun on a virtual dinner with our extended family as we don’t live in the same state. 2020 has ended, and now we are off to a new beginning. Have you set up your organizing, decorating, financial or other goals for 2021? Well, I have an excellent and easy-to-use goal setting worksheet designed just for you! 

Goals don’t have to be big, but they need to be set up in order to achieve them. 

The only thing you need to set your goal is determination, then everything follows along.

Let’s Talk About The SMART Goals Elements And Why You Need Them

SMART goals are best described as: When you set any goal, you follow some specific rules or criteria to set up a straight-up path to get to your destination. 

It is an acronym first introduced in 1981 by George Doran and James Cunningham. It stands for: 

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. 

Which makes total sense. If you are time-bound and have your end goal in mind, you will be more serious about achieving your goals. Another thing that always helps to achieve any goal is to think about your more vital “why”.

Why do you want to achieve your goal? Your “why” is the most powerful tool to use in your goal-achieving process. Never forget your “why” and you will get to your destination sooner than later! 

What Are Some Examples Of Goals 

Here are a few examples of goals: everyone has different needs at different stages of their lives so plans or goals could be….

With Goal setting, you turn your dreams into action steps!

goal setting worksheet

Organizing Goals: Using A Goal Setting Worksheet

As a mother, your goal is most likely going to be to get better at time management to enjoy your life with your kids, and provide some sanity to yourself. A goal setting worksheet is the best way to visualize your goal as it will be a constant reminder for you.

If you have an organized home and life you can enjoy your time better. I can give you a short example… In 2019. my organizing goal was to organize 3 bustling areas in my home and my big why was: 

To spend more time with my kids and less time cleaning. I put every effort to complete them.

Since 2020 was really busy, I set up my goals to keep those areas organized and tidy with no clutter, making life super easy for me. 

Here are the three areas where I achieved my organizing goals:

Organizing goal setting sheet
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Some of my favorite pantry organizers!

Decorating Goals 

Decorating goals are different than the organizing goals. 

People set decorating goals to make their living places esthetically pleasing. 

Just like we decorated our laundry room!

Some of the cutest décor pieces

Physical Goals Or Exercise Goals To Be Healthy

Health is a total wealth, and a lot of people set different goals for them. 

My husband lost 70 pounds within six months, and he feels healthier than ever in 2020.

Spiritual or Religious Goals 

These goals are to make your soul better and become a better person in life. Also, to be more closer to God.  

Financial Goals 

These goals are to get rid of your debt, save for a vacation, have a better life, or whatever purpose you want to achieve. 

In 2019, my goal was to save up to $30k to buy our slightly used family car and decorate the living room in 2020. We bought our car in the summer (with cash), and purchased our couch to decorate our living room in August of 2020.  

Educational Goal Setting For Students  

A goal for students could be to achieve higher grades or work on the most difficult or least favorite subject to get a grip on it. 

A few good books to read!

Business Goals 

No business can be achieved if you don’t have set goals and a time frame set up. 

Travel Goals 

For example, to want to see the world, or someone wants to be more specific and set up a goal to go see Paris in 2022. Travel goals always pair up with money goals. 

These are just a few examples of goal setting. In the end, it depends upon you what kinds of goals you want to set up according to your needs. 

We talked about the goals, now let’s talk about the people as a goal setter. 

There are three types of goal setters in the world

-Type one are people that set their goals aggressively, and then they drop it out and forget all about it after a few weeks. They don’t even make it to the first quarter, 

-Type two are those who pull through half the year and then give up. So, they don’t achieve their goals, but they get at least something out of it as they kept working toward it. 

-Type three are the people who, once set up their goals, they go till the end to achieve them, no matter what hardships they go through. 

So, what type of goal setter are you? Write it in your journal and try to improve yourself. 

Now it’s my turn to tell you what kind of goal setter I am:

-I am the final form, type three. One who goes till the end and beyond. I have been like this since childhood. I have heard my parents, siblings, and teachers tell me that you achieve every goal you set for yourself. My husband knows this well. 

Free Goals Setting Worksheet PDF Printable 

This year is the first time I will use a neat printable. Otherwise, I always had chicken scratches in my journal.

free goal setting worksheet printable
Get your free access right now!

Here is what can be very helpful for you and this is exactly how I achieve my goals:

The first thing you need to do is to set up one or two goals, not more than that, using a goal setting worksheet. Big or small goals, it doesn’t matter. 

After setting up your goasl, make a few points. For example, what you will do to achieve that particular goal? 

For motivation, I write, print, and frame this motivational quote “Life is tough, but I am tougher” to give me a push. Then, I try hard and leave the result absolutely in God’s hand.

I like this verse of the Quran!

And here is the beautiful verse of the Bible as well!

My Goals For 2021 Is To Be A Minimalist Person

This year my goal is to be a minimalist, although it is a challenging goal for me as I am not a minimalist person, I will indeed do it. 

Since I am sharing it with you all, you guys can hold me accountable. 

Download the goal tracker and write your goals. Just one or two more than that will not overwhelm you. Keep it simple. 

Don’t worry about how to achieve the super-hard goals. You will learn the easy parts and the hardships along the way associated with your goal. Just fill out the goal worksheet with only one goal, though.

I have this January calendar for you as well! You can attach that with your tracker to mark down the important dates related to your goals.

Happy New Year, and Happy Goal Setting!!! Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Here is, if you are looking to organize your bathroom.

Be awesome and share this post with others to help them as well!!!

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