13 Proven Steps On How to Sell Your House Fast!

sell your house fast

Do you want to sell your house fast,? My lovely readers, if any of you out there is either selling or planning to sell your house fast, then you are in the right place. Since this post is absolutely based on our personal experience, I am going to give you all the tips that helped us to sell our house fast. No, seriously, we sold our house within three days. We closed it very quickly as well.

So before a further ado, let’s get started,

You all have seen our old 1970’s Ranch style home through pictures on my site, right?  

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Our Starter Home

When we purchased this house, it was a great starter home for us but we knew we would sell this house one day (only God knew the right time, though). My husband always wanted to get out of Wisconsin since he grew up there and wasn’t planning to live there for rest of his life shoveling a long driveway every winter.

I love Wisconsin, and it will always be in my heart. As I said, “only God knew the right time”. Out of the blue, I got a new job in one of my husband’s favorite cities, Portland, OR. I like it here too, but I’m still struggling to call it home. It took me 4 months to say “yes” to my new employer as it was hard for me to move on. We moved here and put our house on sale and sold it within three days! Yes! That’s why I am sharing these wonderful 13 tips with you so you can sell your house fast as well.

Before we moved, I made this checklist to sell the house.

If you follow my checklist, you will sell your house within no time, as you know selling a house could be really stressful. You want to sell your house within the first couple of weeks as if it sits in the market longer, the chances are less than you would sell your house on your asking price. These 13 points are proven. I have seen homes sitting in the market for so long, but thankfully we didn’t have to deal with this, although credit goes to me as I worked my butt off.

How to sell your fast

13 Proven Steps To Sell Your House Fast:

1- De-cluttering 

First things first, since you have to sell your house fast. Now you already know you are moving, (especially if moving far away out of state) start with decluttering. Get rid of anything you don’t need or not going to use it for a while, or if it’s too expensive to move. Sell it or donate it. It’s your personal choice, and we did both. 

If you are not moving out state or far away, then give yourself a favor and rent a storage unit. I can’t stress you enough that how crucial decluttering is when it comes to selling your house fast. Don’t you think when people are coming to visit you, they are not going to see your storage spaces? Heck yes, they gonna do that first. I have experience as a buyer and seller both so I can speak with my personal experience.

2- Fresh coat of paint

I can’t tell what a big difference this makes. It was winter and snowing every day so we couldn’t paint outside, but I had painted our interior a year prior to selling our house.  I just touched up wherever it was needed. If your paint doesn’t look great, go ahead and get some neutral colors to attract buyers. It will also bring tons of light in your house. 

Don’t ever assume that if you like green, your buyer would like as well. It doesn’t work that way. Selling a house fast isn’t easy but it’s not hard either. You can’t go wrong by picking any shade of gray or white. I would even avoid accent well as well or if you really want to add an accent wall just pick a darker shade from the primary color you are going to use.

3- De-personalize

I would say put your family photos away and clean your fridge exterior. Ours was full of tons of magnets, etc. Put your kid’s stuff away such as we had a corner for our kids to hang their backpacks and jackets, and shoes. I gave them bins for the rest of the time we were there. You want to have your potential buyers feel like it’s there space but by showing your pictures would not put them in the mood. It’s an important rule to follow in order to sell your house fast.  

how to sell your fast
No personal stuff give excite your buyer and helps to sell your house fast

4- Pack your stuff away

Again, since you are selling your home, you definitely are moving either in-state or out of state, so pack everything and label them accordingly (I will do the blog post on tips we used for moving to save time and money someday). We stacked our stuff in the garage nicely. Don’t overflow your garage though as you want to show that your garage is spacious enough for the new family. We finally put everything in U-Pack as it was the cheaper way to go for us. 

5- Deep cleaning

First, go through everything. Clean the whole entire house, flooring, windows, carpets, bathrooms, closets and kitchen cabinets. Once you think it looks pretty good, then it’s the time to get a professional cleaner to make the house even more spotless and sparkly. Have them clean professionally as they know what to do and how to make a house ready to sell.  

6- Repairs

Make all the important repairs. Any electrical, plumbing or any other issue you should address it before the inspection. I had to hire an electrician to do some jobs around the house and change chandelier for me. It was a couple of hundred dollars I had to spend, but it was totally worth it. Make sure there are no safety issues there as it can cost you a fortune when it comes to inspection. Fix them before you sell it. Keep all the receipts handy. 

7- Staging

Okay, staging is something which could cost you thousands of dollars. I had no idea until I called some stager since I was out of time and it was better for me to just have someone else do it so I could be more focused on moving. The minimum was $5,000 and that was way too much for me to spend on one day’s photo shoot. I decided to jump in and just do my own staging. I gave myself a $500 budget and I spent a little more than that, but it was so rewarding when the photographer came in and said, “who did you use for staging”?

Honestly, I was so happy to hear that. I felt like all my hard work had paid off. Have your friends and family look at your house to give you an honest opinion. I had one of my husband’s friends and our neighbor to help us with that. Clean inside and clean outside and pay attention to curb appeal. After all, you want to sell your house fast! Well, in Wisconsin, winter is not so good to have a curb appeal but do whatever you possibly can. Our house was already pretty clean, but after getting rid of a lot of clutter it started to look more spacious. 

how to sell your house fast
Staging can give your house a whole new look

Here is the link of local staging companies in Portland

8- Pay attention to details

Make sure you clean your closets and kitchen cabinets very nicely. No marks or spots are in there. I purchased a cheap liner and lined all my drawers just to make them look pretty. You know, those liners make cabinet drawers look very pretty. I thought someone might appreciate it. We changed the hardware for our kitchen cabinets as well.

9- Bathrooms

Like you all know, old ranch homes do not have big bathrooms in them. Pay special attention to those bathrooms. Stage them well. Remove any personal stuff out of the bathrooms. I put everything in a small bin such as our toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. and placed that bin under the sink. Remove colorful towels or mats. Not everyone likes the colorful stuff, and I had red towels for kids and yellow for us, but I brought white towels to stage my bathrooms.

We had three shelves in each bath. I removed two of them and left one just to give both bathrooms a more spacious look. I think it worked out perfectly. Remove any personal pictures. Anything you have shows a personal touch, just remove it.  See your home from the buyer’s perspective. It’s not going to be your home anymore anyway. Otherwise, you won’t be reading here on “how to sell your house fast”.   

how to sell house fast
White towels look beautiful.

10- Appraisal

Make sure your appraisal is up to date with the city assessors. This is a mistake I made and the first buyer offered me $35,000 less than the asking price. I get it that. I wanted to sell my house fast but on the other hand, I didn’t want to lose money either. An appraisal is something not everyone would talk about when it comes to selling your house fast.  No one bothers mentioning that tip. 

11- Professional photos

This is also very crucial. Have your real estate person use a professional photographer as opposed to taking pictures with his/her phones. It makes a whole lot of difference. Most professional real estate agents or brokers, whatever you call them, use professional photographers. 

12- Be aware, and check out the comparison

Know your property value. Check out the comparison online for the last three months. Know how to deal with low ballers. Your real estate person, of course, helps you but you have to be prepared for this. You have to know what’s going on in your neighborhood. This is really critical to know. Where our house was in Wisconsin, in that particular neighborhood, houses don’t sit in the market for a long time. Yet, I have seen some sitting for months and I researched that those were the houses that they put no effort and just listed with messy pictures. Portland is currently a very hot market. People still stage their house in this hot of a market where you barely find a house to buy.

13- Be firm in your dealings

Now since you ready to list, please be firm in your dealing, don’t lose money on the seller’s market. Be determined, and don’t be shaky thinking “Oh, what If I couldn’t sell”. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Trust that you are gonna sell your house fast. We had multiple offers, and the people we sold our house to gave us the lowest offer possible, but they bought our house at the price we wanted to sell it at. Don’t take anything personally. Our buyer wrote us an offensive letter but we still sold the house to them. Our real estate agent was also very skilled which was a tremendous help. 


So there you go. I have mentioned everything based on my personal experience. I hope these 13 tips have been helpful and you have found this post beneficial. If you really want to sell your house quickly, then you gotta work hard at it, but I promise, it will pay off at the end. If you have some extra money then hire someone to help you, otherwise use your elbow grease, it’s all worth it. Good luck with selling your house fast!

We closed our house within two weeks. The buyer was very tough in negotiations but ended up paying us what we wanted to get.


how to sell your fast

Tell me about your experience or tips about selling your house or buying a house where you felt like that seller should have taken care of some stuff?

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  1. I love this post! Congratulations on selling your home in 3 days!! Wow! And, you couldn’t be more correct with the “de cluttering.” I did my best to de-clutter before moving into my new home, however I found that there were STILL items worth donating. An extremely helpful post!

    1. Jessy, it’s same here, I wish I would have donated more. The new house is full of boxes. Just read your post half way and kids pulled me away to play a restaurant with them, coming to finish that discussion you have had with that friend. Please stay connected Jessy!

  2. Wow! I had no idea hiring someone to stage your home cost so much! As much as I love to decorate maybe I need to be in this profession. 😀 This post was so helpful! We have been talking about fixing up our home and selling it within the next 5 years or so. Some of the things on your list never crossed my mind! I’m definitely keeping this list. Thank you for such an informative post!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I have had learned so much for going through the process but I was so glad when we got multiple offers only on the third day. It was a heck of a tired-some and scary process as we were already moved out of state.

  3. Congratulations on selling your home! Your time and effort clearly paid off. Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever own and sell a home in the future.
    Wishing you the best as you move and transition into your new home 🙂

  4. Wow! Congratulations on selling your house in 3 days. I liked all the decorations. Very well written checklist. I hope to come back to this when its our time to sell.

  5. Congratulations on selling your house in just three days, Bushra! A lot of people spend months looking for the perfect buyer. You were really lucky. I love the point on “removing personalizations in the home”; it’s best to give the buyer a clean slate to start on. Lovely blog by the way!

  6. Beautiful write up Bushra…such practical suggestions on actions to be taken before putting the house on sale ..as always I would like to say..you have an eye for details and a brain of an interior decorator and a finance manager bound in one..
    God bless..

  7. My friend, congratulations on the job and selling the house and so quickly too. Your to-do list was well mapped out and professional. My favourite colour is red… I too would have gone for neutrality.?☺

  8. Repairs and a fresh coat of paint are important to selling your house Haven’t sold a house yet (nor my family) but will keep these tips in mind if I ever do,

  9. Good job!!! It took us several months to sell our home in Ohio. It sold after we moved to our new house in Washington state. We absolutely loved our house in Ohio, but the city we were living in was–and still is–not attracting a lot of people, so the housing market there is pretty tough. It has been quite a change, but we are loving the views of the mountains and visits to the Puget Sound, which is only a 15-minute drive away. We haven’t been to Portland yet, but it’s on our list of things to do. Cheers!

  10. Congratulations on selling your house! That is a huge deal…I wish mine were selling faster, we have had 3 contracts on it (thus tying it up all summer) that have fallen through. The Kansas market is not like it is out in Portland or Seattle. How are you handling the rain? When I grew up in Oregon, I remember the start of the school year as being rainy rainy rainy! I kind of liked it though and definitely miss it 🙂

  11. These are some great tips. I’m trying to figure out how to sell my house as I’m moving states. I hope this will work out for me

  12. Meygan @ AllTheRooms

    This is so impressive! Glad that you were able to get through what is usually a process full of headaches so quickly.

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  14. It’s wonderful…It’s hard to believe that you may sell your house in 3 days….! you did very good work. Selling in 3 days is an accomplishment! Thanks!

  15. Hey there! It’s wonderful…It’s hard to believe that you may sell your house in 3 days….! you did very good work. Selling in 3 days is an accomplishment! Thanks!

  16. This is some really good information about selling your home quickly. It is good to know that you should think about appraisals. That might be something you should get a professional to help you know how to price your home well.

  17. I agree with these steps. Decluttering is really important to make your house look clean, spacious and organized. Also, I agree with painting your house to make it look new. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing these useful steps to sell your house fast.

  18. Thank you for these tips on selling a home. I’m needing to sell my house and want to find an agent to help me. Hopefully, I can do some research and find the best agent in my area.

  19. I have been thinking about trying to sell my home as is. I think that de-personalizing would be important. This would help people better see themselves in the home.

  20. It’s great that you talked about what to do when you want to sell your house quickly–since you might be in need of money to pay off an even bigger loan, or you might be moving out of state and would want to have some money on hand for when you start anew. Making sure that the house is ready for a house staging is important since you would also want to leave a good impression on any potential buyer that might come your way. If I had the chance to sell a house quickly, I would want to make sure that everything inside it is in good working order before I place it on the market for prospective buyers to look at.

  21. Thanks you so much for sharing this information with us. I am looking for this information but I found this information on your blog. Your is very impressive. Thanks again for sharing.

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