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I am thrilled to share another Award nomination with you guys. It feels so nice when your fellow bloggers recognize you! To me, it feels like all the hard work paid off and all my restless nights are not wasted. They are worth staying up late for. Fellow bloggers are not only your blogger friends but also your co-workers and I betcha, co worker’s don’t award you without any reason!!! Yes, you got that! You know what I meant?

I made an easy graphic for you with rules included, just save and use the same picture if you want!
Thank the person who nominated you

This Award was awarded by my dear blogging friend, Jackie. Yes, a dear friend because she was with me at the beginning of my journey and she was there to support me when I just came to the blog land knowing nothing. She visits me constantly and cheers me by leaving her lovely comments.

Thank you so much, Jackie, for your love and support!

Include a link to their blog in your post

Guys, you have got to see her blog! She is an interior decorator for commercial firms, and her blog is full of great ideas. Go check out her blog, “This Halcyon Life”, and gain a great supporter and a lovely blogging friend.

Share 7 facts about yourself

1- My mother is my best friend and I totally adore her. She is the most creative and smartest women on earth I have ever known. No wonder my dad adored her! (my dad passed away at the age of 57, almost 10 years ago)

2- I live my life by a quote “Life is tough, but I am tougher” and I always succeed in everything by the grace of God.

3- My husband thinks I am obsessed with cleaning, paint, and interior decoration (I never cleaned before I came to the USA though, I learned how to clean the bathroom on youtube).

4- I am surprisingly good at finance management although I never checked the price before I bought anything when I was in Pakistan. If I liked it, it has to be in my shopping cart and I am so thrifty now.

5- I am totally spoiled by my five brothers (in fact, six the youngest one is adopted).  

6- I am very helpful and love to support others as much as possible

7- I believe you can’t live without diversity and teamwork.

Nominate 15 bloggers of your choice to keep spreading the love

My nominees are: (It’s such a versatile list for you)

1- Muneeta – Inner Voice Creator

2- Sheema – Through my Lens

3- Liba – (Not returning you a favor, you truly deserve it)

4- Jeanne – A Jeanne In The Kitchen

5- Driftyness

6- Magical Mystical Mimi

7- Afroz – World Cafe Fore U

8- Sneha Modi

9- K Alice Compeau

10- The Bodhi Poet

11- Sophiaaaxo

12- Jonathan Caswell

12- Kristina @ Spirit of the soul

13- Jessy B

14- Yeeshalifestyle Blog

15- Doll The Time

None of you are obliged/forced to accept and do a post about this award. Only if you believe in supporting each other and networking then every little effort counts. To me, it’s really a great honor to be a part of it!!!


  1. So kind of you my dear?I know that you are giving me this with a lot of love and happiness. and I know you are always there to support me and encourage me.

          1. Yes, I will follow you on Instagram. Join my fb group and share your post there. The link is on my about page. I will follow you on Twitter as well. Right now I am not that active on Twitter or Instagram though.

  2. “I live my life by a quote “Life is tough, but I am tougher” and I always succeed in everything by the grace of God.”
    I love this!
    Thank you for the nomination, Bushra! I’m touched! I’m looking forward to checking out the other nominees’ blogs as well. I’m always looking for new blogs to read.

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