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Hey fellows! Saturday is not my posting day, but I just couldn’t wait anymore to share my excitement for another recognition award with you. It’s always nice to be acknowledged, especially with lovely friends like Liba. So, here I go again.

The Rules
Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.

Thank you so much, Liba for your love and support! Go check out her versatile blog here,  and gain a wonderful blogging friend! I am blessed to have her in my blogger’s friend list.

Give a summary of how your blog started.

Well, I am so much into interior decoration and DIY’ing. I was always reading a few blogs and one of them is Diane’s blog. If you missed her interview, read it here, please. I never thought I should take blogging very seriously. Although once in 2010 I started a blog on blogspot, and in a week I had 140 followers, and two opportunities landed in my inbox but I thought it was all spam. I was in school and had a little toddler to take care of, so I just got out of blogging within a month, but I kept reading a few of the blogs. They are very successful now.

In August 2018, I was just reading the post from one of my favorite bloggers and I thought, “okay it’s not spam”. Blogging is real, and the next moment I was creating my blog on wordpress. It’s been two months, and I am doing great. I know how to be successful as I am a very hard working woman. The rest is the history, and now you can all follow along with me.

Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers.

My two pieces or two cents of advice is;

1- Be supportive of each other.
2- Networking, Networking, and Networking.
I can’t stress how important networking is in blogging. I will do a whole post about it. Where you can learn a lot more, but right now I would just say stay connected with each other. Try to promote other bloggers in order to be successful. This Blogger award is a big example of this, so spread the word.
My nominees are;

1- Sarah – Garden full of dreams

2- Hunida – Hunidasblog.ocm

3- Kavita – Sunshinysasite

4-  Jackie – This Halcyon Life

5- Swati –

6- Thousif – Taste n talk with Thousif

7- Erica – We are glamorous

8- Kaya – Lifestyleadventurebeauty

9- Cecilia – Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks

10- Indian abroad Desi Videsh Me

11- My Creative Hideout

12-  Lifeathome 

13- Calm Mommy

14- Michell Blessingsbyme (Liba already nominated her but I couldn’t leave her behind)

15- Devinder Maan – Fabulous Fiftyfive

Stay tuned! I have another award to share with you tomorrow, I just don’t want to merge them together.

blogger recognition award

None of you are obliged/forced to accept and do a post about this award. Only if you believe in supporting each other and networking then every little effort counts. To me, it’s really a great honor to be a part of it!!!


  1. Thank you for the nomination! ❤️ I probably won’t post about this right away since I just posted about the other award on Thursday, but I’ll definitely do a post about it in the near future! Also, I had no idea that you only started blogging two months ago! I wish you all the success!

  2. Congratulations ….You are really a very hardworking , humble and understanding woman …A woman of wisdom …And you totally deserve this ..I am in love with your interior decoration and home decor blogs …..✨❣️

  3. That’s awesome! Congratulations. Thank you so much for including me in the nomination. Its such an honour and I am truly touched. I am so glad to have you as a blogger friend. (I do have to figure out technically how to share this post. Can you please help).

  4. Congratulations Bushra ?. Thank you so much for nominating me. Rightly said networking is a must in blogging. Thank you for giving this opportunity to connect with all wonderful bloggers ?

    1. Of course that’s why we are here. You are doing so great I was reading your pin post yesterday. I wonder If I left comment or not. If not would come back to do that as you deserve it. At work sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with everything. My little girl is sick so I am pretty quite in the blogland…lol Stay blessed and stay connected. Get ready to post your award as well as one is coming your way soon. I have 5 more to post.

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