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Happy Saturday friends! It’s not even been a week and I am so addicted to this blog. I want to write a post every day which, probably is not realistic with my super busy life.

Okay, let’s start, you know those 1970s Ranch style homes always lack characters in their interiors and most of them are very flat. If you don’t want to remodel them and you are living it in a decent middle-class area then your best friend is paint and your decor.

Now it’s up to you how you make that house look drab to fab! our bedroom was a very flat room. Oh BTW, have you seen my little girl’s bedroom? Okay, back  to our talk, so, I wanted to add molding, and wainscoting but could never get around to do that.  I just decorated it with my favorite colors and according to our needs.

IMG_4855 (1)

before bedroom
This is how it was before, very plain and according to a previous homeowner’s taste. It was not a big room but I clearly could see the potential to redecorate that room with my limited budget.

At first, I was all about reddish colors, which I hated after I decorated it. see pictures below. I couldn’t stand that for a long time. It started to hurt my eyes. I made all the bedding, curtains etc. I wanted to go with some silky type of fabric without realizing that I don’t really care for silk fabric or much of a shiny bedding. Oh well, I might have needed this make over in order to discover my real style.

bed 2010

The bed I purchased from Craigslist and it was an ugly green. I just spray painted it in black.
blue bed
I started to think, how should I redecorate it? I then finally,  thought about first changing the look of the bed and get rid of the canopy at all. I upholstered that iron headboard. My husband helped me with that. He cut the piece of plywood according to the headboard style. Once he cut it then I upholstered it with this beautiful blue fabric I purchased from Joan Fabric. The length of the fabric was not that wide, but the way I put it together it made the seam looks invisible. Finally, he attached the upholstered piece to the iron headboard. I think it turned out to be great.


I painted the bedroom with one of the grayish tone, I forgot what exact color it was. If I remember, it was one of the Sherwin-William’s paint color.

full front

matching bedruffle
I added matching bed ruffle with the headboard. It looks more traditional to me.
Next to the foot-board, I placed this chest which was off white before but then being painted black.
I replaced the black table with these DIY nightstands my husband built with pallets. He brought pallets from his work when the shipping department was throwing them out. My hubby is a computer engineer who has nothing to do with woodworking but he does an amazing job with anything he builds around the house.
DIY industrial or steampunkish lamps he built. It was his entire idea and we have not seen lamps before like this on anywhere when we googled.
This is the phone stand he built for my Nexis Five. Currently, I use Pixel 2 and loving it. We both are Android people. Maybe it has to do with him being an engineer and device tester/reviewer for Google products.
his side
This is how his side looks. He built his wooden laundry hamper as well. Before this hamper, he was driving me crazy with his clothes next to the bed.
Here is his DIY hat holder with his Goorin brothers collections. He is a bit too crazy for Going brothers hats. Next, to his hats holder, he has his ukulele hanging on his DIY ukulele holder. I felt like I am doing a post about his DIY stuff as opposed to my bedroom update.
His DIY tie holder. I think this idea I have shown him somewhere on the Pinterest. If I find the link of the blog I will edit it here for you.
My favorite Picasso’s painting.
What do you guys think?
bed 2010-COLLAGE
Here is the side by side. Which one do you like?
master bed1
Before and after. The bottom picture is from real estate photos.

14 thoughts on “MASTER BEDROOM UPDATE”

  1. This room makeover is incredible! You are so creative — I would have never thought to reupholster a headboard like that. It’s like new! Love the new colors you chose, too. It looks like a whole new room. 🙂

  2. I love what you did with your room! The color combination is beautiful and eye-catching. Did you also make the cornice board above the window? Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

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