10 Best Minimalist Desks For Home Office

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10 Cheap Minimalist Computer Desks You Can buy Today

If you hate clutter and like aesthetically neat designer furniture, then this post is going to help you to choose a minimalist desk for your computer or laptop on the cheap for your home office, bedroom corner nook, or for a small workspace. 

Types Of Minimalist Desks

Minimalist computer desks come in all kinds of shapes and materials to jazz up your home office. Our pick is based on five-star ratings to help you get the best furniture for your bang. 

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1- Solid Wood Minimalist Computer Desk

55” Computer Desk with Bookshelf by TOPSKY 

This beautiful, spacious, solid wood computer desk covers 3 monitors easily, yet keeping it’s minimalist look. If you are a student and need something in your dorm or home office for your space, this is a brilliant choice as it comes with a bookshelf attached. The assembly takes only 15 minutes due to the simplification of the parts. This is also a great desk for writing as even after placing 3 monitors on it, it still leaves you room to spare.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


2- Industrial Computer Desk, By VASAGLE

This 55-inch industrial minimalist writing or computer desk is an eye-pleasing piece of furniture. It has a charming farmhouse-style look and it’s made of wood, plus metal legs. Also, it has two storage shelves on the side to place your CPU. The wood is beautifully stained. They also have a coffee table and end tables to match with the desk. The wood used for this is not a cheap particleboard. It’s a sleek finish with the sturdy build that will handle all your college days happily. 

  • This computer desk is also perfect for a 27-inch monitor and 29-inch ultrawide monitor and other office accessories
  • Made with solid quality wood


3- Modern L-Shaped Minimalist Desk

Monarch Specialties Left Or Right Facing Corner Desk

It’s perfect for small offices as it comes with a file folder and room to place your computer accessories. This is a white wooden desk that has a clutter-free appearance. You will fall in love with your home office all over again. The white paint is wonderful, as it is a calming color. 

  • It’s very affordable with easy assembly. 
  • Quick delivery 
  • Five-star rating 
  • Adjustable shelves so you can rearrange them to accommodate your office accessories. 
  • Drawers are also good for legal-size hanging folders, as normally that’s an issue for people with regular drawers.  

Tribesigns Modern L Shaped Desk is one of my favorites! 


4- Modern Minimalist Desk

Study Writing Desk With Tower Storage By Tribesigns

This gorgeous writing desk is a nice example of modern minimalist furniture. Perfect for girl bosses as well! It also has a distraction-free design, and it comes with an extra shelf for your books and bars for magazines to hang. The desk has a white top with a metal frame in either pewter or gold. It can also be used as a makeup vanity. 

  • Fashionable, plus it’s easy to put together
  • Fits perfectly with mid-century modern decor in your home
  • Five-star rating


5- Minimalist Desk With Drawers

OnceSpace Executive Desk, White Oak

This is a hutch style desk without a heavy accent and with a minimalist look. It’s also use-able for small spaces as it comes with storage. It also has 5 spacious drawers to hide your stuff away.  The hidden cord and wiring access make it unique, as it makes your office clutter-free and clean looking.

  •  Detailed and clear instructions for assembly. 
  • Perfect for small tricky spaces that can’t handle larger hutches. 
  • It comes with extra hardware just in case you lose any parts. 
  • A clean simple look with beautiful wood grain.
  • The workspace is 13.75” deep by 29.75” wide from the left side to the right, which means you can place your laptop without worrying about anything. 


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6- Scandinavian Style Minimalist Desk

Leighton Two Drawer Home Office Computer Desk, By Nathan James

One of the cutest pieces of furniture for your workspace that you can get! It’s sleek look with the black wooden surface with gold-painted frame adds a touch of luxury to your home office. I also love the chair that comes with it. Great for a girls’ office! 

Overall, an extraordinary find, and a great bang for your buck. Elegant people love furniture like this. It’s a modern mid-century and Scandinavian style mixed together.


7- Corner Computer Desk

Modern Corner Computer Desk, By Tribesigns 

This computer desk looks elegant and can be easily fitted in the corner of your office. 

It can also be used as a gaming desk, as it will make an amazing gaming table workstation for your home office. The pewter legs look very charming and give you a clean, minimalist look. The white and black colors are esthetically eye-pleasing. It is available in 7 different colors, so no big deal if you don’t like this contrast. 

  • Awesome price point with strong construction
  • The right choice for picky buyers
  • Countless five-star reviews


8- Best Computer desk for dual monitors

37” Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Bundle, By Rocleco 

This is not your ordinary desk. Instead, this is a very uniquely built sit-stand computer workstation riser with a dual monitor mount. It also comes with a retractable keyboard tray, which is an amazing feature. Dual monitors are becoming the norm these days as it makes it easy to open up multiple tasks and expedite your work. 

  • Ergonomical to support your posture.
  • Easy one-button operating system
  • No more hunching problems. It will keep your back straight
  • Great posture support
  • Great quality 
  • Comes in both white and black


9- Computer desk for multiple monitors

Rocelco 46” Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Bundle With Triple Monitor Mount

This Converter bundle can be used with any computer table. It gives you an extra-large workspace. It is a sit-stand computer workstation riser and comes with a retractable keyboard tray. Other great features are: 

  • Hassle-free cable management
  • Sturdy and functional workspace
  • Can easily hold multiple monitors
  • Back Saver (your backbone would thank you)


10- Glass Minimalist Desk With Keyboard Tray

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk With Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

This is an elegant desk with a glass top and cherry criss-cross frame. The pull-out keyboard tray makes it easy to type and ergonomically correct. It’s a modern minimalist desk that can also work in your bedroom nook. It definitely will give a stylish appearance to your office while saving you tons of room. It’s worth every penny! 

  • Style with affordability
  • Available in two colors


Which Minimalist Desk is Your Favorite?

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10 thoughts on “10 Best Minimalist Desks For Home Office”

  1. Great post! I love the L-shaped design. I feel like if my desk is bigger I’ll add more stuff to it and then it becomes cluttered. These desks are perfect for solving that problem.

  2. Hi Bushra, I love these! Just recently during our home remodeling I was in the market for a desk. A couple of these were on my list of possibilities. You’ve got great taste my friend!

    I ultimately chose a beautiful mostly glass desk that reflects light into the room and has a very ‘sophisticated’ style to it. It’s a hard one to describe. The accent color is a silvery grey with glass everywhere else. Although it is a challenge to clean sometimes as the cat sees fit for it to be her personal walking space 😀

    Thanks for sharing this, Bushra! ♥ I pray you & yours are well!

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