October Recap

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October Recap

Hey you all my lovely fellows in the bog lands I thought I should put all my October posts up today, so if any of you missed something, a good time to catch up with me.

Here is the Recap!


26 posts total I posted

10 reblogged (so total 36) as I believe that “Sharing is Caring”. promote others in order to get promoted.


5 Awards. (two I have posted and 3 more to go). I was really honored by all the awards and in my opinion it’s the great way to spread the word about each other. Some people are embarrassed to accept those awards. In my opinion, you are absolutely worthy if someone shows the love and care for you. Some of the awards I have been nominated twice and I am still going to post them regardless of that I have done the post before for the same award. Care for your fellow bloggers that the only way to go toward success!


101 more friends I gained as my followers.

1100 more page views. with 500 more visitors.

A big Thank you!

Credit goes to all of you who are supporting me but with that being said, If I ever missed visiting any of you, come, find me, as you all know where to find me by now? LOL. I am a firm believer of that supporting each other is the way to go.

Okay, here you go with my most popular posts.

home made cleaner
Read it here!
The complete post is here!
Read full post here and learn to be a great blogger!
what I learned from zoha
Here you go to read about this little teacher!
Weekend wrapup - 2
There is another exciting weekend wrap-up!
Amazing information to improve your blog!
Recipe Roundup
Thank you to all of the 22 bloggers!
DIY Candle Stands Planters
A Quick DIY for you!
Great resources and courses for your blog!
closet organising
How to organize your little boy’s closet!
happy halloween
Grandma made this dress and vest for Zahra’s doll Jenna and I did the photo shoot. Yes, having kids made you do all that. Here is the post
Once again, thanks for your love dear friends! If you see on the top the web bar that’s my new URL.



Did your put your October recap together? If not go a head and do that, it’s a great way to put your monthly posts on one place.



  1. I agree with you about the awards! I can’t wait to read the 3 you have coming for us. ? & I also love monthly recaps like this!! Glad you were able to put yours together!! Did the dizziness go away?!

  2. Wow . You have explained everything in depth and that was very helpful. I struggle with blogging as not sure where to look for guidance and I found that in your posts. Glad your mom is doing better . Thanks for sharing

    1. You are so welcome and email me if anything you need help with. Blogging is hard but once you get a hang of it. It starts to make sense. Yes, she is doing better. Thanks for the prayers.

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