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Welcome to our new home tour!! I am excited to show you around. This is our second and, if God willing, then our forever home. Just feels so right for our family. These images are going to be from the listings, as the previous homeowner had it. We are already starting to make it our own, and hope you will all follow along with us on this beautiful journey!

Although this house was little over our budget, we really liked it and put an offer on it which didn’t go through. Our offer was very clean. No contingency and quick to close. I then moved on and forgot about this house, but my husband kept calling it “Our future home”. We were looking at other properties in the meantime as well and was about to put another offer on a house when the listing agent for this house called our agent that we should put an offer again. To be honest, I was not ready but my husband convinced me.

It’s very hard to find an affordable house in Portland as the market is super hot. For one house there are at least 10 people in line and the market is very expensive. Anyways, we put an offer on this house again and we are the new homeowners now! The rest is the history.

So, let me show you around. Come on in, please!

new front
Front of the house. I love craftsman style homes. It’s like a real dream home for us! Thanks to God!
front door
A beautiful exterior door!
new back
The funny thing is that this is also a corner lot just like our old home.
Backyard which is great for our kids. Although the yard is much smaller than our house In Madison but overall we are pretty happy and it’s not a lot of work.
The beautiful kitchen. Although I am not a big fan of the cabinet colors and granite countertops, we will keep those for now. We will just go with lighter color paint to make it more like our style. What color do you think I should go for? I painted our old cabinets, but I don’t know if I am going to paint by myself or if we should hire someone else for spray paint.

We never had an island before so I really like that. I am looking for some nice counter height stools.

Tons of natural light, which is great. A lot of homes my husband liked but since I don’t like dark places so we couldn’t put an offer on them.
18515292_12_1 (1)
The stove is my favorite part of the kitchen. It’s so easy to clean and has a vent in the middle that goes under the house and then vents to the backyard.
We love the appliance colors. Double oven for baking…. win, win, win!
The family room.
I can’t wait to have my husband build us a nice built-ins on either side of the fireplace.
Those large windows are so great to have with tons of natural light.
The entryway.
We love these tiles. The whole house downstairs has that tile floor but the previous homeowner covered the flooring with laminate because of their little kids.
Formal living room
The pretty staircase.
The dining area. They left this dining set here as well. I don’t know what I am going to do with this, but it’s okay for now.
Master bedroom.
Master bath has a double door, which I love.
Master bath. Again, I am not a big fan of the cabinet colors and lighting here in the bathroom.
The shower is great with the double shower head.
bath tub
This is super deep and comfy bathtub.
Home office, next to the master bedroom.
My mother’s room. She lives with us half the year to help me with my kids.
The girls’ room!
Little boy’s room
The second bath. We have a total of 3 baths. one is downstairs and two upstairs.

Can’t wait to share with you all the ideas I have in my head to decorate this house. Stay tuned and stay blessed!

38 thoughts on “OUR NEW HOME TOUR!”

  1. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love how open it is and how much natural light you have. I love the kitchen as well. If you really wanted to paint the cabinets I would go with a light color like a white or very light grey maybe. I am so happy for you!

  2. You’re in Portland? Wow! You aren’t very far from me! I’m in Washington! Your home is beautiful! I love the kitchen! I also like the natural lighting. My home is open with lots of natural lighting. I haven’t painted. That is beautiful blue on the wall in the bedroom… are you going to keep it? I’m excited to see the decorating process! It is a beautiful home! Welcome to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) ?

  3. I love, love love it! You are going to have so much fun with your décor in this house. Awesome kitchen! I just bought some really inexpensive kitchen counter barstools. The look like pottery barn but are way, way cheaper. In fact, today’s post is about my new kitchen seating and I am featuring the barstools. Stop by and check it out when you have some time 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, congratulations on your beautiful new home! Your husband just knew it would be yours, didn’t he?
    I love the backyard, kitchen, & master bathroom so much! It is definitely a dream home! ♡

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  6. Congratulations again my friend. Your husband is a gem. The house looks stunning, I love the family room and the staircase. I like white cupboards for the kitchen. my kitchen is little so I needed the light and airiness. That yard is perfect for the kids. A suggestion, how about a rocking chair? I have one and its a comfort. Mom would love it too.
    PS I did my bedroom ceiling and had built ins installed… Wish you were nearby so in could pull you in for your advice.

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  8. Ms, your house looks amazing! Love that kitchen, so spacious and nice colours! 😀 Your whole house looks really nice, it would looks awesome when everything is in place 🙂 I’m happy for you, to live in such luxurious house 🙂

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