An Outdated Room To A Fabulous Master Bedroom – Part One

Helping A Friend:

One of my office fellows at work was talking to me and asking me if I set up my house yet. My answer was, “heck no, I am too busy blogging…LOL”. She asked what kind of bedroom I am going with, I am like…”Ummm it’s a secret, but I can give a color away I am gonna go with, and it’s gray”. She said, “Oh, gray is my favorite color as well”.

My Question To Her:

I asked her about her bedroom and she said that it’s pretty old, but she has no idea what to do. And by now, readers, you all started to have a sense of my crazy helpful nature. I jumped in and said, “Oh, I can help you with that”. Well, my friend got very excited and accepted my help. She asked me how am I going to help her as she lives a bit farther in another city, the fact that I am too busy with everything. I solved the problem. I asked her to take pictures of her bedroom’s individual walls.

Pictures of Bedroom’s All 4 Walls:

She took my advice, and the next day brought me pictures of all her four walls in the bedroom. Pretty smart idea to see the whole bedroom, right? Of course, after all, she is working with me. I was excited to see those pictures. To be honest, the pictures didn’t disappoint me. I got rather excited and visualized the whole new beautiful bedroom between those tired and outdated walls.

Her bedroom right now, pretty exciting..huh (front wall)

When you enter the room, the first thing you see is her bed and I personally think that is a pretty good place for the bed. It should be facing the door as the bed is important furniture for the room. I have never been to her place, but I am going to when she will have everything ready according to our mood board.

2018-10-18 (2)
What do you think about the curtains? Just giving you a closer look

These curtains just made me laugh. I can be mean at times, too. I just laughed and laughed…my poor friend. I told her “what the heck were you thinking with these curtains?” She probably thought I am going crazy, so all she did laughed with me and said so what should I do now.

2018-10-18 (3)
I don’t know what should even I say about this side of the room.  First wall

I asked if she needs her computer table or writing table in the room so when I put a design board ready, I should know about that, but she preferred to get rid of it. That dresser in the corner has got to go.

2018-10-18 (1)
That dresser is screaming for a help. Right in front of the bed (3rd wall)

This wall is opposite the bed. I have no idea why dresser is pushed up in the corner but it’s okay…she is a great woman to work with. The good part is she is very nice when it comes to accepting the changes and taking advice.

2018-10-18 (4)
Bathroom door and 4th wall

She does need this ironing board in the room and I am going to think something for this to hang that board. I might dig for ideas on the Pinterest.

Her Budget:

So after going over all the above images, I asked her about what color and style she likes. She kinda couldn’t give me an idea about the style, but for the color, she already told me that she would like to go with gray. The big thing she told me was that she had a minimum budget to go with.

Well, that should not be an issue for me as ever since I became a mother, I took the license to manage any kind of money issues. I am pretty thrifty, so it was not an issue for me.



I would love to get rid of that ugly carpet but she doesn’t have a budget for that which is fine. We are going to hunt for an area rug from Costco. We should be okay.

The funny Part:

The funny part is that my husband who holds a degree in communication as well does proofread my post as English is a second language for me. He is going to pull his hair out that I am helping others while our own house is a mess but it’s okay, he will get over it soon.

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Did you like the design, board? Stay tuned that room going to look fabulous and I will post updates soon!!!



50 thoughts on “An Outdated Room To A Fabulous Master Bedroom – Part One”

  1. Looking forward to see the beautiful outcome! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And how funny your remark! Iโ€™m sure that when you do come around to designing your own house, it will be a blast!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Yes, I have not forgotten about you…lol That was the reason. I knew you have no clue about this. In fact the couple of other sites were hacked as well and due to one site my whole computer got full of virus. My husband cleaned it very quickly though.

          1. Yes, He is a computer engineer but always busy when I asked to do something except the proof reading..go figure. I was so scared after that day touching any new blog as I always go and comment and encourage people…hahha

  2. Haha loved the post. I think those curtains were used in the late 80s, early 90s though, not sure! Either way I find them quite bad too, never really liked the style. You have a huge GIFT to visualise and transform rooms, my goodness. You have like an hawk eye to transform places into safe havens! The mood board looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

    1. Awwe, Thanks Vanessa, you just made my day. It was hard to put together as her budget is very limited so we had to go through so many websites for clearness items. I will update with how much total we spend and put the sources there as well. I am excited for her.

        1. I learned it…hahah married to a man who was in tons of debt. Otherwise in my unmarried life I never bother looking at the prices. You should read my guest post under guest corner on my blog. I did on my husbands finances. hahahah

    1. Hahhahah. I know, my friend finally said that as well. She said, I did know why I had them. Well we all make some times goofy choices. Once I had a Maroon bedroom…hhahha What the heck I was thinking that time.

      1. When I first moved into my house there was pink carpet and pink silk curtains in the master bedroom. They had to go immediately!! haha!!! I guess we all go through some crazy decor stages at some point! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Aww. You are a wonderful supporter for me, too!! I love your blog. I’m so thankful to have met you! You were the first person to keep me going when I started blogging. Thank you! <3

  3. Hahaha you are so nice to help your friend even though you are so busy! Her room is going to be so nice when you’re done with it! You would be laughing at my home, too. It’s so boring plain with nothing on the walls!

      1. Whaaaat?! You are the kindest person ever, Bushra! I’m a bit too embarrassed to e-mail you pictures though LOL. You will never stop laughing at me.
        I’m feeling okay, better than yesterday! Thanks for asking!!! <3

        1. You do have a choice to email me any time though. So what I would laugh get a good laugh out of it. Lausgh therapy is good for us…hahah. I laughed at my friends pictures too. But honestly we can make your place look so pretty together just do it. I would love to know all about how you want to have it done, buget, color, style, everything and your room would look amazing…

          1. I don’t have any color or style in mind lol! That’s why I need you! I will think about sending you the pictures some day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for your offer, Bushra!

          2. No worries. Any time you are ready ask me for my email if the one on contact page in case doesn’t work. You just have to give me few colors of your most favorit. It will be fun. I love to decorate. My husband always says, you are in a wrong business Bushra.

  4. Loved the design board. You have great sense to transform any place . Lol your husband wil eventually get over it and he probably by now know that you canโ€™t resist helping others.

  5. I’ve always loved decorating, but I never thought I could do it for a friend. You have give me some ideas!
    I’m kind of amazed at how easily you seem to put nice designs together, even when the original space isn’t empty or updated. I really like the vision board. It’s classic and soft, but the yellow lamps make it fun. What’s your process for turning your vision board into something real? I always like to look at inspiration but when I’ve tried decorating, it always ends up looking different than what I originally intended.

    1. Hahhah, I know sometimes the results could be unexpeted. Well, decorating comes natural to me. I can see a room and my brain puts things together instantly. My husband always says, “you are in a wrong business” You could make killing in interior decorations. I am so glad to see you. I just thought of you a few days ago. I did a post and mentioned you on how you tought me to put pages togehter. How is everything?

      1. Do you think it’s something you’ll end up pursuing professionally one day? I think you do have a talent for it.
        Thanks, Bushra ๐Ÿ™‚ Your kindness and warmth brings me a lot of joy. & thanks for the shoutout. Not necessary, but always appreciated. I think I missed that post (have been MIA for a bit) – what’s the link? I like the new layout.
        Things are not too bad on my end. I’m trying to stay on top of school and work and some family responsibilities. I’m always amazed when I see women like you juggling full-time work, families, and hobbies! You’re inspiring! How are you?

        1. I don’t know may be. I work as a Ultrasonographer. May be who knows my blog would take me somewhere. I hope you do great. I will give you the link. focus on your study first blog and readers are still there for you.

  6. I like your board I think dusky rose throw, rug and lamps would be a perfect softner to the grey and white. The ironing board could be a difficult one to disguise though. Nice job Bushra and very helpful not everyone has an eye for design.

    1. Thank you so much Ellen. Dusky rose would look wonderful. The only problem I have my friend’s budget so we have to stick with minim purchase. The throw was free with the bedding set Otherwise I wanted to go with a little different throw. I really appreciate your suggestion though. I will keep that color in mind for my own bedroom.

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