Plastic Easter Eggs Wreath To Spark Up Your Doors

plastic easter eggs crafts

A Cute DIY Plastic Easter Eggs Wreath

Easter’s most exciting thing is egg hunting for kids. Kids love finding plastic Easter eggs filled with chocolate candy inside. With that being said, Easter eggs are not only for kids. We crafters get creative as well to use them in our DIY decors. 

Plastic Easter Egg Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to get creative with inexpensive craft supplies and turn them into easy beautiful chic decors. You can also make personalized crafts by adding a little personal touch to any decor.

Supplies You Are Going To Need For Your Easter Wreath

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Here you go with the list and resources:

How To Put Together Your DIY Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Step One:

Start with your ribbon wrapping. Some people use decoupage, mod podge, to wrap the ribbons. However, a glue gun works the best. Wrap it all around your round wreath to cover it and make it look cute.

Step Two:

Separate your flowers from the branches and start gluing them on either side of the DIY wreath. Secure them nicely, just like in the pictures below.

Step Three:

After that, take your large eggs and start attaching them on the wreath in the center and on the sides. Give some time to let them dry.

Step Four:

Use flowers of your choice to fill them. In this tutorial, yellow flowers are adding a very sharp and chic look to it.

ester eggs

Step Five:

Eggs are useless if there is no bunny. No Easter craft is complete without a bunny, so I used one to complete this craft.

Final Product:

Here you have it. All ready and done. A beautiful Chic Style Easter Egg Wreath.

Plastic easter eggs wreath

Here, check it out on the door! In verticle picture format:

Easter bunny wreath diy

Here Is another DIY Idea For You

Check out another Wreath Craft in the video below!

I hope it gives you some inspiration to create your own crafts! Enjoy the Easter with Kids!

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