How to make a small Home Office with no extra room

Creating a cozy small home office shouldn’t be hard if you have a passion to design your own home. You don’t have to be an interior designer to set up a small home office to fulfill your needs. 

We have set up our boy’s bedroom, and he needs the computer desk or reading desk to do his homework. Hence, we decided to add a minimalist small cozy nook into his bedroom. 

What to Consider While Setting Up A Small Home Office

These are some important points to consider while setting up a small home office for you or any of your family members in the house

 Small Home Office Layout

The first thing to consider is the layout of your space, regardless of what room you are going to pick for your cozy office nook. The layout is the first thing that interior designers keep in mind to design any room as you want to feel comfortable while working on your computer desk. 

If you have a nice window in the room, consider placing your computer desk near it for natural light and fresh air.

Small Home Office Desk

There are several small home office desks available in different styles, such as industrial, contemporary, minimalist, and elegantly traditional styles to turn your little home office into a happy place.

Make sure you take the correct measurements in order to order your small office desk in your desired style.

You can always build your own custom made computer desk as well. Here is a plan to download if you want to go with one. We had to custom build one to suit the space.  

An Ergonomically correct desk consists of: 

  • Correct height and width to support your posture
  • Sit and stand option for lumbar support
  • Room for mouse and keyboard placement 
  • Perfect placement for your monitor 

Here are some affordable ergonomically correct minimalist desks. Click on the image to check out the details.

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A clean look

With storage

Room to store your important files or books

You can sit or stand

Types Of Chairs To Use

Bulky chairs will not work the best in your small space. If you are setting up your small home office in your apartment or basement, consider a medium-sized chair. It doesn’t have to be an office chair, you can pick any comfortable chair. However, you should always consider comfort, as you have to spend a good amount of time on it. Ruining your posture is not the best idea. 

Any ergonomic chair comes with these features:

  • 360 Degree swivel base 
  • Back support with height adjustable
  • Armrest support 
  • Proper seat depth 
  • Proper full posture support
  • A headrest for your neck support

To support your neck

To support your back

Five Years Warranty

Your back is always straight

How To Set Up A Small Home Office 

Here is how we exactly set up our Boy’s little office nook by keeping basics fundamentals mentioned in this post in mind. We had a tiny nook in our boy’s bedroom and decided to transform it into a smart beautiful workspace to fulfill all his needs for years to come. 

small space
small office nook before,

You can see that “before” in the picture it is dark with low headspace. If you have time consider painting your room, we painted it in Benjamin Moors North Star Blue. It made the space looks spacious.

Shiplap to beautify 

Next, we wanted to beautify it and make the wall look taller. We used shiplap and made the wall presentable.  DIY shiplap is a bit of tedious work, but it is not as intimidating as you think it is.

a cozy nook
Clearing up before shiplap

small office space look larger
This little office nook is already looking larger.

Adding shiplap up to the ceiling made the wall look taller as well. Then, we built this DIY computer desk as it was a tiny space and we couldn’t find anything to fit into space. 

small desk

Giving it a minimalist look created the illusion of making the space look larger. 

minimalist farmhouse style

Style it with the absolute necessity to spare yourself from the chaos as no one wants a chaotic life. Here is a good comparison for you:

You May Also Ask

What Is A Small Home Office

A small home office means setting up a designated workspace in one of your rooms. For instance, people who live in tiny apartments can set up their tiny nook in the living room or if a bedroom has a room can place the desk there. 

A lot of older homes come with basements and it can provide you a decent size office for all your needs. In our first home, my husband was working for home and he set up his office in the basement so he can focus on his work nicely. 

Where Can I Make My Office In The House

This is where most people struggle when it comes to setting up a simple cozy office nook. If you don’t have a designated real home office, use your creative brain to utilize countless options to set up a perfect workspace in the house. You can set up your small home office in the basement, living room, in the master bedroom, or any extra corner in the room. Even a built-in home office in a small closet can be a very refreshing place where you can show your mental creativity. You can also build one in your closet, under the stairs, or in an attic. Or split up your guest bedroom as you don’t get guests every day.

Here is the full room tour of his room!

Home Office In One Bedroom Apartment

It can be challenging, but on the contrary, it’s very doable as well.

Use dividers to add privacy and separate the corner from the areas in the apartment. Dividers come in all sorts of colors and designs to choose from. You can easily avail of one to add privacy. 

How Do You Make Your Small Work Space Look Bigger? 

Minimalist style is the answer to make a small home office look bigger.  Minimalist furniture makes tiny spaces look larger and aesthetically eye-pleasing. 

How To Organize Your Office Nook

  • Eliminate the unwanted things around you
  • Arrange good lighting as it’s important for your eyes as well. 
  • Only keep what you absolutely need for your work
  • Use organizers to put your office essentials together
  • Invest in a good file cabinet to protect all your important files
  • Use vertical bookshelves to add more storage and less clutter
  •  Use file folders to file your papers. 
  • Shred your extra paperwork right after you are done with them. 

I hope this post will inspire you to set up your own beautiful simple and cozy office nook to complete your important tasks.

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